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Casey SifuentesWednesday, 10/4/17, 9:55 PM
My grandfather was Lee Lawrence...and Mac. O. Was my great,great,great,great...grandmother
From:Houston Tx
Chatman CarruthersTuesday, 9/26/17, 9:25 PM
Defendant of Henry Caruthers
From:Atlanta, Georiga
Genora CookWednesday, 8/2/17, 5:26 AM
Hi, I am a descendant of Henry Caruthers. His granddaughter Noma Caruthers was my great grandmother. I am very thankful that my cousins DEDRA S EDMOND-DREW and Shirley Edmond(nee Johnson) got in touch with The Caruthers and us Las Vegans will be attending the Pelham homecoming October 13-15 2017. See you there.
From:Las Vegas,Nv
Carolyn WoodsSaturday, 7/29/17, 8:08 PM
I am a descendant of Charity Carroll, Lewis Carroll, Violet Burgess and Henry Carruthers. I research daily in search of missing branches. If you have any information relating to these families, please contact me.
From:DeSoto, Texas
Brian HunterWednesday, 5/31/17, 8:15 AM
Most interesting history, on my list to visit.
From:Scotland ( now living in Chatfield Txs)
Leon CookTuesday, 5/23/17, 12:16 PM
The Cook and Johnson family have been able to trace our lineage back to Henry PEP Caruthers
From:Las Vegas Nevada
Brenda J. WilliamsFriday, 11/4/16, 11:15 PM
My grandmother's name was Frances Carruthers. She married my grandfather, Richard A. Smith who was from either Kingsland or Fordyce, Arkansas. I'm trying to find out if she is related to your family.
From:Las Vegas
Shirley Edmond(nee Johnson)Friday, 10/7/16, 12:46 PM
I believe I am related to the Caruthers/Ross/Porter Families. My father was Clay Jeffery Johnson. His mother was Naomie Caruthers. My daughter found the same photograph of Henry Caruthers that I have on your web-site. We thought the photo was Doug Johnson, his Dad. Can we talk?
From:Las Vegas, Nevada
DEDRA S EDMOND-DREWThursday, 10/6/16, 11:10 PM
I am a descendant of Henry Carruthers. I came across this website today. I have that same photo of him! We're planning a family reunion next May in Las Vegas and I'm so excited to find another piece of the puzzle.
From:North Las Vegas
victor carruthersMonday, 6/6/16, 4:18 PM
From:Oklahoma City, OK
victor carruthersSunday, 6/5/16, 6:23 PM
From:Oklahoma City, OK
victor carruthersSunday, 6/5/16, 6:09 PM
From:alttus okla.
Tommy CarruthersTuesday, 3/22/16, 2:46 PM
Got this site from my cousin Jefferson Caruthers
From:Altus, Oklahoma
Email: tcarruthers43@gmail. com
Charla GriffinWednesday, 8/12/15, 12:22 PM
I was born in Navarro County, Pelham.
From:Dallas, Texas
Kenneth RobertsFriday, 5/8/15, 10:56 PM
Jeff would be my #2grandfather on my mother side nettie mae sweatt,her mother name burla caurrther, one of jeffery daughter.
From:Dallas Texas
Email: kenroberts101@gmail. com
Jacob H Carruthers IIITuesday, 1/27/15, 7:34 PM
My grand father's father was William who was the son of Henry. Any information about where we come from would be greatly appreciated.
From:I live in Chicago but born in Houston
Ramona JonesSaturday, 9/13/14, 4:15 PM
interesting website, especially information about Henry Caruthers. My mother, Margaret Beachum Cooper, ofter referred to him; however, only after exploring the website did I get a clear understanding of his importance to my family history.
From:Austin, Texas
Kenneth W. RobertsSunday, 5/25/14, 9:28 PM
My grandmother was caurthers before she marrried a sweatt.
Elayne CaruthersSaturday, 5/24/14, 7:02 PM
I am the granddaughter of Theodore "Nit" Caruthers Sr, who is the brother of Chatman Caruthers.
From:Plainview TX
virginia heslipSunday, 1/12/14, 3:44 PM
Iam the dauther of ruby(tut)carruthers-heslip
From:waco texas
Pat HinesSaturday, 8/3/13, 3:20 PM
From:San Ramon, Ca
EbonyThursday, 5/23/13, 8:46 PM
Grandfather--L.V. Burns; Grandmother--Jeanie (Carruthers) Burns.
Becky D Caruthers BellamyTuesday, 2/26/13, 10:39 PM
Allen married with two children and Eric with three children Kyle Q Caruthers,K Caruthers and Shara R Caruthers. All live in Texas it would be great to learn more about the family history. Please e-mail me back.
Karen CaruthersSunday, 10/7/12, 2:49 PM
From:Arlington, TX
Gale CarruthersThursday, 3/29/12, 11:56 PM
From:Denver/Oklahoma City
Patsy R. Beachum-HinesTuesday, 1/31/12, 11:34 PM
I would love to know more about the family. My mother's name Perry Leonard-Beachum was married to Daniel Beachum, Her parents was Lulu Carruthers & Roy Tan Leonard. My uncle Tom Leonard & Jim Leonard, aunt Myrtha Leonard-Beachum married to J. Beachum. 50785
From:Danville, Ca
Stelvin KirvenTuesday, 12/27/11, 3:24 PM
Just wanted to comment on your web site. I am from Coolidge, Texas (Sandy Community) and am very familiar with the Carruthers/Ross/Porter family history. I have worked land in Phelam with Alfred Martin of Phelam, and have come to know quite a bit about the rich history that was and still exists in Phelam.
From:Sunnyvale Tx. by way of Coolidge Texas, Sandy Community
Marcus CarruthersMonday, 12/26/11, 6:48 PM
It is blessing to connect with family. Let's stay connected. Blessings on you all. I am Marcus Carruthers / Dionne Carruthers - My Wife John William Carruthers - Dad Norma Carruthers - Mom Victor Carruthers - Brother Claude Carruthers - Brother Daryl Carruthers - Brother Sheila Carruthers - Sister John-Marcus Carruthers - Son
From:Oklahoma City, OK
Daryl CarruthersWednesday, 12/21/11, 11:35 AM
Great grandfather John William Grand father John William Father also John William Carruthers
From:Oklahoma City, Okla.
Victor W.CarruthersWednesday, 12/21/11, 10:48 AM
This was"GREAT"to find additional members of the"CARRUTHERS"Family.MY Great and Grandfather both name was JOHN W CARRUTHERS...also my father was named JOHN W CARRUTHERS.
From:Oklahoma City,Okla.
Cassius PhillipsSunday, 8/7/11, 12:47 PM
I am the Great son of Elvira Watson-caruthers.
From:Dallas tx
Email: cassias.phillips@navarrocollege .edu
cassius phillipsSaturday, 8/6/11, 12:27 PM
From:dallas tx
Email: cassias.phillips@navarrocollege .edu40
EbonyTuesday, 7/19/11, 5:57 PM
From:Denver, CO
CLOYSE CARUTHERSTuesday, 7/12/11, 5:26 AM
We have a rich history! Lol and there are many of us!:-D
Email: caruthersprime@
Tony BurtonThursday, 4/21/11, 9:52 AM
SC Porter-Laura Allen-Evelyn Allen-Leonard Jackson-Lisa Jackson-Tony Burton...from tennesee to texas to we keep movin!!..much luv to all of you we come from tough stock keep the faith i see how hard you have it over there across the water, stay safe till we ALL meet one day!!
From:Perth, Western Australia
Larry J. HumphreySaturday, 10/30/10, 6:59 PM
I am the oldest son of Marie A. Car(r)uthers whose parents were J. W. and Daisy Carruthers (Guess).
From:San Antonio, Texas
Email: 917 Archery Dr. Chesapeake, VA 23323
Dana Caruthers NortonSaturday, 10/9/10, 4:51 PM
Wonderful web site! I just started working on my family history but what I have found is AWSOME! My dad's name was Claude Keith Caruthers. I have been able to go back to a James Caruthers born ABT 1721 from Cumberland Co NJ. Keep up the good work!!!
From:Wichita KS
Raymond HeslipFriday, 10/8/10, 6:35 PM
My grandmother name was Ruby Caruthers.I look foward to going to the Pelham homecoming this weekend.
Samuel AllenSaturday, 7/17/10, 7:36 PM
I would like to learn more about the Caruthers family
From:Dallas Texas
Samuel L. Johnson Jr.Wednesday, 4/21/10, 2:28 PM
My family name is Dotson, my Great GrandFather had a Bar B Q Business there, and my Uncle Henrey die in a fire there my other uncles C,Jason & Art Dotson came there, I would like to come visit, they say we are family with the Porter family. At this time I'm in California, my number is 909-596-6384, please give me a call and I can tell more.. Thank You. S.L.J.jr.
From:Detroit, Mich
Ericka Carruthers-GreggTuesday, 1/12/10, 8:21 PM
From:Topeka Ks/Dallas TX
Ericka Carruthers-GreggTuesday, 1/12/10, 8:19 PM
From:Topeka Ks/Dallas TX
Email: Ericka Joi
Tony Lewis BurtonSaturday, 11/7/09, 4:38 AM
hello, and greetings family!, I'm quite sure none of you have a clue who I am, I'm tony and im kin to the porter family. my grandfather, Leonard Jackson, is the son of Eveyln Allen, the grandaughter of S.C. Porter. To let you know a little bit about myself, i'm 26, married with 2 children, and work as a nurse at my local hospital here in australia. I hope one day to be able to hear from some of you, in the meantime stay safe and above all else stay alive!! Tony
From:Perth, Western Australia
EbonySaturday, 7/18/09, 12:07 AM
Great website! I am very proud of my family history. This site is inspirational;I hope to re-visit Pelham someday, and learn more about my roots. Thanks for this phenomenal website.
From:Denver, CO
Becky D Caruthers BellamyMonday, 7/13/09, 11:37 PM
I would like to know more about my family tree.
 Sunday, 5/3/09, 9:29 PM
Samuel AllenWednesday, 4/8/09, 6:57 PM
I am the grandson of Leon and Beluah Sweatt.Great grandson Caruthers please help me find more info
From:Cedar Hill Texas
Jerron CaruthersWednesday, 3/4/09, 2:29 PM
My Dad was talking about our family and I was wondering if there were any informating on the internet. so, as we talk I surf the internet. thank you.
From: Texas, (stopsix ) , Ft. Worth
Jerron CaruthersWednesday, 3/4/09, 2:20 PM
My Dad was talking about our family and I was wondering if there were any informating on the internet. so, as we talk I surf the internet. thank you.
From:st, Texasopsix Ft. Worth
heath harrisFriday, 2/27/09, 6:52 PM
I am a descendant of marie carruthers humphrey,son of john humphrey.
From:mount dora,fl
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