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TieranyWednesday, 4/27/16, 11:18 AM
Very informative and... strange. Um, you should play at my graduation party next year.
From:New London
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Ron CoberleySunday, 8/22/10, 3:49 PM
A big thanks to those of you who helped us out at the benefit for wreaths for graves of Veterans in the New London Cemetery. We really appreciate you being here and helping with the program. Lots of nice compliments for the group. Thanks again. - rdc
From:New London
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Toure ThompsonMonday, 3/12/07, 10:40 PM
I saw an interesting forum in The forum dealt with musician's opinions about the nature of brass quintets and brass quintet music. The person who started the particular thread in question lamented that brass quintets, lacking the long tradition and history of string quartets and woodwind quintets, may always be the "stepchild" of chamber ensembles, in that general non-academic audiences may tend to expect brass ensembles and brass music to be fun, light, and humorous, never particularly "serious", "heavy", or "profound" like a string quartet; only musical academics, especially brass musicians, are expected to appreciate "serious" brass music and brass performance (i.e., American Brass Quintet, etc.) without funny costumes, humorous banter, or any other type of gimmick. I'm afraid that I agree with the writer of this thread. In fact, at a post- concert discussion at Florida State University several years ago, I was told by a musician of a very popular professional brass quintet that complete multimovement BRASS QUINTETS would rarely be performed at their concerts because the general audience seemed to prefer Dixieland jazz and showtunes. (I am no elitist; I like the jazz and showtunes as well, but more to end a performance set rather than to fill it.) I myself am working on a symphonically-inspired, four-movement brass quintet (which I intend to orchestrate someday), and have had trouble getting brass musicians interested in it. I have only recently found an interested ensemble, and I hope I can get a performance. I like this ensemble because the musicians perform "straight", with minimal verbal introductions to the pieces and no clowning around, much like a string quartet or woodwind quintet would be expected to perform. After much consideration, I have decided that composers are not principally at fault; there is a considerable amout of brass literature available, starting with the quintets of Victor Ewald. Therefore, it seems to me that general audiences have been allowed to become ignorant about and unreceptive to serious brass music because brass musicians, including professional brass ensembles, have done a poor job in promoting the serious brass literature. I understand that professional ensembles need an audience to make a living, but it is these very professional groups which should be best able to use their fame and popularity to get audiences into the concert hall to give all this unplayed brass literature a chance to be heard and appreciated. Musicians (and perhaps composers) must assume some responsibility for creating a musically illiterate general audience which is ignorant about the existence of serious brass music that can still be uplifting and entertaining. As musicians and composers, let us not allow serious brass music and brass performance to be relegated to only university campuses and the ears of musical academics! I am interested in other's thoughts on this matter. Will brass quintets and the music for them ever be taken as seriously as string quartets or woodwind quintets? Or are brass quintet ensembles forever doomed to wear jester's hats and red high- top sneakers with their tuxedos while playing watered-down trascriptions of Beatles songs while original brass quintet pieces continue to collect dust on college library shelves? I'm going back to work on the third movement (Scherzo) of my brass quintet now. --Toure Thompson
From:Charleston, S. C.
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ChrisTuesday, 8/29/06, 10:15 PM
I am a former member of the Burlington-based "Herbie's Little German Band", which could possibly be considered the grandfather, or perhaps great uncle on the mother's side, of your esteemed troupe. It faded from this mortal coil with a final performance at Emir Records recording studio, 712 North Street, Burlington, Iowa, after many years of performing in much the same vunues as your steamed troupe. I, personally, blamed the 1977 dissolution on the departure of both our astonishingly gifted, one-handed trumpet player, and our wonderfully brown-haired baritone horn player, (myself) who was ecstatically virtuosic in his ability to sit on a chair for, quite literally, an extended period of time. (One fellow member of H'sLGB is currently playing the pah-pahs to YOUR tuba player's oomps. I'm not allowed to say his name, but it is spelled Jim Priebe and pronounced Throat-Warbler Mangrove.) If you'd like to hear some REAL, old-time, gutsy, anti-artsy, quasi-nimble, semi-demi-quaver... uh, stuff, try, click on Performer and Herbie's Little German Band. You'll need realPlayer. And a dead parrot that is deceased, pushing up the daisies, joined the choir invisibule (sic), and/or is no more. And a kleenex.
From:Auburn, WA
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Amanda RodgersSunday, 8/20/06, 7:18 PM
Tom, I must say that I am quite impressed with this website. It is, at the present moment, my favorite website. I look forward to playing in Southeast Iowa Band with you. Sincerely, Amanda R. Rodgers
From:Somewhere in this universe.
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wyman martinSunday, 8/20/06, 9:58 AM
Hi from Martin Brass
From:southeast Iowa
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Examiner of the Eternal Huh?Sunday, 2/12/06, 1:04 PM
Love the commentary and the extra-curricular content. Well done. Tip: Next time you're assailed by the overtly persistent optimist intent on convincing you that nothing is impossible, you might casually mention they've quite obviously never tried slamming a revolving door. Try it, it's fun!
From:All over, baby
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Captain JackMonday, 1/9/06, 3:58 PM
Superb experience, truly! Although, if I might venture my professional opinion, you might consider spicing things up a bit with a few more buccaneer references. But in all fairness, the closest I've been to a trumpet was the one I lifted off a Mexican mate near Biminy. Don't think he was a bit well, to tell the truth. Sounded all shakey when he played, savvy? Tah.
From:Tortuga on the weekends
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dick johnsonThursday, 10/6/05, 3:00 PM
just passing by. I am a member of a quintet in green bay, wi. We are part of the Allouez village band that performs monthly in a restored theater. We are also planning a trip ti austria and germany next year and doing several concerts. cheers
From:shawano, wi
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everlean taylorThursday, 7/28/05, 5:55 PM
watching celebirities always remind me of my self.
From:Burnham ill
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LARRY RETZACKThursday, 12/30/04, 11:49 PM
I wound up @ your web site because you programmed a work by Don Haddad, an old friend. Located in SE IA, I thought perhaps your tuba player might be Mike Rogers. He was from Muscatine I think, but is now in a Chicago suburb I suspect. Anyway, your group sounds great. Wish I could get into one here. Keep up the good work. Cordially, Larry Retzack
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SamanthaFriday, 10/8/04, 2:02 PM
I think that you guys and girl play really awesome. My favorite song is "Lassus Trombone". My daddy wants me to play the French horn - What do you think Libby? Bye-Bye!
From:New London
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LauraWednesday, 9/15/04, 1:06 PM
Hi, my mom is one of the players she does a great job.
From:Burlington, IA
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Scott TeaterThursday, 8/19/04, 6:51 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed your concert last Sunday night. What an awesome and talented group. You show your ability to be very loose and silly on stage quite well. Keep up the great playing everyone!
From:West Burlington, Iowa
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Kim SchachTuesday, 8/17/04, 3:35 PM
SHB... Tom, I don't know if you would remember me or not, but you and I played trumpet together in the BHS concert and marching bands back in the 70's (sorry, but I guess I'm dating ourselves). I also see that Steve Taylor (1st trumpet, second chair...second only to Tom James...if I remember correctly), added a comment to your guest book too. Jim Priebe used to be my junior high band instructor. Mark Eveleth is currently my sons (trumpet player also) band instructor at West Burlington High School, and Mark is also a fellow teacher of my wife Ann. My family and I attended the SHB performance last Sunday evening (8/15/04) at Crapo Park, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!
From:West Burlington
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maxine rolleMonday, 6/21/04, 1:44 PM
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maxine rolleMonday, 6/21/04, 1:42 PM
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David AnceletTuesday, 5/18/04, 1:24 PM
What, no euphonium?
From:Coralville, IA
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NathanTuesday, 2/24/04, 2:18 PM
hey fellow brass players! check out the new World Brass Forum website: tell your friends! lata.
From:New Zealand
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Brian G. SullivanSaturday, 12/27/03, 11:10 AM
Kudos for the nifty web page! I am with the Lincoln Street Brass in Pueblo, Colorado, a fellow quintet that meets primarily for the sardonic wit and fabulous music! As we are in the process of creating an unabridged and unabashed web page, this link (from our founder and Tuba-ist, or is it Tubist??? Jon Bush) was a pleasant suprise! ttfn Brian
From:Pueblo, Colorado
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cadeMonday, 10/27/03, 11:26 AM
great site. I realy do love my American cousins as most true Brits do.If you ever hear any criticism from anyone on this great iland about you Yanks then they are not true brits All the Best CADE
From:a quaint english village Martin Mill
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Jay PembertonTuesday, 6/24/03, 3:39 PM
I understand 'Jim' is as in Jim Priebe, trombonist extraordinaire, who was in the Jim Manard Combo with my late father 20-something years ago. I'd love to hear from you, as well as from the other surviving members thereof. I do a lot of recording down here in northeast Texas, some for Kilgore College's classical radio station KTPB. (Yes, I did record a brass group a year and a half ago for them: The Canadian Brass, in concert.) I am also (slowly) attempting to digitally restore the old (25 years ago next month) LIVE ON JACKSON SQUARE LP, and I wonder if there exists a market for any of that vintage jazz in Iowa now. I'd love to know, and to do any and all restorations of such vintage recordings for future releases. THANKS, and I hope to hear from you soon. --Jay Pemberton
From:Now in Texas
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Marna ScottTuesday, 7/16/02, 9:18 PM
Hi Tom: If you don't me for a visitor, you will have to blame Marcia Korb - she is the one who told me about your peculiar (which means unusual) website. ... I'll be back!
From:Burlington, IA
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Dave TrentSaturday, 7/6/02, 10:33 AM
I meet Arnie years ago when he was a student of Marvin Howe's at UNI. Arnie probably doesn't remember me. Hey, Arnie, I was involved in a brass quintet myself for a few years in Milwaukee. What fun! I play tuba in a couple of small groups in Muscatine, the Mudcreek Mudcats (a Dixieland group) and the Wesley Winds (a church group). I sometimes play other groups, such as the Washington Summer Band and the Quad Cities Wind Ensemble. I hope to hear you play sometime. Regards, Dave Trent
From:Muscatine, Iowa
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rebecca smithFriday, 5/3/02, 1:29 PM
no offense, i don't really want to tell you my personal info, just wanted to tell you guys that your website brought a lot of laughs and i really enjoyed it. i especially liked the Peter Bruegel page, i'm doing a report on him in my History class and i found the quotes quite intresting and cool. now my only problem is citing your website, i'll figure it out. Keep up the crazy humor!Merci and Auvoir!
From:omaha nebraska
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eliza bangertThursday, 1/3/02, 11:36 AM
hi! i found your page while looking for the southeast iowa symphony's page. so i thought i'd say "hi" and tell you that i enjoyed it; definitely an entertaining diversion! :)
From:donnellson, ia
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John StringerWednesday, 2/21/01, 1:04 PM
I'm glad to have met you on the WWW. When I was in college, Ithaca College BM '85, our brass quintet was called 'The South Hill Brass.' It was short lived as it disbanded in '85 when we graduated and went our separate ways. Enjoy the music. John
From:Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
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Nancy BlowMonday, 11/27/00, 1:06 PM
The Potato-Weiner Casserole was marvelous. Please try weinerwatergravy. Cook Weiners in one quart water, remove weiners, add flour paste mixture. Cook til thick and creamy. Eat with bread or toast.
From:New London
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Louis JendrasMonday, 9/25/00, 2:52 PM
verry interesting. heard about you from jennifer hexom, brl muni band. hope to hear you play sometime.
From:Broomfield, CO
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Karen BellMonday, 9/11/00, 6:02 PM
Hey, T! Good to see that the page is doing well. Yes, folks, there is a good reason my last name is familiar. It's because it's familial!
From:Burlington, now Austin, TX
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MarciaFriday, 5/26/00, 7:12 AM
You have surpassed all possible expectations with your personal tempo consult. Excellent choice!
From:Burlington via Bettendorf IA
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EngyMonday, 3/27/00, 12:25 AM
Love the bit on Pieter Bruegal. Doing a paper on him and one of his paintings.
From:my apartment
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Steve TaylorTuesday, 12/21/99, 1:49 PM
Hi guys from an old Burl. band
From:Kansas City
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Mark EvelethWednesday, 11/24/99, 12:34 AM
Helloooo everyone.
From:Linton, North Dakota (34 years ago)
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Amy GroeltzWednesday, 9/8/99, 8:45 AM
Hi Tom!
From:Burlington originally
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mark binkowskiSunday, 6/13/99, 12:27 PM
found some great rhubarb recipes thanks.
From:wausau wi.
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KatieTuesday, 2/23/99, 7:51 PM
You guys are great!
From:West Burlington, IA
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