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Truman CassadyFriday, 6/12/15, 4:36 PM
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ElizabethTuesday, 7/27/10, 4:20 PM
Amazing resource! Thanks!!!!!!!!
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reneeSaturday, 1/12/08, 2:26 PM
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DianaSaturday, 10/6/07, 3:31 PM
Amazing site! I am currently an AP English student, and I must agree with your view on the classes. The class is meant to improve writing skills, but I feel it is not so. I feel very phony when I have to look in the thesaurus to impress. In fact, the other day an essay of mine was read aloud and complimented in class. It took me quite a while to realize it was mine. Yet afterwards, when I recalled the compliments and played them back in my head, I felt no pride whatsoever because it just wasn't me who had written the essay. It was some bored person trying to impress her teacher and classmates with fancy droning words. So thank you for your site, and here's hoping that it helps me become a better writer. I'd love to switch from writing a story for myself, to writing an essay for class. Without moaning :)
Gary BairdTuesday, 9/18/07, 7:41 AM
I am a veteran English teacher, and I applaud your site. I have recently accepted the department head position, and I will be printing out some of your articles for distribution to my staff. Sincerely, Gary Baird
From:Kokomo, IN
 Saturday, 9/8/07, 1:52 AM
nandhuSaturday, 4/21/07, 2:18 AM
i want 2 share more...about teaching hope u'll write more on that 10nks
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nandhuSaturday, 4/21/07, 2:15 AM
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shaWednesday, 4/11/07, 5:20 AM
Dars V. CabralSunday, 2/25/07, 4:52 PM
I am a College English teacher and I need to learn more about English and Teaching. Your essays are indeed of great value to me in order to improve more on my methodology.
ZoranMonday, 10/23/06, 5:42 AM
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billyFriday, 9/22/06, 10:11 AM
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Spencer HardyThursday, 8/10/06, 5:54 PM
Hello, my name is Spencer Hardy and I am currently enrolled in an AP English Class. This past year I had the same teacher, and I was wondering if her preffered style of writing is the type that I need to be learning. In analyzing poems my fellow students and I must label the phrase from the poem (ex: The simile,"He was like a rock", exemplifies the toughness one needs in life.) I myself retain only the writing style and not the true meaning of the poem.(The goal that is trying to be fulfilled) I do not believe that everyone should be limited to the teacher's preference to receive an A. If you could give me your idea of analyzing poetry I would be very grateful. I believe that your articles cover interesting points, and I commend you for your efforts to allow students to express their individuality in their compositions.
BrentFriday, 7/14/06, 1:10 PM
Thanks for your website. It's very helpful and I appreciate it.
From:Portland, OR, USA
Robyn LantzWednesday, 5/17/06, 11:16 PM
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Maria SantigateSunday, 11/6/05, 4:51 PM
I read your article on penmanship and agree with you. It seems as though most young people print and the reason is they don't know how to properly write script. Maybe the schools can take some of the computer class time to teach children how to write and require they learn it. Thanks for your thoughts.
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Scott FormanTuesday, 8/30/05, 10:20 AM
Love your perspective!
From:Salt Lake City
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MenahemSunday, 8/21/05, 7:10 AM
Tina, I came across your Site when I read your essay on the IP's Site. I found it to be a paen to student responsibility, in an age where there is very little. Thanks for an excellent reading experience.
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Mel J. NowakSaturday, 5/28/05, 9:55 AM
I found your website while doing research on teachers for a screenplay I am writing... I graduated from KU, and it was nice to visit your site. It is very helpful and fun to read... Thanks again!
From:Los Angeles, CA
Roberto SassoMonday, 5/23/05, 12:52 AM
I was directed to this website by Kaplan University for my English Composition II class. Thanks for making it user friendly in allowing me to view this site. I was of great help to me. Roberto
From:Miami, Florida
dharmendraWednesday, 3/16/05, 12:03 PM
very good site to learn basics of grammer
 Monday, 2/7/05, 10:27 AM
RachelMonday, 2/7/05, 10:25 AM
angelaThursday, 12/9/04, 5:51 AM
Continued from below.....Radimetric dating assumes that there has been no atomic loss - it assumes that decay rates have remained constant - it assumes the original composition - and it has been known to produce wildly inaccurate results on rocks of KNOWN age. Plus, the technology has only been in use for 100 years. Do you notice the trend of ASSUMPTIONS here? The Cambrian explosion is another blow that cannot be readily explained by evolutionists - it has them baffled. The "links" that they assert are "found" are mostly comprised of two or three small bones, which they render "artistically" to fit where they think the specimen should be. Birds from dinosaurs causes another problem - their biology is different! Their lungs are not even similar. Could there at one time have been a bird that was fully bird but still had teeth? Yes! It doesn't mean that one came from the other! As far as logic goes, I will let you figure this obvious fallacy out on your own. Also, similarities in DNA are actually better accounted for by YECists that evolutioninists. While they say that there is only a 6% difference in DNA, that seems so minute - but they do not tell you that that 6% is enough information to fill volumes of encyclopedias! A common creator is a valid explanation - a signature of his artistry. But it all boils down to the burden of proof - the burden of proof is on the evolutionist - and they have failed to make a theory that is falsifiable. They start with a premise (the majority being materialists) - and their premise is that there is no creator. It is a belief system, and it is unproven. When I worte on this subject, I made sure that I had the facts. Please do the same before you write anything else on the subject and post it on the web for the uninformed to read.
angelaThursday, 12/9/04, 5:49 AM
Scopes Revisited Having taken college courses that cover both an evolutionary framework and a creation science framework, I was appalled by the biased misinformation in your article. At the seat of your bias is a genetic fallacy. In argumentation, a genetic fallacy is one in which you assert that the origin of a belief is sufficient reason to dismiss the justification for the belief. However, the origin of a belief has no relationship to the truth of a claim. You assume that since a young earth creationist begins with the Bible as a timeline, that their scientific justification is untrue. This is a genetic fallacy - an error in reasoning. You further state that "Explanations about ice ages, continent formation, and other aspects of geological development have no place in young-earth creationism." This is completely untrue. In fact, the scientific framework for young earth creationism has more accurate predictions for all that you have listed than does "evolution". Notice I called evolution a framework. It is not an elegant theory, no matter who believes it. Why? Because it is NOT falsifiable. It is made of many ASSUMPTIONS that cannot be proven or even tested, because "origin science" is different than "operational science". Operational science is in the here and now and can be observed. Origin science must assume the conditions of the early earth - those conditions cannot be recreated. An evolutionary framework that excludes the possibility of a creator must also account for the first spark of life. The law of biogenesis (notice I said law) says that life comes only from life. Even if a scientist were to create life from nonlife in a test-tube, there is no guarantee that the environment is the same and there is one more fundamental problem - it would have been made by an intelligent "creator" who established the conditions. It would NOT have been made by "chance". An evolutionary framework that excludes the possibility of a creator must also account for entropy and the gain in genetic information required for macroevolution. Macroevolution (not micro, which is also embraced by young earth creationists) is not possible in a system where order decreases (2nd law of thermodynamics) and where there has never been a demonstrated INCREASE in genetic information (only losses that result from mutation). In a recent interview I had with a Ph.D. evolutionist, he refused to speculate on that first spark of life. It is a question that many of the same have called "beyond the scope of science." But for a materialist to assert there is no god, they base their assumptions on their philosophies - their belief systems - not proven scientific methods. Also, this same evolutionist dismissed a 5-time Nobel Prize nominee who has been called the "third most cited chemist in the world" as being "not reputable" in the feild of science just because he is a creationist! Amazingly subjective reasoning from a man who holds himself out to be a scientist.... You need to understand that there are many things than an evolutionary framework cannot explain but evolutionists brush these away, despite the fact that young earth creationists can readily account for them. For example, polystrate fossils. The evolutionists say it is localized flooding - but who is to say that all fossils were not due to "localized flooding"? CS does have an explination for these. Another example is the age of the rocks. They date the rocks by the fossils and the fossils by the rocks - this is circular reasoning and has no place in science. Radimetric dating assumes that there has been no atomic loss - it assumes that decay rates have remained constant - it assumes the original composition - and it has been known to produce wildly inaccurate results on rocks of KNOWN
oum touckSaturday, 10/30/04, 3:44 AM
I'm an English teacher who would like to keep in touch with daily language information and I think this forum can help.
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Dick BeldinFriday, 8/27/04, 9:15 AM
I have enjoyed your comments, mainly via Mark Shapiro's newsletter. Keep up the good work.
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Bob HarperMonday, 8/9/04, 2:55 PM
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ElgunWednesday, 7/14/04, 3:44 AM
Iam english learner. I want to learn english
Keith AlexanderMonday, 5/24/04, 6:21 PM
*Very* entertaining, informative site!
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KentTuesday, 3/30/04, 6:46 PM
I don´t know how I got here but here I am.
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Martha BTuesday, 3/9/04, 3:18 PM
I loved your article about the self centered, poor performing student in your college class. You described many of my high school students to a t.
From:St. Louis, MO
 Saturday, 1/24/04, 7:27 AM
angelaFriday, 1/23/04, 4:58 PM
I doing research for my comp2 class and they recommended this site. Thank You
Beth A. CahillSaturday, 11/8/03, 3:29 PM
I'm always looking for great teaching ideas or to exchange with other educators and I especially liked your article "You Cannot Teach Writing by the Numbers."
From:Fairfax, VA
Carl GrollerWednesday, 10/8/03, 10:47 PM
yeo khirn hupWednesday, 9/10/03, 1:10 AM
Greetings from Singapore. Great collection of sites for English teachers and all other teachers. Keep up the excellent work!
John ClossSunday, 9/7/03, 7:16 AM
Annejeanette WootenWednesday, 7/30/03, 4:34 PM
Nice website. Please feel free to visit our school on the web at the lisitng above. Have a great school year.
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 Friday, 7/25/03, 3:19 PM
 Friday, 7/25/03, 3:19 PM
Erik DeckersMonday, 5/19/03, 9:47 AM
Found your commentary on the Irascible Professor's website, and thought I'd stop by for a visit. Nice site.
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J. Dirk NelsonTuesday, 3/18/03, 10:55 AM
From:LeTourneau University
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Jill Barker (nee Newman)Tuesday, 1/21/03, 12:09 PM
Hello - stumbled across your website(s) via Morality Plays, which are a special interest of mine. - Keep up the good work. Interesting and thought-provoking websites are surprisingly few. I too am a teacher of English - and, through that, of careful thinking and self-knowledge, I hope. I began in Australia, but have lived and worked in the UK now for over 25 years. Best wishes Jill
güler tuncaTuesday, 1/14/03, 4:23 AM
Irene Gemina UntalanSaturday, 6/29/02, 11:10 PM
Im so interested in your colum,about grammar so please send some point to ponder
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