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Blog posts from: January 2014

Site Design through the eyes of a Search Engine
Search engines use automated spiders to crawl your site and understand the content so your site can be found during search queries. Despite all the effort you put into making your website’s design as attractive as possible, there are certain elements of your website that these automated programs simply won’t be able to process.
Elements of an Effective Online Brand
These days, the internet marketing world is a buzz with the power of “branding”. Really, this isn’t surprising – in a digital world that’s so full of clutter you can barely click on a link for fear of a scam, it’s natural for people to seek out websites that make them feel safe. And chances are if you’ve gone to all the effort to establish yourself as a known, reputable brand online, you likely aren’t going to waste the authority you’ve built up taking your readers for a ride.

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