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Corinne (Roberts) HaynesFriday, 9/4/09, 1:11 PM
These guys did one heck of a job on your drive. Great pix's too. Hope it last a long time for you. Love ya'll, Punky
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  Yes.
Linda HarrisSaturday, 12/29/07, 7:31 PM
just checking out pittsfield, I am looking for vacation home. thanks for showing me around pittsfield, I enjoyed it
From:Scituate Ma
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  yes
ButchSunday, 12/23/07, 12:06 AM
Chex Thanx for doing all the pics of the "Roberts Estate" and road trip. You make the humble abode look exotic with your excellence. (BTW - I still have to shovel the roof off) Merry Christmas - Ho Ho Ho XO - Butch (Have fun explaining)
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Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  Still here........
PunkyWednesday, 12/12/07, 2:32 PM
Yep, this works & I lvoe the page.
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  Yes.
pattyFriday, 8/17/07, 2:45 AM
Your work just get better;] those dancers look like there having so much fun I like how you put the music good job thanks for sharing them with me
Jim ThibodeauMonday, 7/16/07, 8:10 AM
I was on the site this morning to see what is going on in NH and a little home sick. Say hi to everyone for me back there. God Bless Gentle Breezes Jim Thibodeau
From:Chico California
Web Site: Ballooning over Chico CA and the North Scaremento Valley
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  used to live there
LynnSaturday, 2/3/07, 4:24 PM
Hey there! Just me...poking around and checking out your site again!
FranWednesday, 9/20/06, 2:37 PM
Him I`m from Spain, 8 yeras ago I was in NH, in Tilton with a group of spanish students, there I knew a girl from Sanbornton called Jodi Wakefield, I was in her house and she was a good fiend. I don`t have her e-mail adress or a way to contact with her, if someone knows her and can tell me something about her i would be really hapy. Thank you. NH is great!!
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  Yes, 8 years ago for 3 weeks
Wendy DoughtyTuesday, 5/2/06, 5:49 AM
Really interesting. Just lost my Sparky. Very sad. Only have Samatha. So enjoyed your cats. Wendy
From:Atkinson NH
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  I would hope so.
mickiTuesday, 12/6/05, 9:27 PM
Dear Cobb Glass, I attempted to email you but the msg got sent back. I am most interested now in the ornaments...colored bright and clear. Also interested in candle sticks similarly colored. I have spent the last half hour exploring your website. Your kitties are precious and one shares my name. Please let me know when to expect the order and for how much the check should be. Sincerely, Micki
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  no, but I think I'll be moving there soon
 Tuesday, 6/29/04, 3:03 PM
That's okay, Lynn...we knew what you meant! Ev
LynnTuesday, 6/29/04, 1:25 PM
I was just checking out your site and guest book again and I noticed my mistake...I meant to say, "I got all teary eyed". Lynn
From:Berlin, NH
LynnSunday, 2/15/04, 1:31 PM
When I clicked on "Four-Legged Monster" is got all teary eyed! Really. :)
From:Berrrrrrrrrrlin, NH
ClaudiaMonday, 12/8/03, 6:26 PM
How much snow did you get? I heard some places in New Hampshire got 4'. I would agree that 48" is too much snow at one time. Keep warm - Claudia
From:Snowless Milwaukee
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  no
Alana KitchingSaturday, 1/11/03, 12:18 PM
From:Epsom, N.H.
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  yes
Muff WordenThursday, 12/26/02, 4:17 AM
I'm a former SRSNH member (vocals, harp, whistles, bodhran, etc.) living in the east fjords of Iceland since Fall 1997, but keeping in touch with Sylvia, the Birches, the Woodwards, the McOwens and occasional others like Mary Ann, who visited the far end of Iceland, but we didn't have time to get to see each other - too far apart - so just talked by phone a couple times. I am still laughing about that - ask Mary Ann sometime about trying to have a conversation on the TV remote from their hotel room in Reykjavik!! Anyway, I found your Gala site, and enjoyed it, courtesy of the SRSNH newsletter that is just arrived in e-mail, so am herewith sending my appreciation for the good photos of what must have been a great night. Is the young woman at the piano (with and without Mary Ann) Elvie, Rodney's daughter? I don't know her face, so am assuming that. Thanks, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and keep up the good music (and photos)!!! Muff
Web Site: The Blue Church and other goodies from Scotland and Iceland
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  Ohhhhh yes!!!
LynnThursday, 11/21/02, 4:54 PM
I see your still at it! You never run out of ideas!!
From:Berrrrrrlin, NH
Hal CobbSunday, 10/6/02, 10:35 AM
A terrific and most interesting display!
LynnSaturday, 10/5/02, 6:58 PM
Just checked out all your new pages & photos! Phew! You've been busy! I had fun checking them all out--I'll be back again soon!
From:Berlin, NH
Web Site: crosscountryroadtrip
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  Yep!
OrelliThursday, 9/12/02, 4:04 PM
Just wanted to say hi. I havent forgot My very nice friends form NH. Have a nice Day : )
From:Homestead FL.
PunkySunday, 9/8/02, 10:31 AM
Love the pics, But didn't or couldn't find the pics with your new curtians & all the plants. Love Punky
Karen FishThursday, 8/1/02, 4:57 PM
As usuall, you have done a wonderful job with your pictures!! I truely enjoyed them. Karen
orelyWednesday, 5/29/02, 6:58 PM
Just visiting.
Web Site: Lucky Links
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  not yet.
Peggy WallaceFriday, 4/5/02, 6:17 PM
Your web site is great and you are a very talented photographer.. What a fascinating art you know, blowing glass.. Your products are amazing...I shall bookmark this site and return. and if I ever get to NH, might drop by to see you'all. Peggy
From:Winchester, Va
Web Site: Windy Ridge
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  No
LynnTuesday, 2/19/02, 3:14 PM
Just checked out your new cobglas website! Looks great! And I like your updated site too!
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  Yup!
MrsMWednesday, 1/30/02, 5:20 PM
Hello there one of the AmongFriends recruting members payed your site a visit today and found your little corner of the web to be lovely. So we would like to Cordially Invite you to join a new online group named Amongfriends bringing women together in love laughter and friendship We hope to see you there :-)
Web Site: AmongFriends
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  nope
Joe & ClaudiaTuesday, 1/1/02, 8:21 AM
Nice update on your web site. Wishing you, Bruce and the cats a wonderful New Year! Joe & Claudia
From:Milwaukee, WI
Web Site: Claudia & Joe's Website
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  No
Julie BrownMonday, 12/17/01, 2:25 PM
Marcy said I should check out your web site I't is wonderful keep up the beautiful work Julie B.
From:Quitman , Mississippi
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  Not yet but my little sis marcy did
marcy langSunday, 12/16/01, 6:36 PM
Evelyn I love your web site.It sure was great to see the snow agian.I really don't miss it yet.There is nothing more beautifull as the first snow fall.Then there is nothing more ugly than when it all melts and turns to mud.LOL Miss you and say hello to all at the Globe for me.Your friend Marcy
Email: exnh Or
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  yes use to live there
ClaudiaFriday, 11/16/01, 4:54 AM
Your site has been nicely updated. Looks great. Your Christmas cactus is lovely. My mother bought me one in September, and all the blooms promptly fell off. You will have to tell me how to care for it. Have a great day - Claudia
Web Site: Claudia & Joe's Website
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  No, but would like to sometime.
PunkyMonday, 11/5/01, 5:18 PM
Dear Chex. It took some time to look, and I'm still not done. I love what you did. It's truly great. Love ya, Punky
From:New Hampshire
joanna murphySunday, 11/4/01, 5:13 PM
First of all the opening picture of the fountain is really cool...second, great photo's of the play. mom and sara are really looking forward to seeing it..bye for now Jo
JUDY MITCHELLMonday, 10/29/01, 1:11 PM
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  ALL MY LIFE
chuck EastmanSaturday, 10/27/01, 6:57 AM
Mom gave me your address so I could take a look Nice job Evelyn!!!!
From:penacook NH
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  all my life
LynnWednesday, 10/24/01, 8:38 AM
Just checked out every page of your web site! The "Seasons of NH" makes me realize how lucky I am to live in New England.
Have you ever been to New Hampshire?  Lived in Rochester, NH. Mother was born in Wolfboro.
Bill ProvencalTuesday, 10/23/01, 6:50 AM
Evelyn: Received your pics. and am now checking out your website. Bill Provencal
joannaMonday, 10/22/01, 6:30 PM
Wow, what a gorgeous picture on your opening page...I am now going to check out the rest of it..I just had to say that!!!!jo
From:south sutton
LynnSaturday, 10/20/01, 12:17 PM
Wow! You're moving right along with your web site! I love those pictures!
From:North Andover
Web Site: Cross Country Roadtrip
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