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Marci Wilson-KapaanWednesday, 10/9/13, 3:54 AM
Missing and deceased and are and will remain in our prayers. God bless you all.
From:Kokomo, Indiana
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Vanissia WilsonTuesday, 1/1/13, 4:26 PM
Another year has gone by without my wonderful son Keith Cauley. It has been 12 1/2 years since someone took his life and it still seems like yesterday. I often wonder what kind of daddy he would have been. He was so giving and kindhearted I know he would have been a good father. Life is still hard without him. Love Mom Vanissia Wilson
From:Jacksonville, Fl
JamesMonday, 5/7/12, 8:09 AM
ASKANDSOLVED.COM We can often find Missing Children anywhere in the world with our advanced research method. FREE ADVICE ask us to-day by email.
Web Site: We help finding missing children anywhere in the world
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amy danielWednesday, 11/30/11, 8:31 PM
my nephew is austin gage kight. keith cauley was his biological father. im sorry keith could not be here to see my sisters child to grow up to be the wonderful little man that he has become!
From:jacksonville fla.
Web Site: carol james
ISELATuesday, 7/15/08, 10:56 AM
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lisa bouchardTuesday, 12/18/07, 10:02 AM
May we all have faith in God to have the hope to bring our loved ones home. May God Bless All who is missing and bring them home to saftey.
From:new york
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vanissiaSunday, 9/30/07, 8:37 PM
hi Linda,this is Vanissia.I have been thinking of you.I was writing to Keith in the obituitary and thought of your loving Tina and wanted to see how you were new number is 904-527-3459.hope you and your family are doing fine. love Vanissia
AbileneTuesday, 4/24/07, 2:50 PM
My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of their missing loved ones. I pray for them. I am sorry to hear about whats been happening and hope that we can put a stop to all this. God bless them. <img src=
From:Hawaii USA
Web Site: Abilene's Personal Home On the Web
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tony woodsTuesday, 1/16/07, 6:01 PM
its a good site and thoughtful site
Web Site: leggy
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TAMMIETuesday, 10/17/06, 6:16 PM
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Melody DayThursday, 6/1/06, 2:49 PM
Thank you for all you do for the missing. Keep up the good work. I know firsthand the pain these families are feeling as I am the daughter of missing Cynthia Day.
Web Site: Find Cynthia
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nancy rWednesday, 5/10/06, 4:08 AM
missing from Bear Valley CA 12 21 2005 Kurt <Curtis> Micheal Leblanc dob 7 27 1971 5 10 Dark hair green eyes 130 lbs case # 05/1348 Alpine co Ca DLN/ID 4100334694 NV Ski instrutor @ Bear Valley Ski Lodge BV,CA ,uniform in locker finished work on 12 21 05 Wed. lived at fathers condo in Bear Valley, last talked to Kurt 12 20 05, father contacted me 12 27 05 to speak with Kurt. Richard LeBlanc spent every weekend at the condo somethings missing, Thursday and Friday 12 22 and 12 23 , the family was looking forward to Christmas, please send papers to fill out to Nancy Rowe 4660 Koval Lane 26c Las Vegas NV 89109 thank you nancy r
From:las vegas nv
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WendySaturday, 5/6/06, 12:20 PM
Just to say that you and your family, and the families of missing loved ones are constantly in my thoughts and prayers - May the days be lighter and the weeks make you stronger. Your friend in Australia
Web Site: Woo's Wonder World of Pooh
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AbileneThursday, 4/27/06, 5:29 PM
I think that what you do for the families of the lost loved ones is great. They need all the help they can get to go through with what they have. We can just pray that they're okay. God bless them and you!
From:Hawaii USA
Web Site: Abilene's Personal Home On the Web
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Nancy MorganThursday, 4/6/06, 6:15 PM
Hello to Everyone. My name is Nancy. I am a family advocate for two Endangerd Missing Adults Cold Cases in Georgia. Stephen M. Lankester Cox and Clyde Daniel Stewart, (Cowboy). I am very new at being an Family Advocate: newbie, green, and my first two cases. I certainly welcome any and all advice on how to be a good advocate if anyone has anything to share. I don't know my power or resources or what exactly is expected of me, so I am learning as I go. I know I will not give up on these two boys, until we find them though. I have stepped on alot of authorities toes, trying to help these families, and made alot of them mad. But people keep telling me, to keep on going, so that is what I am doing. If I can be of any service to any others, please feel free to contact me at If you just need to vent or talk, or if there is someway I can help you, I will. My Prayer: Dear God: please help each and everyone of us that is having to endure a missing family member to have the strength to have faith that you will bring our missing loved one home soon, and help us realize you are in charge and have everything under control, when we loose all our wits about us. Please give us the peace we need in our hearts to be patient until your will is done. In Jesus Name we pray. AMEN.
From:Smyrna, Georgia
Web Site: not sure yet, just starting bldg.
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Nancy FreneireWednesday, 3/29/06, 6:14 PM
I wrote in before and my email address changed, but I want to say that all the organizations out there are the greatest resource to helping find missing loved ones. Keep up the good work in spreading the word. I have been doing the same.
From:Staten Island
Web Site: Missing Family Member
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Marie aka "hugbearu2Sunday, 3/26/06, 9:18 PM
Just trying to get around to all my friends and invite you to see my sites esp the Missing Children pages. All my prayers and hugs Give someone a hug today.
Web Site: Welcome Home 2
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Adrian SaracenoSunday, 3/26/06, 3:45 PM
Hello, Hold these people close to your heart they are still here and will be one day again when we all wake up from a bad dream. Please be strong in all this time nothing in life is fair and yet only some things can be fair. Love Adrian S.
From:Malden Massachusetts
Karen AdamsSunday, 3/19/06, 7:39 AM
What an awesome site!I will be putting a banner on my site soon. Very well done and it fills a need for the families of these children. God Bless.
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emilyMonday, 2/27/06, 9:36 AM
its really sad how somany people are missing and i really want to try and help them.
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Alexander DerewitzSunday, 2/12/06, 1:00 PM
From:Detroit Mich
NancySunday, 1/29/06, 1:56 PM
I am glad there are websites like yours that are willing to help families like mine find our lost love ones.Keep up the good work!! God Bless You
From:Staten Island
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BRENDA MANZFriday, 8/19/05, 2:41 PM
Tina, this is a wonderful resource for all of you. My heart goes out to each of you, as this was my greatest fear when my children were growing up! Please let us know how we can be of help. All of you have my prayers.
JeanMarie RandallSaturday, 7/23/05, 1:07 PM
I lost a son to construction site accident. I at least saw his body. I am soooo sorry for your pain. The unknowing must be unbearable. My prayers for each and every one I saw on your website, they will be etched in my memory. JeanMarie
From:Charlotte NC
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Donna BransonMonday, 7/11/05, 2:10 PM
From:Jacksonville, Fl
Web Site: dbprecious
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BeckyTuesday, 6/28/05, 6:56 PM
I am so sorry for the families who are missing a loved one. That is the worst nightmare possible. I have a son who died 10 years ago, and I have always been thankful to God that I at least know where he is. I pray to God that your loved ones will come home. Love, becky
From:Blue Springs Missouri
Web Site: in memory of david
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HOPEThursday, 6/9/05, 6:12 PM
This site is beautiful and so helpful. You did a great Job. The Lord Bless you. Lord I pray that eyes will come here and see the missing and pass the site link on, and for comfort for the families who are hurting. I am linking your site to mine. Peace be with you, Hope
Web Site: Precious Ones
AngelThursday, 6/9/05, 5:24 PM
My heart breaks at the mass amount of children and adults that are missing across the country. My continued prayers are with you all that your loved ones will be found and returned safely unto you. God Bless you all. Feel to come to our Forum and post any information about a love one you may have that is missing so we can pass the information along and keep their faces out there to be seen.
Web Site: Missing
Doreena JavinsThursday, 5/26/05, 7:54 PM
Our son, Scott, has been missing for 3 years as of May 24. He was 20 years old at the time of his dissappearance. He was driving a new 2002 Honda Civic SI, silver in color. He is our only child. We have not found him or the car. It has been a long 3 years not knowing what has happened to Scott. We are not giving up hope that someday he will come home, until then we keep searching for him and his car.
From:Terre Haute, IN
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Marie Cl-hugbearu2Saturday, 5/14/05, 1:45 PM
I thank God have not lost anybody but I do like to help. I placed your Newsletter in my next News hope this will help. I am also adding your banners with link to my banner page: all my love hugs Give someone a hug today.
From:Ladysmith, B.C. Canada
Web Site: Welcome Home
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Alma RhodesFriday, 5/13/05, 7:03 AM
I,m searching for my 9yr.old grandson.His name is Benjamin D.Rhodes.He has been missing since March,11,05.His mother pulled him out of school in Van Wert,Oh.and left the state with him.he stands about 4"6,has blond hair,blue eyes,wears thick glasses.My son is to be getting visitation with him every other wk.end and pays childsupport every wk.My grandson,s DOB is,1/26/96,his social security,276-98-3206.His mothers name is Brenda Kae Linser.Her social security,304-84-2341.Their last known address was 232 N.Race St.Van Wert,Oh.45891.They no longer reside their,have fled the state with my grandson.The law is doing nothing to help.They claim since she has custody,she can leave the state without the courts permission and fathers permission.My grandson isn,t in school anywhere cause his school records were transferred to the Van Wert Superintendants Office in Van Wert Co.The school he attended they only hold the records for so long,then have them transferred to the Superintendents Office when they hear nothing from the parents.My huisband and I are on a fixed income,we don,t have the money for Atty,s.So we have friends who are helping that have computers in getting us help by placing this in missing childrens sites hoping somebody can help locate our grandson.Any help will be greatly appreciated.If anyone has any information on the where abouts of our grandson,please contact us immediately.Thank You,Roger&Alma Rhodes,204 N.Main St.Grover Hill,Oh.45849.
From:Grover Hill,Oh.
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pamela haggansSaturday, 5/7/05, 7:22 PM
we want to help and will be thinking of all the people that we need to bring them home very soon
From:jacksonville florida duval county
Web Site: girlscout of amrica
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John TrujilloMonday, 4/11/05, 4:53 AM
Beautiful Site. Thank you FOMLO
From:Albuquerque, NM
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rissThursday, 3/17/05, 9:14 AM
I try to keep up to date on missing persons in florida, so i can keep an eye out. I wish more people would. my heart goes out to all the families.
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Myrtis OldsWednesday, 12/8/04, 7:51 PM
This is a lovely web site. I'm sure the families of missing persons appreciate it. As soon as we can structure a photo of our missing daughter we will post it on your web site. Thank you!
From:Omaha, NE
Web Site: Bracston Olds
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AbikeeTuesday, 12/7/04, 12:50 PM
I feel very sorry for the families of the people that are missing or lost. Its very tragic when things like this happen, but I pray for them.
From:Kailua-Kona, Hawaii USA
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MelindaMonday, 11/29/04, 12:14 PM
My thoughts and prayers go out to the thousands of families and friends of missing person(s). Although I've never been through something like this, I know it must be devastating. All of the persons listed on the site along with their family & friends will be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.
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Denise ClarkSaturday, 10/9/04, 3:14 PM
This is a Wonderful Site, Although I have not endured the pain of having a missing loved one this site has touched my heart and I most definitel;y will link it off my site and hope many more will do the same. What a wonderful service to these families. Thank you and May God send these precious Missing friends and family members Home!!
From:Columbus, Ohio
Web Site: A Journey Through Life
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Bill J. HebrockSunday, 10/3/04, 6:05 PM
Hello, folks. I was just seaching on the Internet for items including my name and found your site! I serve on the FDLE's Florida Missing Children's Advisory Board and have been its chairman for about the last 7 years. I hope you plan to attend the 2005 Florida Missing Children's Day ceremonies. The event was postponed this year due to the hurricanes and will be held in mid-November, 2005 instead. Bill Hebrock
Web Site: Hebrock Steiner McLaughlin Bartlett
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KayMonday, 9/27/04, 10:28 PM
God bless and keep you all. I have no idea of the pain you are going through. I pray to God I never do, but my heart goes out to each one of you. May the Lord keep you strong and in peace until you see your loved ones again.
From:Quitman, Texas
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BeverlySunday, 9/26/04, 10:32 PM
I am so happy that people are helping people, by words or pray, or what ever the lord lays on their heart , to be of help. I pray that all people that are missing will have angels around them , and that satan be bound and his demons from bringing harm. I pray these people are sent back to their familes and loved ones. Help us all Lord I pray, in Christ Name Amen
Web Site: Bev-T-Boo's What and Where Stories, and This and That
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Marie Cl-hugbearu2Wednesday, 8/25/04, 1:41 AM
I wanted to give you some flowers and a card here for your Anniversary but I guess i just hd to email them. God bless you and yours. your friend hugs Give someone a hug today.
From:Ladysmith, BC Canada
Web Site: Welcome Home
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Karen SharpeTuesday, 8/24/04, 10:58 PM
My brother's birthday was August 21st.He would have been 48 yrs. old.He was missing for over 6 years.Last year on January 7th,I found out that my precious brother was found frozen to death.It has been so hard to accept what the police and medical examiner had to say about it.His name was Billy Bishop.I know the pain when your loved one is missing and the awful pain when they are found.I love him so much.
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Karen SharpeTuesday, 8/24/04, 10:53 PM
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Brenda ManzThursday, 8/12/04, 12:43 PM
My thoughts and prayers are with each of these families. This is a parent's greatest nightmare. My son died 12 years ago at the age of 17. I pray that your loved ones will be located. Sending Hugs & Sunshine from my Heart to Yours, mom to Nathan, forever 17.
From:Charlotte, NC
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patricia grissoSaturday, 7/24/04, 9:27 PM
Now dont get excited because maybe I'm a little crazy but there is I believe to be a serial killer from Juarez, Mexico in Florida as we speak. I have been tracking him for months now. His name is Pedro Padilla Flores and he is currently wanted by Mexico officials for questioning in the deaths of several people in Juarez, Mexico. Mexican officials say that he is from the U.S. with family in Juarez. He is a Norte Americano. Just be aware that this creep is out there. He may have killed my boyfriend although we can not seem to find his body in Juarez. I have been looking for Billy now for two years. He went to Juarez and never returned although four months ago Mexican officials did find his pickup. Just be aware.
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Dianne HughesTuesday, 6/29/04, 4:44 AM
This is such a sad thing to acknowlage,that there are people out there,maybe even my dam neighbours! that do this to other people. those children where ever you are, my heart goes out to you and your familys. why is this happening???? So many young ones, I am realy upset, I had no idea that many young children went missing!Where do they go? They dont just vanish into the mist of nowhere land. They are somewhere, why cant we find them!!!!!I have 5 children, and this just breaks my heart,
Web Site: starlight family fun
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Donna ThomasTuesday, 6/8/04, 5:27 AM
Hi my name is Donna and i would like to help and maybe you can help me i have a web site comming out its half up now and we deicatied to help missing ,and metaly, pysicaliy, and sexual abused women and children and we will help Runnaways and pow's and there family's i took a button so i could put it in my site maybe you will do the same and link to us please let us help if we can thank you Love&Light Donna
Web Site: Sky's Light
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tammy farnhamSaturday, 6/5/04, 7:41 PM
my neice has been missing since memorial day weekend. my sister is concerned that she took off with her boyfriend and never said that she was leaving. know one has heard anything from her.
From:grant ne.
Web Site: 2003@yahoo
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Delaina PetersFriday, 6/4/04, 7:29 AM
I was looking to find a site to talk to other family about a missing loved one, I'm a wife looking for her missing husband his name is raymond peters he has been missing since march 29th over sixty days at this point with no luck from the local police in locating him. I am stir crazy trying to help as much as possible with the search feeling like my hands are tied. Please if you have a link or site address to send to me please do. Thank you for your time. Delaina Peters Muskegon Michigan
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