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SharonSaturday, 5/20/17, 1:41 PM
Love your spirit and work..would like to see how and I can afford one of your vases .sister inHis Spirit and gifts. Either way I loved and felt the gifts God has given You.Gods Blessings shaaron
From what retreat did you attend?  Winsomewomen Mackinaw
Beth WelmanTuesday, 6/14/16, 7:16 PM
It was such a pleasure to see Carole's ministry for the first time and to assist her at the LYFE Conference! What a great ministry filled with Bible truths & analogies for life today. So blessed to sit under Carole's teaching and hear her share her testimony and love for Christ.
From:Clarks Summit, PA
From what retreat did you attend?  LYFE Conference at Summit University
Joanne KondersTuesday, 3/24/15, 11:46 AM
My neighbor and I saw you at a women's breakfast on Sat. 3/21/2015, and so glad I got to experience you. I loved your analogy on the clay and people, as it is so true! I know your stories help others, and I'm glad I could be there, thanks. Sincerely, Joanne
From:Norwalk, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Downey Calvary Church
ShelleyMonday, 5/12/14, 6:10 PM
It was a wonderful retreat! Thank you for sharing God's Word with us.
From:Roseburg, OR
From what retreat did you attend?  Lake Bradley
HelenThursday, 4/10/14, 10:55 AM
Thank you so much for spending time with us last night. I enjoyed watching and listening. You blessed me with your message and amazed me with your gift and talent at the wheel. Helen
From:Oxnard, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Community Pres in Ventura, CA
AdrienneWednesday, 4/9/14, 2:11 PM
Missing you my friend! Save travels to California - praying for the Holy Spirit to move mightily before you! Love you!
From:Concord, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Many
LorrieMonday, 3/10/14, 7:03 AM
You sessions at the conference was absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for coming and speaking. God has given you a wonderful gift! God Bless
From:Lebanon TN
From what retreat did you attend?  Wonderful Weekend for Women Columbia TN
DebbieWednesday, 2/26/14, 5:23 PM
Gods Word says In 2 Timothy3:16-17 16) All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right. 17)It is God way of preparing us in every way,fully equipped for every good thing God wants us to do. Carole, I cant wait to see what the Lord has for me to hear,see and breathe in from His Word! I knew that I wanted to be able to come and said a quite prayer, That some how some way I could go. God is good! He put it on Someone heart to Blessed me with being able to come to the Retreat. To see and hear what God has put on your heart to share with all of us Sister's in Faith.I will be Praying for you as well as all who will be coming to Lexington CC.On March 2014 In His Love<>< Debbie Mathews. From CC.Florence SC.
From:Chesterfield SC.
From what retreat did you attend?  will be March14-15-2014 Lexington SC
Cathie McCormickWednesday, 8/7/13, 4:19 PM
Think of you often ...remember fondly your time with us. Enjoy the vases I bought ..have in my home and see them in the homes of my children married!
From:Pittsburgh area
From what retreat did you attend?  South Hills Bible Chapel
Dinah RoblesSunday, 2/3/13, 8:44 AM
have been touched and blessed by the message
From:Glendale, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Lake Avenue Church
Marilyn MartinezSaturday, 2/2/13, 7:05 AM
You are a beautiful vessel that God is using, Carole. Your command of scripture, skill as an artist and teaching talents were a blessing to me. The message was clear that God is making me into a vessel that he can use. We can rejoice together that we are His.
From:Temple City, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Lake Ave. Church, Pasadena
cindy mosierSunday, 9/16/12, 8:55 AM
you were a vessel that God used to reach me! Thank you for being obedient to him.
From:McCall, Id
From what retreat did you attend?  McCall ID
Deby Green DeSarroSaturday, 9/15/12, 9:12 AM
Dear Carole, I was forever touched by your message at the seminar I attended given by Calvary Chapel Hermosa Beach in Palm Springs in approx Sept/Oct 2006. I have one of your beautiful vases of Jesus the Good Shepherd on my fireplace today. I have been asked to speak at my church at a ladies luncheon based on what you taught me about Our Loving Potter. I just spent the last hour looking through box after box in my attic for the spiral green booklet you gave out at your seminar (to no avail; could not find it :( I took so many notes about your life, your trials and how Jesus used each one of them to mold you into the piece of pottery you are today. (He has been doing the same with me and as the book "Jesus Calling" has taught me, especially Dec. 18, Jesus uses the toughest things in my life to help me the most! I will never forget you. God bless your ministry. Love, Deby
From:Calif, living in Texas now
From what retreat did you attend?  Palm Springs approx 2006
Geri JonesMonday, 8/20/12, 10:47 AM
From:Calvary Chapel Downey
From what retreat did you attend?  Ladies nite out August 2012
Crystal RamirezTuesday, 8/14/12, 7:58 AM
Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with us. It was truly a beautiful experience watching your work and the story telling was wonderful.
From:Santa Clarita
From what retreat did you attend?  The Sanctuary Church
Josephine BenjaminTuesday, 7/10/12, 4:40 AM
I heard Carole speak at a Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo women's afternoon event back in 2001 about 2 weeks after I had given birth to our stillborn son, Jonathan. Her presentation of "the Master's Pieces" was poignant and left a great impression upon the soil of my heart. I purchased a video of the "Master's Pieces" at that time and appreciated watching it several times over the past 11 years. Recently, while at Family Camp, I had the opportunity to sit at a potter's wheel and attempt to make a piece of pottery. I shared with the instructor about Carole's ministry and she expressed great interest in viewing it. So too, one other woman who works at Village Creek Bible Camp who had brought Carolyn,her pottery instructor to camp for our benefit. Hence, the placement of my order for all of Carole's sessions with a repeat of "the Master's Pieces". I look forward to receiving the DVD's ordered (please enclose bill as I did not see a way to pay on this website) and then sending both Carolyn and Sue their copies of the Master's pieces. Praying that the Lord will continue to multiply His work through Carole into the lives of many. Please let Carole know that her message and giftings are indeed inspirational. With love in Christ and great appreciation to God for this ministry and messanger, Jo Benjamin
From:Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Angela McBurnettSaturday, 5/26/12, 2:03 PM
All of Carole's messages were amazing and touched me in a different way. But Saturday evenings message was just what I needed to hear, when I needed to hear it. I told her Thank You briefly afterward so she would know that her difficult message was a blessing and she immediately prayed with me. I felt such a burden lifted. I thank GOD for sending me to that retreat, and for sending Carole's message.
From:Salida, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Silver Spur May 18-20
Janie BenzSunday, 5/20/12, 7:52 PM
I was so blessed to come to this retreat. I have been to several of Caroles retreats before. In this retreat we had a person that said she kept saying she didn't know why God had sent her there until after Saturday Nights message and she was so moved by the message she said she now knew why God had sent her. It was exactly where she was in her life and just what she needed.
From:Rio Vista, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Silver Spur May 18-20
Kristie GoldenSaturday, 5/5/12, 11:22 PM
Thank you for allowing God to use you for his purpose. So many people do not listen to the calling and as you said God wastes nothing, but we humans sure do. What a beautiful testimony. You are truly doing Him justice. I love everthing about you and who you are. God bless the socks off you and your family. PRIASE GOD!
From:Manteca, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Silver Spur 05/05/12
Estelle RichardsonWednesday, 3/21/12, 10:35 AM
So richly blessed by your messages. Lead morning devotionals a couple of years at Jenness. I am now in Quartzsite, Arizona, and am currently president of the Women's Ministry at First Baptist Church, Quartzsite. I would love to make contact with you and attend some of your retreats in the Southern California area. My cell # is 209-256-4579. Possibly could bring some ladies along with me if it was okay. Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done to further the message of Christ our Lord. Estelle Richardson
From:Jackson, California
From what retreat did you attend?  2005, 2008, 2009 (?)Jenness Park
Nancy WilliamsSunday, 3/11/12, 5:45 PM
Great weekend! As I was putting my wonderful new items away I realized I need more necklaces. I'm off to your order page now. Thanks again. Have a great week!
From:El Cajon
From what retreat did you attend?  First Presbyterian Church
Carolyn WalkerTuesday, 3/6/12, 1:47 PM
Awesome retreat!! Thank you so much for speaking to our ladies. I've given your contact info to several friends in other towns for their ministries.
From:Katy, TX
From what retreat did you attend?  Grace Fellowship UMC at Pine Cove
Diana SiscoSunday, 3/4/12, 5:35 PM
I came away with a whole new attitude. Thank you!
From:Katy, TX
From what retreat did you attend?  Grace United Methodist Church, KatyTx
Linda Van RadenTuesday, 2/28/12, 8:00 PM
Hello, I saw Carole at a Mug & Muffin event in Bellflower, CA last October. I lead the ladies ministries at Bethel Grace Baptist Church in Bellflower and am exploring the possibility of Carole coming to our church. I met with my pastor and he would like to hear s presentation from Carole. Is there a place or a website I can point him to? Thank you xo much for your time. Linda
From:Long Beach, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  No Retreat
Donna ThorntonThursday, 12/8/11, 7:49 AM
Carol, I would like to book you to come to Citrus Road Nazarene Church for June 9,2011. You may come the day before and stay at my house, as we discussed. The event will be on Saturday at 2. We cannot use the church before because there is a Messianic Jewish congregation that meets in our church on Saturday in the morning.
From:Litchfield Park, AZ
Janice HeitkampTuesday, 12/6/11, 7:35 PM
Thank you so much for your message and wonderful reminder that we are indeed molded and created by God for His purpose. Wanted to know if I could get a DVD on what you presented at Cornerstone Bible Church. Please let me know. Have a blessed holiday season.
From:Glendora, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Women's Christmas event at Cornerstone Bible Church on Dec. 5, 2011
Daniel RobertoSunday, 11/6/11, 1:48 PM
What a great blessing. Thank you for coming to Northpark Community Church and showing your gift that GOD has placed on you. It was TRULY something I have never seen before and definitely put a new perspective on what GOD has in store for us as his children. I will have a different outlook now on what is in store for me. Be Blessed.
From:Northpark Community Church Fresno
From what retreat did you attend?  regular church service
JeanieTuesday, 10/25/11, 1:09 PM
Your presentation and message at our retreat in Sept, at the Oaks, was encouraging. I just want to thank you for your obedient heart to the Spirit's prompting. May God continue to watch over and bless you. I pray your family is well and keeping strong in the Lord.
From:Culver City
From what retreat did you attend?  Hope Chapel del Rey
Carla CockrielTuesday, 9/20/11, 7:03 AM
Thank you Carole...your message was inspiring! God is so awesome and moved through you this weekend! May He continue to bless you and your family. I absolutely loved being a part of the Potters House and will be lifting your ministry in prayer! Thank you also for the shadow boxes...I purchased three of them and they fill my home with joy! In Him always, Carla
From:El Segundo Four Square Church
From what retreat did you attend?  Oaks 09/16/11
Hannah AlmsteadWednesday, 7/20/11, 6:08 PM
You did a talk for Presbyterian women many years ago, very inspirational, have been looking for you. Blessings, Hannah
From:St. James Presby, Tarzana
Nellie KleineWednesday, 6/1/11, 10:29 AM
Carole is scheduled to speak at our retreat on 2012 in November. I can't find your contract on the web. Will you be sending it to us? Thanks. Nellie Kleine 562-868-5044 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              562-868-5044      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
From:El Dorado Park Community Church
From what retreat did you attend?  New Life Retreat
Susan JunoSaturday, 5/28/11, 9:31 PM
Absolutey fascinating, your artistry at the wheel mesmorizes our concious so that your voice and His words flow freely into our hearts and sub-concious. this was the most captivating, relaxing and comforting retreat I have ever attended. Thank you for being willing to be the vessel God has decided to make you.
From:Antioch, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Oakhurst, CA
Cristina De JongThursday, 5/19/11, 10:58 AM
Hello Carole, You spoke at a Women's Luncheon givin by Calvary Chapel at Le Chene Restaurant in 1995. I've not forgotten how beautifully you delivered God's word. My husband and I were given your Beloved vase as a wedding gift in 1995. It's very special to us. Thank you. Blessings, Cristina
From:Santa Clarita, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Calvary Chapel Women's Luncheon
Susan DewarFriday, 5/13/11, 8:15 PM
I sat next to you at lunch at Good Shepherd. I will be strongly suggesting that we have you as our guest speaker fall/winter 2012. His message comes through you clearly. Thank you! Susan
From:Salome, AZ
From what retreat did you attend?  Good Shepherd Presby. Los Alamitos 5/7/11
shirleySaturday, 4/23/11, 7:43 AM
Looking forward to meeting you and to see what God has in store for me.
From what retreat did you attend?  up comming retreat may 13-15
Carol BenningWednesday, 4/20/11, 12:59 AM
I have not attended a retreat yet but we played a DVD of yours. Thank you so much. You have a wonderful gift and we all enjoyed your DVD very much!
From:San Diego, California
From what retreat did you attend?  None
Gloria ReynoldsSaturday, 4/9/11, 10:17 PM
I enjoyed the retreat so much. Thank you for all the hard work you do and traveling to spread the Word of God to so many. You touch so many with the way you "show" us God's word and love through your clay creations. You are a blessing and I thank God for you and your ministry. May God bless you and your family always.
From:Elk Grove
From what retreat did you attend?  Country Oaks on 4/8 and 4/9
Lilly Carlsen-SuginoMonday, 4/4/11, 12:42 AM
Thank you so much Carole for your great presentation this weekend & sharing your talents for me & my PLC sisters! You are so talented w/your pottery artwork & storytelling/acting abilities. You were the most ultimate, dynamic speaker we've ever had @ one of our PLC retreats! I will pray for you & your family. Thx! ~Lilly (the 3rd wheel addition to the music team this weekend).
From:PLC in San Diego, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Penasquitos Lutheran Curch 4/1-4/3/11
Linda WellerThursday, 3/24/11, 11:47 PM
I also wanted to mention that I found all of the parallels between your work as a potter and God's work in our lives fascinating.
From what retreat did you attend?  The Bridge, March 2011
Linda WellerThursday, 3/24/11, 11:34 PM
Carole, Your dramatic delivery and words of truth and encouragement made the retreat both special and significant for me. I left feeling encouraged, challenged, comforted, and even entertained. May God bring to pass all your hopes and desires in ways you cannot fathom or imagine. Blessings, Linda
From what retreat did you attend?  The Bridge, March 2011
Kris BrineySunday, 3/13/11, 10:38 PM
Thank you for a wonderful and challenging message this past weekend. I just had gotten word right before the retreat that my teaching job of 26 years was on the chopping block. Little did I know how much I was going to need God when I signed up for the retreat weeks ago. When I arrived home sunday afternoon, there on a stack of mail my husband had brought in and there on top was "the pink slip" from our school district . . . but I knew who was really in control. In fact tonight before I got ready to turn in I sneaked a peak into Monday's daily calendar reading I have on my bathroom counter next to the sink and it read, " It helps me if I remember that God is in charge of my day - not I. (taken from Chuck Swindoll's "Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life")and the following scripture on the calendar page read, "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way". God is good and His timeing is amazing. Praying for you and your husband. With a Smile, Kris Briney
From:Clovis, Cal.
From what retreat did you attend?  The Bridge (Fresno, Ca.)
Sharon JohnsonWednesday, 3/2/11, 8:28 AM
I don't know how many years ago I attended the retreat you spoke at, but through the years, especially when I'm going through a stressful time, I review your video. It's message then and now is a blessing to me and I just want to thank God for working through you to touch my life. I used to attend Temple Baptist Church in Perris, CA, but have been for the past ten or so years been attending Revival Christian Fellowship (formerly Calvary Chapel of Menifee) in Menifee, CA. May God bless you wherever you go as He works in you. I know He's still working a powerful work in me and has a lot of work to do yet.
From:Menifee, CA
From what retreat did you attend?  Conservative Baptist Pine Summit
Stella RaymondWednesday, 2/2/11, 9:24 AM
From what retreat did you attend?  Ridgecrest
Karen LarsenWednesday, 1/26/11, 3:40 PM
You have spoken at our retreats a couple of times over the years and I am thrilled that you are returning in 2012 to our retreat in Monterey California. We are now called Converge Pac West, no longer NCBC. I am making sure all of our women from Bethel Church who are physically able, will sign up and come. Thank you for your ministry and faithfulness to our Lord. Karen Larsen
From:Bethel Church, Santa Rosa, Calif.
From what retreat did you attend?  No. Calif. Baptist Conf.
lauraFriday, 10/29/10, 7:21 PM
Will you please e-mail a complete order form because I did not see what I was looking fo?
From:sacramento, ca
From what retreat did you attend?  may 2010
 Monday, 10/18/10, 9:58 PM
Eileen StewartMonday, 10/18/10, 9:46 PM
Dear Carole, Thank you for sharing the Word of God that so richly dwells within you. Your demonstration was exquisite, as you showed the clay from Potter's perspective. I especially enjoyed how you shared scriptures that we can share with other non-believing Jews. I purchased several of your pieces as well as a DVD set and am currently sharing your phenomenal message with others. Thanks again. May God richly bless you. Agape to you. Shalom!!! Eileen
From:Newark Ca.
From what retreat did you attend?  Kaleo Christian Fellowship @ Walnut Creek Marriot
Karen SanfordTuesday, 9/28/10, 4:51 PM
Looking forward to your being at our annual retreat.
From what retreat did you attend?  Future retreat for NLCC Church in Artesia, CA
Sue WigandSunday, 9/26/10, 6:00 PM
I really enjoyed your presentation...alot to think about. Thank you so much for visiting us. Will you be adding some of the shadow boxes and horse hair pottery to your web sales soon? I just could not decide on a piece, and more than one lady asked if I had seen your web site, (which I had not) but knew then that I didn't have to decide immediately. Thanks again for your ministry and visit to us. God bless YOU!
From what retreat did you attend?  9-25-10 in Atascadero
GloriaWednesday, 9/22/10, 5:35 PM
would like to order the Dvd you did at the Banquet that night but didn't have the funds then.
From what retreat did you attend?  Evangel home
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