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ActMonday, 1/28/13, 4:06 AM
Hi, i'm Thai student. I really like your article "Traditional Themes and Motifs in Literature" and i want to use it for my project. However, i want to know about your career due to the work cited. Pls. contact me as soon as possible. Thank you very much.
SaraSaturday, 1/21/12, 3:27 PM
LuwondaTuesday, 12/13/11, 9:19 PM
I liked the lesson you gave on metered poetry. And I am interested in the different forms that you might have lessons on. I just wrote some metered poems. Thank you, LuWonda
Mike SchleiderTuesday, 11/22/11, 6:42 PM
I enjoy your premise, and I want to get in touch with other poets to share ideas, express the breathtaking experiences of everyday life, and to meet new poets.
Web Site: A Poet's letters to a best friend
Don LemnaThursday, 9/1/11, 8:31 AM
Thank you.
From:Medicine Hat, Alberta.
ChantalFriday, 6/10/11, 10:33 PM
From:The Carribbean
Tom roperWednesday, 3/23/11, 6:06 AM
Yours is a badly needed approach !
From:Bismarck, arkansas
Steven Earl Lyons, Sr.Monday, 3/21/11, 2:33 AM
Hope you enjoy!
From:Shelbyville KY
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Rhonda OsborneSunday, 12/5/10, 7:23 PM
Web Site: Rhonda Osborne
Simbarashe ShakaSaturday, 10/10/09, 4:55 AM
Web Site: Poemhunter
David NollerMonday, 1/5/09, 7:03 PM
Good evening. I teach AP Lit and Comp at Traverse City West High School in Traverse City, Michigan. I stumbled across your discussion of Occam's Razor and the interpretation of poetry, and would like your permission to use the ideas contained therein in class. Your example, "Travelling through the dark," is brilliant. I mentioned Occam's Razor in class, and the kids didn't know what I meant by it, so I intend to present them with a brief presentation on the principle and how it relates to the interpretation of poetry. Thank you for making this resource available. I have bookmarked your page for further study.
From:Traverse City, MI
Faye ReeceTuesday, 6/24/08, 2:00 PM
Free Poetry ContestFriday, 11/23/07, 2:54 AM
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farihaMonday, 4/16/07, 9:17 AM
its generallygud
Gi YoonSunday, 3/4/07, 6:21 PM
hello i'm a senior in high school studying for the upcoming AP English Literatrue:) (i'm preparing to go abroad for college) your site is a great help in understanding English poems:) They are harder to crack than prose..but i'm trying hard(and actually enjoying it) thank you:P
ladeuThursday, 10/12/06, 11:55 AM
i'm very interesting in mastering potry cause i'm beginner in this mater.
From:cote d'ivoire
Web Site: slender
JamesTuesday, 10/3/06, 2:21 AM
Great site here; I really enjoyed brushing up on my knowledge of Prosody! I've been meaning to write an article explaining prosody for some time, and now after reading yours I have the confidence to start it! Thanks for the information, and I'll be sure to provide a link on my site! James
From:York, England
Web Site: The Collected Writings of James Newton
johnTuesday, 8/8/06, 7:04 PM
Very infomative website. I would most likely refer this site to another person in search for more knowledge on Prosody.
From:el paso, texas
hanifSunday, 5/21/06, 7:56 AM
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adeleSunday, 5/14/06, 3:41 AM
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zone of silenceThursday, 5/4/06, 4:01 AM
Hi, i wanted to know if it's possible to upload my poems on to this website for free? Cheers
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NicoleFriday, 10/21/05, 3:33 PM
Hello! I found your site by looking up D/deafness for a class I'm teaching. Your essays on poetry, poetry analysis and teaching are terrifically straight-forward without being simplistic. You say you're not an artist, but essay-writing is indeed an art. Imagine -- communication! Thanks! -Nicole
RoseTuesday, 8/30/05, 10:03 AM
I have enjoyed my visit to your website. I will be back for a return visit.
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obinna ofoegbuFriday, 8/19/05, 1:15 PM
i want to explore to find out how satisfying this is
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aaaWednesday, 3/23/05, 11:19 PM
Joseph BaldwinTuesday, 8/24/04, 12:36 PM
You have a helpful and valuable website. Thanks.
From:Live in Winter Haven FL
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shenekaTuesday, 3/23/04, 7:56 AM
Great site
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RavenMonday, 3/8/04, 9:44 AM
i love this website!!!!!! it's sooooo cool & inspiring!!!
From:Salem, Massachusetts
Douglas W. AikenSunday, 2/22/04, 7:53 AM
I'm just becoming interested in some types of poetry and am just deciding just which kind of poetry and which writers I like.
From:Riverside, CA., U.S.A.
adelWednesday, 1/28/04, 8:57 AM
i want acomplete definition of poetry
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BobThursday, 11/13/03, 4:30 PM
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yunusFriday, 8/1/03, 9:30 PM
kool it dude ...u dont need a comment
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 Wednesday, 6/11/03, 8:02 AM
DoriTuesday, 4/1/03, 10:02 AM
What a fabulous site! I am in Comp II at my local Community College. Your site made my posting on prodosy in poetry SO much easier! I have reccomended it to all my classmates! Thanks million, Dori
Regina M. BennettSaturday, 3/1/03, 10:39 PM
I just wanted to see your website and say hello! I am the proverbial starving artist. Writing is truly the only thing I have that makes me happy and lets me escape.
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JenniferSunday, 1/19/03, 10:00 AM
From:English 210
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Shawn SolomonMonday, 9/23/02, 8:43 PM
Hi, I'm a young writer who for some time has been trying my hardest to get my poetry veiwed from all who would be interested in reading. I wish to those who can enjoy.
Stephen A. AllenSunday, 8/25/02, 8:42 AM
Hey Tina -- glad to see that your Themestream essays still have a home on the web. I'm just at the starting point of exploring your site(s). I think much of my day just got booked.
From:St. Joseph, MI
arthur ford sr.Monday, 5/20/02, 10:01 AM
From:new orleans,la.
StoneyTuesday, 1/1/02, 8:19 PM
Hi, Tina, Out surfing around and I get to be the first to sign your guestbook this year! It's good to see that so many ex-TSers still are writing and have a web presence. Me, I've got a little bitty ezine that I'd love you to visit (and consider helping out...) and a little writer's site that I'm working on. Take care, Stoney
Web Site: Kudzu Monthly
Molly HarshWednesday, 11/14/01, 6:32 AM
I have a son with ADHD. I am visiting your web site for your information on this subject. I was referred to it by my daughter Halley. Thanks
From:Lebanon, MO
Esther Altshul HelfgottThursday, 8/23/01, 7:14 AM
Hi Tina What a nice site you have--so many different subjects and essays. Your comment about hearing loss is right on the mark. It happened to my mother all the time, and she herself would become annoyed and frustrated. I'm glad I've found you again-- thanks to your recent poem in Woman of a Certain Age. Best, Esther
Web Site: The Psychoanalytic Experience: Analysands Speak
Minerva BloomMonday, 6/11/01, 7:28 AM
Tina: Thank you for leaving the link to your website at TSX. It took me a while to see that e-mail. I'm catching up lately. :D~ I'm sorry to say that I was not familiar with your articles at TS and now I wish I had. How did I miss you there? Ayayay! This is a wonderful site and I will check on the variety of information you offer here. Excellent content, indeed. Thanks again Tina Blue. I'm pleased to meet ya. Minerva Bloom~
Becky LowndesTuesday, 5/22/01, 5:03 PM
Tina, I'm so pleased to see your articles on Free Verse and my "Song for a Seeker" available once more! My own site is languishing in neglect. I have so much to add to it, but it's slow going for me. Still, you and I and so may others are proving that life (and writing, and community) does go on after Themestream! -- Becky
Edmund ContiFriday, 5/4/01, 12:59 PM
Hi Tina, So far 89 ex-Themestreamers have given me 89 ideas on what to do next. (90, counting my idea--nothing) Ed Conti Still collecting ideas
From:Summit, NJ
Shelley MossFriday, 5/4/01, 10:19 AM
Very nice site and so glad to have found your work again. I am making a links page and will be adding your site to it soon. Thanks for such a nice place to read and visit.
Web Site: ~ The Writers Hand ~
Betty PineMonday, 4/30/01, 7:22 AM
Hi Tina, I found you via Joann Rohr's web site links for a lot of ex-Themestream authors. I did start another web site for the alumni and friends of Themestream at a site. I named it Our Meeting Place and it's on I'll send you an invitation to join. What's cool about the site is the members list is easy to see and use, and anyone that is a member can invite anyone they want. That should help in getting a lot of us together at one site. Come and check it out.
From:ex-reject from Themestream
Web Site: Whimsical Review
Joann RohrSunday, 4/29/01, 9:41 AM
Hi Tina! Your pages look just beautiful and so well done. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do. I'll be back for another visit soon. <g>Smiles<g>
Web Site: High Tide Treasures
Tom FoleyFriday, 4/27/01, 9:24 PM
Hi,Tina, what a wonderful surprise to find you up and running.Little by little I'm getting used to this new area of cyberspace where, like Dorothy, I might say "It's okay Toto, but it ain't Kansas."
From:Maine, U.S.A.
Email: item135@megalink. Net
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