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MixonThursday, 9/14/17, 2:42 AM
I wuz here
William D. TomanySaturday, 4/7/07, 6:39 PM
Your Site and music are wonderful Thanks for sharing Bill
From:Las Vegas,Nevada
fonziMonday, 1/1/07, 1:42 PM
you are the best!!!
DebFriday, 12/29/06, 7:29 PM
I loved the midis. They brought back some good memories and made me chuckle. Thanks!!
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 Wednesday, 11/23/05, 9:34 AM
Wow, this is a great site. I'd like to say thanks and good job, this is the best midi site I've seen. :)
KatySaturday, 2/26/05, 11:59 AM
Thank you very very much, you are very clever person and your site is brilliant, and very very useful. Many many thank-yous
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BettyThursday, 1/15/04, 5:55 PM
Good music site. I would love to use some of it on my site. Are you? or do you know? the sequencer of the songs? Hope you will let me know. Thanks, Betty
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Jean DescampsWednesday, 10/8/03, 9:22 PM
A great web site to find golden oldies. Keep it up. Thanks a lot.
From:A French living in Bangkok
pattiTuesday, 9/23/03, 8:46 AM
Thank you, thank you and thank you!! Best site on the web.
MargaretSaturday, 4/12/03, 5:10 PM
Beautiful Music, especially Deep Purple one of my favorites. Keep up the good work!
Sharon scottSunday, 12/29/02, 3:49 PM
This is a lovely midi site, one of the best I've found. Thank you :-)) Sharon
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Syd YoungSunday, 12/8/02, 8:00 AM
Great website, please add more like "London by Night",for one
stan blocherTuesday, 8/27/02, 6:34 PM
Quality midis. Thanks for allowing the public access to this outstanding collection. Keep it going!
HerbyWednesday, 8/21/02, 12:20 PM
Thanks for the midis
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NormaTuesday, 7/2/02, 11:40 AM
This is such a cool web page to visit,I could listen to it for hours.I love the song "Rhythm Of The Rain" brings back old times.Do you have the song "Sugar Sugar" by Archies?I would love to hear it.Keep up the great work.
LucySunday, 6/30/02, 2:50 PM
I don't usually sign guest books, but I like your site so much that I just couldn't not tell you. All the songs are great, excellent quality, but what about 'Green Sleeves" :)
From:South Carolina, USA
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CarolineFriday, 6/14/02, 9:40 PM
Have hard a lot of midis but yours are the best I have come across yet. Your Latin, in particular, has all the percussion - just like the real thing. Keep up the great work. No kidding, the BEST yet!
Angela HumphriesWednesday, 4/10/02, 10:14 PM
Great site....I like "We'll Sing in the Sunshine"..can you add it? Thanks
From:Fishers, IN
FantyMonday, 3/25/02, 3:28 PM
Hey there girlfriend, You are the best I enjoy your character to no end Keep up the great work Fanty
AsteraWednesday, 2/27/02, 8:17 PM
HI Eag! I always passed your site along to others and how it has grown!! Nice job!
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Anita L. KellerThursday, 2/21/02, 9:45 PM
I have had the opportunity to enjoy EAGSmidis and would like to forward the site to my friends. Is this possible. If so please sent me a format to share this beautiful music with others. Thank you very much.
GusWednesday, 2/20/02, 4:07 PM
Thank you very much!
KathleenThursday, 2/14/02, 8:18 AM
Very nice site. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. I shall return often.
From:Anchorage, Alaska
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MarleneThursday, 2/14/02, 7:47 AM
Very nice site. I enjoyed it and it is now in my favourites. Thank you !!
john ferrisWednesday, 1/30/02, 3:32 AM
A golden oldie .. high side of sixty .. this site takes me back to my wild young days ..
From:Aberdeen NSW Australia
PauloSunday, 11/18/01, 3:39 PM
Hi again! im looking for a special wave to put on my page, so i came here cause i knew u had a special page for them. Let me say that i was impressed , i liked a lot your "Tips for the editor" page.......and this one is great too! Keep up the good work, by the way u dont have the wave im looking for ! lol But i had fun hearing some. Great wave from Blondie = Rapture! i Enjoyed it a lot! :) Take care!
Email: U have it already ! :)
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