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Paige WeryFriday, 6/22/18, 4:15 PM
Hi Norbert, I hope this finds you well. best, Paige
From:live in Los Angeles
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GinaWednesday, 5/30/18, 1:56 PM
Lorna HarthThursday, 3/1/18, 2:35 AM
I am a searcher for truth in these soon to be last days
From:Queensland Australia
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Ricky CavenSunday, 12/24/17, 8:13 AM
Bless you for this Bold work!
Chuck LarsenMonday, 7/17/17, 1:35 PM
I am amazed at the web site.I am somewhat familiar with Norbs work,we spent a lot of time together caving and scuba diving back in the 80's and 90's.I wish I could interpet the paintings more because I am missing the messages.Nevertheless they are awesome and I will study more.
From:Green Bay,Wi.
Jackie VelnoskeyTuesday, 5/30/17, 9:28 AM
Dear Norbert H. Kox: We have done a recent Internet search for new books, and noticed that you have written A Speck of Atlantis : Bimini: The Top of God's Mountain. My name is Jackie Velnoskey. I am the director of book marketing and promotion at America Star Books. My question for you is this: may I promote the book at the Miami Book Fair International in Florida, November 18-19, 2017. It costs you nothing. All I'm asking you in return is if we may add you to our book marketing email list. You may at any time unsubscribe, and we will promptly cease sending you any further emails. I oversee the book promotion department at America Star Books that does nothing but offer book marketing at the lowest fees in the industry. We attend all of the big fairs and festivals: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, London Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, Miami Book Fair International, the AmericanLibrary Association mid-winter and annual Conferences, as well as BookExpo, formerly known as Book Expo America. With your permission, we will include your work in the Hot Indy Author Guide that we're displaying and distributing during the Miami event. No strings attached. What's in it for us? Over 2,500 self-published authors decided to participate in one or more of our paid book promotion opportunities this year. That's how we earn our keep, and that's why we prefer to have authors such as you on our email list because that's how you would become aware of what our next book promotions will be. Participation is optional, always. Thank you for considering this opportunity. I am looking forward to hearing back from you. --Jackie Velnoskey ┬ America Star Books Special Services, director phone: 301 744 7589 P.O. Box 151 Frederick, MD 21705
Friendly CatholicThursday, 7/7/16, 9:53 PM
From:Tauranga, New Zealand
franklin lee wrightThursday, 4/28/16, 9:15 PM
love your work and books. god bless you
From:san antonio
TiffanySaturday, 4/16/16, 12:51 AM
Hello Mr Kox! It's really cool how you wholly devote yourself to spreading your messages, and I love that it's through art.
From:Oklahoma but living in Alaska
David LaymanMonday, 2/8/16, 11:51 AM
I was doing some research and discovered your painting "Mystery Babylon 2012". I was fascinated with this work, but the only image I had of this on your site was very low res and I was unable to see the details in this work. Could you please email to me an image of this painting with sufficient resolution that would allow me to zoom and and take a better look? Thank you. David Layman
From:Chicago IL
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Oscar ARCETuesday, 12/1/15, 7:40 PM
Norbert, pleasure meeting you and your pals here at the pizzeria. Nice to have a guest book to sign in on. I hope ou enjoyed your visit. See you next time.
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Wanda Jeanne CooperMonday, 6/8/15, 11:17 AM
My husband met you in Bimini some time in April. I misplaced the information for your artwork. So, I'm checking it out today and will share with him!
MelbaWednesday, 2/25/15, 1:24 PM
I read the article Exposition on the Names Yesu- Yahweh and Jesus-Jehovah. I noticed it was written in 2002 so I was curious as to whether any further research had been done on the Names. I also wanted to know what denomination Mr. Kox was associated with so I googled the name and that is when I found this site. I have been working on a book called Because of One Man. It is about the first and last Adam and the consequences to the human race. I have been seeking the Lord about recording everything accurately and scripturally. This is how I found the article on the Name of Jesus as Yasu. It does seem to be well documented. Thank you for your time.
George Elliott Starkey JrMonday, 8/25/14, 9:03 PM
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I feel like you have just awakened me out of a deep trance that I gradually slipped into. I Love this Website. I will be Passing this along to family and friends. This Knowledge is where the Power is. I know that men are not suppose to cry but, I felt like I had all the keys to the kingdom and still couldn't get in until you gave me a missing key. Thank you.
From:Trenton North Carolina
Sukianto aSaturday, 7/26/14, 8:55 PM
ChrystalFriday, 6/13/14, 6:41 PM
Alicia ClarensWednesday, 5/14/14, 4:06 PM
Rev SlySaturday, 11/9/13, 12:17 PM
nice thoughtfil pics
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Michael DeLormeWednesday, 10/23/13, 12:02 PM
From:Paris - France
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charlotte flemingSunday, 10/6/13, 6:00 AM
From:new york, new york
Curtis GlaesemannThursday, 8/15/13, 7:36 AM
Bless you Brother
From:Usa, wis.
Nicholas R. MorganSaturday, 8/10/13, 7:25 AM
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deborahThursday, 8/8/13, 6:16 PM
I am a witness! the mark of the beast is spiritual and YES it can be spiritually removed. therefore it is not a physical appearance. I have seen the beast, the mark, the image and the name. this was shown to me by the true Spirit of God! the holy Spirit of truth. the mark of the beast is located on the spiritual body of a person┐s forehead or their right hand that goes to a man made church which worships the creature, ┐MAN┐┐. their god is their belly-flesh. these churches around the world feed on huge gatherings to control people and money. these churches support the secular systems of the world- media, education, business, trade, and a lot more if looked closer. this is where in revelation it says they could neither buy or sell less they have the mark┐ meaning they believe they can worship God and be saved and live like the rest of the people in the world┐have the fame, money, possessions, big tv networks, radio stations, etc┐. just like the world.. the devil is mindful of the things of man not of God. the devil deceives man into believing he can worship God in buildings and proclaim a gospel, ┐ A Doctrine┐ that saves but denies Christ came in the flesh. Teaching that the devil as one thing for man that he can┐t escape-the mark. Now where is the hope of God┐s Salvation? I Corinthians 15: 32-33! In revelation the men still did not repent. Meaning God is waiting for man to stop what he is doing and seek God for the truth in prayer! Isn┐t the true doctrine of Christ proclaiming ┐Repentance and Salvation which is the power of God thru the death of Christ┐s body nailed to the tree┐┐have we forgotten how the gospel started??? John proclaiming repentance┐God sent his son to save men┐s LIVES not destroy them. meaning a pastor, a so called proclaiming man of God, who┐s son kills himself??? this is not from the true living God! this pastor must stop what he is doing and seek God for the truth and ask God forgiveness of his sins┐pray to God for the truth..Acts 17:27 Sin and iniquity destroys man! the devil sins from the beginning for this purpose the son of God was manifested to destroy the works of the devil! Christ holds the keys to death, hell and the grave amen. the mark of the beast can be removed. this is something the one true God can do. A carnal mind can not understand this nor discern spiritually, because man┐s mind is set on the earthly things. He has to see it, handle it, etc. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. God┐s righteousness is thru Christ, the holy one of Israel. Christ declares God in his bosom(breastplate of righteous) John 1:18 Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believes romans 10:4 What does man need to believe? Well what is man┐s greatest fear? Death┐the unknown of what will happen when one dies┐. Believe God sent his son and raised him from the dead on the third day. Seek God in prayer and ask for the truth.. I did┐hear my testimony just google ┐Christ testimony of the churches around the world┐. the mark of the beast can be spiritually removed by the power of God. I am a witness Revelation 15:2! Again God sent his son and raised him from the dead on the third day. these churches are filled with anti christ spirits from the pulpit to the pews to the parking lots to their homes and inside the people┐s bodies in these churches around the world. these people are believing a great lie┐.and the rest of the world suffers while they rejoice in their man made buildings that worship the image and do theses powers (which is sorcery revelation 18:23) ┐ read matthew 7:22. In this scripture these are the leaders and the people from inside these churches.. where are they getting this spiritual power that is not of the true Christ? Any person or organization that supports these churches with money, prayer, belief, communicating,
From:body of Christ
FrankTuesday, 7/2/13, 10:40 AM
Bob PiontekSaturday, 3/30/13, 1:01 PM
Nob, Hello its Bob Piontek . I just watched your videos WOW, great stuff! Paul Litkey and I get together every Wed. and write music, some of our material would work well with your videos.Paul just gave me one of your early oils,a landscape with trees,and rolling hills. It must be a scene from when you lived near Suring.You have really made a ststement in the art word,and Im glad that Ive been blessed to know you. Bob Piontek
From:Green Bay,Wi
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jedd taylor lofgrenThursday, 2/21/13, 11:20 AM
id really like to meet with you. im gonna order your book and the scrptures. i have seen father in the light.I can not get the image outta my mind. I have also seen Satan. I know Im very important and all my prayers or blessings have become reality. Ive been searching for an elder with knowledge. Im 26 years old and just started getting my life together recently. i was on drugs til a month ago.
From:wahoo ne
Timothy Aaron BransonMonday, 2/11/13, 6:50 PM
Thank you
Peter CousineauSunday, 2/3/13, 5:38 AM
Dear Mr. Kox, I thoroughly appreciated your expose and findings on the proper pronunciations of our Saviors Name YESU or YESHU and YESHUA. I thank YAHWEH for this most important enlightenment. For the past several weeks i have been studying the origins of the title Christ. I have found references of the title Christ to have been given to statues found at the Vatican, and Athens. These ancient statues are also inextricably associated with sun god worship and i have even found a link with that title to the festival of lights called Hannukah. . If my study is correct and Christ is a title given to an ancient sun god statue, would it not be blaspheme to associated that title with our Messiah YESU. Peter
From:N.B. Canada
Timothy BlackmonSaturday, 1/26/13, 9:31 PM
Thank You for the Truth.
From:Spring Hill,Fl.
Timothy BlackmonSaturday, 1/26/13, 9:24 PM
Sir, In your video when you end it in Blessings and then said the word Rain,electricity went through my body. No one knows this is 1 way the Heavenly Father and I communicate. I can pray and He will answer me many times by Rain. Thank You for your video,I have been praying for the answer to the proper name of Christ,again when you said Rain,I knew I had my answer. I have an important question concerning the Sabbath,there is also much false information concerning this issue. Christ,have you also looked into this issue? May YHWH Bless You, Sincerely, Timothy Blackmon
From:Spring Hill,Fl.,originally born in Charleston,S.C.
Len HummelMonday, 10/15/12, 3:17 AM
Have much enjoyed your fb, youtube channel, and this website as well. you are a gifted visionary artist. ... I agree that this present evil and cruel and wicked world only has a few years left. MARANATHA !
From:Phoenix, Arizona Cebu, Philippines
Web Site: Clearlight Cleansing Fire
ireneSunday, 9/16/12, 1:25 PM
KevinThursday, 9/6/12, 11:14 AM
A friend and a fan of Norbert Kox
LeslieSaturday, 8/4/12, 5:46 PM
Referred by Ruby
Lucian BradleyThursday, 4/12/12, 3:01 PM
cairoSaturday, 3/17/12, 5:17 PM
i saw your videos in youtube and i become intereste,i would love to joing your page as well as be inform of any discoveries
From:new york
Norbert H. KoxFriday, 3/16/12, 9:07 AM
Rick from Battle Creek, MI. Thanks for your nice comment on 2-4-12. Please check out my writing on "The Most Serious Mistake Ever Made! Who Changed God's Name?" You will find the link at, This article tells how the true names Yahweh and Yesu have been erroneously changed to Jehovah and Jesus. If you want the whole book on "Who Changed God's Name?" it is available at,
Web Site:
Garret William StephensFriday, 3/16/12, 8:24 AM
From:We all come from Israel lol
rickSaturday, 2/4/12, 8:38 AM
my dad stacey jones talks to me about the same thing u talk about he looks for the truth all the time and warns me of things to come hes been keeping me informed about thing i have been going to church and when they say jesus i say yahushua and ask god to lead me to the truth so i do not dishonor him and do as he want me to do. and i know u need wise man of god around u so u know the truth and be come wise my self. but any ways thanks for ur info and ill tell my dad about ur site so he can check it out to. pray for me so i learn the truth and say yahushua the right way i want to know the truth and the right way to do things i dont want to look to the left or the right but to keep my eyes on him. im not a good reader or speller but god has opened my eyes in the last 6 months which is weird but any thank u and sorry for going on and on. god bless u.
From:battle creek michigan
Andrew Paul AmosMonday, 12/26/11, 9:54 AM
From: Hodgenville Kentucky
Bob BlackSaturday, 10/22/11, 9:31 AM
nice to meet ya on the plane
From:da UP of michigan
Amanda HattonThursday, 9/22/11, 6:37 AM
I had Norb for a teacher in summer art camp in high school. Then later knew him thru the art scene in the Green Bay area. It's great to think that I know an artist with art all over the world. Fun to see the website. Brings back memories from the art I saw so many years ago.
From:Sturgeon Bay, Wi USA
michael millsTuesday, 9/6/11, 5:10 AM
From:green bay wi
Lori JaeSaturday, 5/28/11, 10:09 AM
Norbert, You are always the premier artist of this century! It is such an honor to know you and feast in your prolific work. Lori Jae
From:Louisville, KY
louis yawchingFriday, 5/27/11, 2:13 PM
I believe you 100% & love's the work that you are doing for the world to know the truth.I do have one question for you thou is only the name the difference between yesu & the (devil) jesus?
jack welchSunday, 3/6/11, 5:42 PM
I read what you wrote about/ who changed Gods name is there more about this . people do not except the truth .
From:maryville tn
Email: cherokeejack60 yahoo . com
Adrian CleggWednesday, 2/16/11, 7:48 AM
I was once a 'sacred namer' and I believed the name to be Yahshua, I was miraculously healed of car-crash damaged knees by way of two dreams given to two different people. Myself, and my father-in-law, whereby the name of 'Jesus' was audibly heard in both dreams that were given. I know that I'm certainly not alone in receiving a miracle in this name, so why do you believe that this is happening all over the world? Secondly, I have personally witnessed demons cast out by the name of Jesus, yet a house divided will not stand, and all this from the Messiah's own mouth. So how do you explain this? Thank you.
Web Site: Miracles Of Yeshua Announced Here
 Friday, 1/21/11, 9:51 PM
vermFriday, 1/21/11, 9:50 PM
vernFriday, 1/21/11, 9:49 PM
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