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Tiffany (murphree) harrisSunday, 1/6/13, 10:21 AM
Traced my ancestry from Daniel in Dublin, to North Carolina, South Carolina, then Alabama.
From:Town Creek, AL
Mark Wesley BufordSaturday, 1/5/13, 3:58 PM
My grandfathers starting with my great grandfather 1 T. Arthur Murphree b. 1879 2. Thomas W. b. 1849 3. Anderson b. 1823 4. Martin b. 1796 5. David b. 1760 6. Daniel b. 1717 7. William (Brother of Daniel who is the father of Colonel William Murfree / murphree)
From:White Hall, Arkansas
Web Site: markbuford1947
Eva Ruth Murphree ReidFriday, 1/4/13, 3:47 PM
Sonia EasleyThursday, 12/27/12, 2:37 PM
Benjamin and Warham Easley were married to sisters Mary and Mariam Murphree respectively -daughters of Solomon Murphree and Martha Bynum. They all moved together from the Carolinas to TN after 1810 but before 1812. See website: and html
From:Prescott, AZ
Web Site: Easley Genealogy
cassie murphree freeThursday, 12/6/12, 6:12 AM
How do I go about getting a copy of every thing on this site?
Annie Jean Murphree, Gasbarri.Tuesday, 11/27/12, 8:08 AM
Thank you for this web site. i am the gggrandaughter of Daniel Murphree, Daughter of Ellis Murphree and Lorena Mccay Murphree of Blount and St Clair county Ala.After my mother died in the 40's i lived with my aunt Lucybelle George in Springville Then my father uprooted me and my sister Virginia.( who lived with my aunt Lizzie Reeves at whitney) then moved to Calif.
From:Gallant, Alabama.
Karmen Keller DosserMonday, 11/26/12, 8:07 AM
How do I have an entry corrected on this site? My dad's name was Carlos Don (Not Donald) Keller. He was the son of Eunice Huey Keller and Carl Pendleton Keller from Snyder, Texas in Scurry County.
From:Woodville, Texas
Athelia GibbsMonday, 11/12/12, 5:42 PM
My husband is a descendant of Daniel Murphree and his information in the database is wrong. How do I get this corrected?
From:Eva, Alabama
Danny McHaleWednesday, 11/7/12, 7:10 AM
Descended from Daniel's son, William Murphree.
Linda Murphree RutemeyerSaturday, 9/29/12, 6:48 PM
My great grandfather's name was Joseph Patrick Murphree of Decatur AL
From:chattanooga tn
Email: ;
Sonya Neal MurphreeSunday, 9/23/12, 4:22 PM
My late husband was Edward William Murphree, III. Hewas a descendant of Daniel Murphree.
From:Montgomery, Alabama
Edith Clayton JonesSaturday, 9/22/12, 4:30 PM
Just wondering why this website apparently has not been updated since 2007 or 2009?
From:Ten Mile, TN 37880
Danielle Murphree McNeelyWednesday, 9/12/12, 1:44 PM
Thank You for Providing me and my Family with this information little is know of my fathers side of my family. All we know is we are from Daniel.
From:Birmingham, Al
Gerald Lynn MurphreeSunday, 9/2/12, 8:23 AM
From:Dallas, Texas
Diane Young GipsonWednesday, 8/29/12, 8:47 AM
From:blount county alabama
Web Site: dianegipson65
Brandon FranklinSunday, 8/19/12, 6:39 PM
Strangely enough, I discovered this site looking for more information on my other ancestor, Capt. Daniel Little, Esq of Salisbury, NC Several surnames also belong in that tree like, Bruce and Cearley. It would be interesting if Bruce in this tree is the same Bruce from Scottish royalty!
From:CA, USA
Edith Murphree KingWednesday, 8/15/12, 6:09 PM
From:Blount County Alabama
Jason Thomas MurphreeSunday, 8/12/12, 8:30 PM
Glad I found this site. I am the Grand Son of CR Murphree from Summit. I just started looking into the ancestery. I am pretty sure I can trace back to Daniel but I have not confirmed all the information yet
From:Huntsville Alabama
Emma HoveyTuesday, 7/17/12, 3:48 AM
I am the great great grandaughter of Roland Murphree and great grandaughter of James Albert Murphree. My grandmother was Polina Murphree married Bud Langham
Mary Morrison StittWednesday, 7/11/12, 1:50 PM
Just received the latest Murphree newsletter and am interested in more information about the Murphree's in Hickman County, Tn.
From:Arlington Heights, Il.
Verne Gravley ClubbSaturday, 7/7/12, 7:51 AM
I am descended from Murphrees thru Rebecca (dau of Moses) who married William B. Nix, their dau Eleanor who married Asa Patterson, dau Jestina Patterson who married my g grandfather Edward Hope Galloway.
From:Easley, Pickens Cnty, SC
Naomi FurrWednesday, 6/20/12, 3:29 PM
My Dad is from Oneonta, in Blount County, Alabama. He met my Mom while he was stationed in Virginia in the Army and they settled here. He was Verlin Adus Allman only child of Dwight L. Moody Allman and Clarice Luvenia Murphree. They died when he was young and he was raised by Clarice's parents Luther and Dona Murphree.
Laura J. Bowernan MinotTuesday, 6/19/12, 7:19 AM
I am related to the Murphrees who settled in Blount County, Alabama. I lived in Blount County untill I graduated from J. B. Pennington High in 1951. I have done some research and enjoy it when I can connect with someone and can say "We must be cousins".
From:Rockledge, Florida
william c. murphreeSunday, 6/17/12, 12:09 PM
Years ago my father attended meetings of a Murphree geneological society in Mississippi. Is that organization still active?
From:tupelo, ms
Dean MurphreeSunday, 6/10/12, 10:25 PM
Proud to be a Murphree; LOVE to all the Murphree family!
From:Tehacapi, CA
Marilyn DicksonTuesday, 6/5/12, 3:32 PM
From:West Memphis, Arkansas
Emmalyn Murphree SmithSunday, 5/20/12, 5:38 PM
Cynthia Massey RushingSaturday, 5/19/12, 7:12 PM
From:Birmingham, AL
Ronda DyeSunday, 5/6/12, 2:08 PM
I am pleased to find another connection to Ireland. I could give you some updated information on my immediate family.
Emily PenningtonFriday, 5/4/12, 1:51 AM
My gg-grandmother was Sarah Nations, daughter of Daniel Nations. She was born in Mississippi in 1845 and is buried in Cleveland County, AR where my great Aunt and family are buried. She married George W. Nelson and had seven children. My Great Grandfather, Ervin D. was one of them. I have seen her father Daniel's information listed as Daniel Nelson Nations and Daniel W. Nations. My family connects to the Vickery and Murphree families through marriage. Thank you in advance for your help.
Pam (Trent-Malloy) PettittTuesday, 5/1/12, 5:45 PM
Ida Robison Malloy is my mothers grandmother. Her name was Ola Faye Malloy Trent and she still resides in Stratford Oklahoma.
From:Sulphur and Stratford, Okahoma
Donald OwensFriday, 4/13/12, 10:24 AM
From:Laguna Niguel, CA
Ruth Murphree ReidThursday, 4/5/12, 1:43 PM
From:New Port Richey, FL
Joan MurphreeThursday, 3/29/12, 9:12 AM
From:Benton Louisiana
Robert (Keith) MurphreeTuesday, 3/27/12, 1:58 PM
From:Enid, MS
Donna WhiteMonday, 3/26/12, 3:16 PM
My mother was Martha Susan (Sue) Murphree. She was born in 1918 in Rives, Tn. to Davis Lowe Murphree ("Uncle Boss") and Margaret Jane King Murphree ("Aunt Jenny"). Both of my grandparents passed away in the 1950's and are buried at Cane Creek Cemetary at Rives, Tn. There were also two sons, Wallace and Dallas. They are also buried at Cane Creek. My grandfather had brothers & sisters around Humphreys Co., Tn. Would love to know more about the "Murphrees".
From:Courtland, MS
Web Site: Donna White
Jennifer WIlburnSunday, 3/18/12, 10:36 AM
My maiden name is Murphree
Web Site: Jennifer WIlburn
Cathy Lee PerezSaturday, 3/17/12, 11:04 AM
Here is my line..great to see a site to research family origins. Thanks. *1093. Mattie Staton 1 (Martha "Patsy" Murphree , Daniel , Solomon L. , Daniel ). Dad¿s Grandmother on his mother¿s side Mattie married David Hopson- They had Addie Hopson * Dad¿s Mom Addie married Claud Lee * Dad¿s Dad They had Charles C Lee b 1918, AL Married Leanoria B. Huie b 1932 AR Children Cathy A Lee b 1956 CA- This is Me! Barbara D Lee b 1959 CA Samuel D Lee. B 1966 CA
From:California, USA
Cathy Lee PerezFriday, 3/16/12, 5:11 PM
I am a descendent of Daniel Murphy and Sarah Dempsey. I have my line traced back to them.
From:California, USA
aubrey dale carterSunday, 3/11/12, 1:05 PM
My fathers mother was a daughter of Thomas Murphree,of Troy, Alabama. She was Catherine Murphree that married Charles Carter, my grandfather.
From:S. Central Alabama, Troy, Al.
Yvonne GefrichMonday, 3/5/12, 7:06 PM
There are Murphrees on both sides of my family (my mother's and father's.
From:Huntsville, AL
Verna Conn PittsMonday, 3/5/12, 4:16 PM
From:Cullman ALabama
Web Site: Verna Pitts
Thomas MurphreeFriday, 3/2/12, 7:08 PM
From:Elm Grove. LA
Gary McCorcleWednesday, 2/29/12, 5:52 PM
Hi cousin, I am a 6th Grandson to Daniel Murphree (1717-1771) by right of Sarah Rebecca Murphree who was my Great Grandmother on my mothers side of the family. Great Web Site! Keep up the good work. Best Regards, Gary
From:Odessa. TX
Web Site: Descendants of John McCorkle and Margaret Evans
John E CrowSunday, 2/26/12, 12:36 PM
My mother's maiden name was Murphree. Her fathers name was Martin Lafeyette Murphree, He was born in Mississippi about 1858 died in Texas buried in Rock Hill 1918.
From:Palacios, Texas
Diane French McGrawSunday, 2/19/12, 5:33 PM
Matilda Murphree was my great-great-great grandmother. David Murphree and Jemima Cornelius were her parents.
From:Sugar Land, TX
Don RogersSaturday, 1/14/12, 8:45 PM
From:St. Louis, Mo.
Gary Owen MurphreeThursday, 1/12/12, 1:04 PM
I find information entered up to my fathers birth, Lewis E. Murphree, son of David Levi Murphree. I would like very much to update our records to show his children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. Please let me know how I might accomplish this. With regards, Gary Murphree
From:Cookeville, Tn.
Janice Warren CurottWednesday, 1/11/12, 12:31 PM
(Myself) Janice Warren Curott, Daisy Fite Warren, Sallie Josephine Murphree Fite, James Daniel Murphree, Charles Stephen Murphree, Daniel Murphree, Levi Murphree, Daniel Murphree
From:Florence, AL
Vicki Murphree BoothWednesday, 12/7/11, 7:44 PM
From:Oakdale, La
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