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Johanna LunaSaturday, 1/18/14, 11:56 AM
I loooooove this band. Listen to their music every day and love their passion for God.
From:Dominican Republic
Web Site: FB
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Leap of faith
EvaWednesday, 1/4/12, 6:49 AM
I love you guys so much !!! You are the best band ever !!! I love your songs and I never get bored of hearing them!!! I do not believe that i could live without your music !!! I overheard one of your songs on YouTube(Whatever you doing ) and I start searching for more songs of you !! I love all your songs and i love you so much !!! Please come to Greece!!!! Love You!!!
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Whatever You Doing
JoyTuesday, 8/3/10, 1:38 AM
Great Site! Love it! Love the music! But, why did they call themselves Sactus Real?
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  These things take time
RoseTuesday, 6/8/10, 8:57 PM
Wow. I have been to this site so many times, I can't believe I never saw this! Ya'll otta come to Sacto sometime. Thank you so much for your MINISTRY! Sanctus Real has blessed me and my family incredibly. I can't say thank you enough. Seriously.
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Um, all of 'em?!
Stacy MedinaThursday, 5/13/10, 9:27 AM
Keep up the great work. Keep spreading the love!!!
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  The face of love
Thomas RileyThursday, 4/8/10, 1:46 PM
Sanctus Real is the greatest band I have ever heard, christian or secular, they are the best.
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  'Til I Got to Know You
TimFriday, 1/29/10, 9:20 PM
Im working a Chrysalis in two weeks and was wondering where I could get that video or where to download it from so I could use it for this Chrysalis walk. I think it would be great. I hope you can help.
From:Washington Indiana
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Im not alright
Elvira ReyesTuesday, 11/24/09, 12:05 PM
From:Weslaco, Texas
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Closer
Glenn GottlobThursday, 11/20/08, 9:47 PM
I discovered this band through a friend of mine. We both got into Christian rock and Christian hiphop after falling out of listening to just plain hip hop and rock. I hope to someday meet these guys. I met alot of famous entertainers because I am a reserve police officer. And when they come to Ogden Utah, I usually get to meet them. I just wish some Christian rock bands would come through. LOL!
From:Ogden, Utah
Web Site: myspace
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Everything about you
Lauren DanaeMonday, 7/14/08, 11:51 PM
I Love You Guys!100 times better in concert= ) God Bless! Lauren
From:Lubbock, Texas
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Whatever You're Doing
cadieSunday, 5/25/08, 7:02 PM
I just LOVE sanctus real y'all are GREAT!, i LOVE you're music its very upbringing and i just LOVE it :)
From:San Bernardino ca
Web Site: cadie
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Legacy
HannahMonday, 4/21/08, 7:37 PM
These guys are amazing. I've seen them three times already and they just keep getting better. Keep rocking :]
From:New Jersey
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  We Need Each Other
beckyFriday, 3/21/08, 8:48 AM
I absolutely love Sanctus Real! They rock! They have been the only thing I've been listening to for so long! My iPod is on shuffle for JUST them. They rock. Keep it up guys!
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Eternal
AnnaLauraSunday, 1/20/08, 1:04 PM
I UMMM LOVE YOUR MUSIC SO MUCH!!!!!! You are an amazing band! Can't wait to hear your new songs!
PJTuesday, 1/15/08, 5:49 AM
Sanctus Real is the most Panda-riffic (i claim all rights over the word panda-riffic, please don't use it... i made it up... its mine) band EVER!!! They rock my shoes to Jupiter and back! btw this Sanctiods site rock hard too! =^.^=! I remember my 1st Sanctus concert and it was AMAZING... i Remember the Afters opened up for them, (the afters rock!) and i was standing right by the speakers, and by time Sanctus was on, my ears should've been bleeding, (but my friends and i are so hardcore that they didnt) and then somthing happened to the Bass Guitar, and it got REALLY LOUD at one point, and so when the chord was struck, we nearly toppled over from the force from the speakers! lol! tons-o-fun! that was the best concert i ever went too!
From:(not avalible for certian reasons... but technically, I'm from God...)
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  I love You and Say Goodbye.
Kathy ReyesWednesday, 10/10/07, 12:54 PM
Persistence is the key! Wrap yourselves w/ God's armor always! Thank you for all your sincere songs. They really help. I won't say "God bless you" because you're already blessed, but "God keep blessing you!"
From:Colorado Springs, CO
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Everything About You
jordanTuesday, 8/14/07, 3:17 PM
i love sanctus real!!!!they're the bomb diggity fresh!!!!
Web Site: yahoo mail
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  don't give up
John T. Heise "The Dagger"Monday, 7/2/07, 7:19 AM
If you could help me out that would be great! I'm trying to get a message to Mark Graalman to let him know that the interview he did with me at Rainbow Valley Music Festival in Wausau, WI is now up on my site Thanks for your help and I really like your site. The guys were fantastic in concert at Rainbow Valley on June 22nd. God Bless, "The Dagger"
From:Rhinelander, WI
Web Site:
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  I'm not all right
KelseyThursday, 6/7/07, 6:06 AM
Sanctus Real is obviously the best christian band out there. There is no other band that is like them. Not only do they put on an amazing concert and know what good music is, they get deeper than that and reveal how amazing God's love is and why he loves us. They demonstrate that we are so blessed to have a relationship with God and that God gave us eternal life if we believe and trust in Him. Sanctus Real is amazing and I love them!
From:Walkersville, MD
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Possibilities
Paul SanchezSunday, 4/22/07, 2:01 PM
You guys rock. You're my favorite band. I can't wait until your next album comes out. God bless and good luck with the band.
From:Dayton, Oh
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Alone-I'm Not Alright
AmandaThursday, 4/5/07, 7:36 PM
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  hmm.. that's a toughie..probably Nothing to Lose
kayka kamaka thorpeMonday, 1/29/07, 5:04 AM
i really love the band. Im actually going to see them at winter jam 2007 in columbia and im pretty much extremo stoked to see them. i cant wait. They send a positive message and provide teens like me an alternative to secular music. I love to praise god and what better way to do it then to do it while i listen to Sanctus Real? In Christ, Kayla
From:goose creek south carolina
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  face of love
RillaSunday, 12/31/06, 1:18 PM
Greetings Earthlings! I just wanted to say, that I really enjoy this site and I really enjoy Sanctus Real's music.(Keep up the good work!). But I am dissapointed in some of the entries I'm reading. "SANCTUS REAL IS SO HOT!" Uh.....hullo, they're married here! And plus, that isn't the christian thing to say is it? I don't think this is right, and personlay I think it should stop. Rilla
From:The wonderful world of Maine
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Way too many to count. But I think my all time fav is the one that first got me interested in Sanctus, "Closer."
LexiMonday, 12/18/06, 3:46 PM
Cool site, though, being the biggest Sanctus Real fan EVER you didn't tell me anything I didn't already know :-)' But I'm definately a "sanctoid"! These guys are awesome, I got to meet them once, they were SO nice, and their show that day was AMAZING! If you can't get their website to work, you probably have dial-up. They have a lot of cool graphics and things that take FOREVER to load if you don't have DSL. Nothing you can do except access it on a computer with DSL. It's nice though because the guys from Sanctus Real keep it pretty up-to-date.
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  "Eloquent", "We're Trying", "Benjamin", "Everything About You", "Message", "The Show", "Captain's Chair" and every other song by them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BiblefanMaryannTuesday, 12/5/06, 4:07 PM
Cool site! love the music videos, love the music, one of the better kinds of fan website. It's cool to be able to come to this website cuz the official Sanctus site simply doesn't work on my computer! I will have to figure out how to make it work. In the meantime, I will say this: Nice job!
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Closer, Possibilities, The face of love, Say it loud, pretty much anything they've ever made that I've heard
PaulinaTuesday, 12/5/06, 11:43 AM
I love this website you have made a good place.I espiecally like the music videos ; i can't find any good versions of Sanctus Real's song "Say It Loud" on any music video place so you were the place that I could go to that has a good version of the "Say it Loud" video. I went to see Sanctus Real once when they were on tour with Hawk Nelson in 2003 or 2004 i'm not sure which ,but sad to say I wasn't able to get thier autographs and haven't been able to go to any of thier concerts as of late. Well just wanted to say good job on your website.
From:From near Duluth,Minnesota
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  I 'd have to say "Hey Wait" but I love "Everything About You" and "I'm Not Alright" ,but I like all of the songs all the same.
k.kThursday, 10/19/06, 8:33 AM
hi. i just wanted to say that this is an awesome site. i myself am quite a sanctus real fan. i love "i'm not allright." it's pretty much my life in a 4 minute song. but yeah. this is a pretty good site. so yea. God Bless! k.k
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  I'm Not Allright
Anonymous GirlSunday, 9/3/06, 11:34 PM
Awesome group and good website. They are coming to Scottsdale YAY! I live not to far from there so this is so awesome. Am I the only one that noticed Matt Hammitt has a tattoo? I just realized that by looking at a picture of him skateboarding. I never noticed before because he always wears long sleeves. Well anyway, these guys rock along with Switchfoot which is also another good website you have.
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Fly, Every. about U, I'm Not Alright, Closer, Change Me, Hey Wait-- TOO MANY TO COUNT!
VanessaTuesday, 8/22/06, 4:56 PM
I love the song im not allright it compleatly relates to how im felling right now! and say it loud is a great song to rock out to. Hey Matt,Pete,Chris,Dan,and Mark thanks so much for changing my life and thanks so much for keeping it REAL on stage keep rocking my world! Vanessa.
Favorite Sanctus Real song:   im not allright and say it loud
VanesaTuesday, 8/22/06, 4:51 PM
Favorite Sanctus Real song:   im not allright and say it loud
Katie G.Friday, 7/28/06, 8:09 AM
Hey there! This is SUCH an AWESOME site!!! But yeah, Sanctus Real totally rocks, so picking a favorite song was hard, cuz seriously, I like them all! No lie! But yeah, thanks for making this site so totally awesome! Have a great day!!! Your sis in Christ, ..::Katie::.. Acts 20:24 :)
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  I'm not alright or Alone
TeddyWednesday, 7/26/06, 3:45 PM
Okay I've already signed this guestbook, I'm like the third one down, "Sarah." But anyway not my point. Sanctus Real is coming to Maine and I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!! I've been waiting and waiting for them to come to Maine and I never thought they would then one day I was on a Sanctus Real site and just happened to look down at the tour dates and see Bangor Maine! I thought it was a misprint! But it wasn't and another good part about the whole thing the radio station I listen to is the one hosting it! I'm sooooo happy! Thank you SR for coming to "the way life should be!!"
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Do I have to pick just one!? I like Don't Give up, I'm not alright, Closer, Fly, and so many more!!
Alisha HodgesonTuesday, 7/25/06, 7:55 AM
You guys are fantastic! I love all of your songs, especially I'm Not Alright
From:Flint, MI
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  I'm Not Alright
BillySaturday, 6/24/06, 1:30 PM
You guys are awsome!! I saw the show at Kings Dominion back in April. I got a pic of me, my dad, and the band together. I had a lot of fun. You guys need to swing by Virginia Beach sometime. It's hard to find good christian bands with positive lyrics. Well keep rockin' for the Lord!!
From:Virginia Beach, VA
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Say it Load, I'm Not Alright, The Fight Song, and Don't Give Up
SarahTuesday, 5/9/06, 3:08 PM
Hey! I really like Sanctus Real! I enjoy there music and like that it has a positive message! I really like the Sanctoids website as well. I hope Sanctus Real comes to Maine!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been to there concert! But Thank You SR for making really fun music with a positive message!
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  All of them but my all time favorites are: Things Like You, Closer, Deeds, You can't hide, I'm not alright, The Face of Love, Don't Give up, Thank You, Magnetic, Possabilities, and Where we belong!
Sarah BivansSaturday, 4/15/06, 1:56 PM
You guys are great! I saw you guys on Friday Night @ club 3 degrees! you guys were AMAZING!!! i was so impressed by you guys! you all did great ((chris...your my favorite out of the whole group)) haha but have a really really great voice and you guys all look so great up there singing the best songs ever. you filled every ones heads with good thoughts and good information that night. Im proud! I LOVE YOU GUYS! Sanctus Real Rocks!...maybe some time you can send me a free t- shirt. i was gunna buy one at the concert but i didnt have money and i have to save up for a missions trip that im going on to colorado with my church and its 2,000 dollars and i dont have the money to buy a t-shirt. so maybe you can help me..hehe! i really like the bright blue/teal one with the guy and the ballon head...and it says the face of love. so thanks guys! i love you! Sarah Bivans bivans01-AIM AmerEaglePolos-AIM Thank you
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  All of them!!!
WillMonday, 3/13/06, 3:04 PM
You Guys Rock!!
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Say It Loud
KristinThursday, 2/2/06, 11:48 AM
Sanctus Real is my favorite band. I like all of their songs. I can't wait for their new CD to come out!
From:South Carolina
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  I like more than one: Closer, Audience of One, Message, Beautiful Day, and Everything About You
Richard Keller KF4NSTuesday, 1/17/06, 7:32 AM
Please pass to Mark: I just was made aware of your great loss and offer my heartfelt prayers for you and your dad. I met your dad several years ago on a ham radio web site and we communicated too many times to remember. He was the most talented technician and gratious teacher to me and so many others. He knew Heathkit radios like no other. I will miss him greatly, especially due to the fact that I was never able to meet him in person, but I know I will eventually meet him, God willing. I used to rib him about how nice the weather was here, while it was so darn cold in Toledo. I would be so joyed to meet you some time. I will come to Toledo later this year for my 50th Central Catholic High reunion. If you send me your phone number I will call you if you are home at that time. My brother still lives in Toledo, Don Keller. God bless you and keep you, as well as your family and friends. Sincerely, Dick
From:born Toledo, now St Pete, FL
paulTuesday, 1/10/06, 4:43 PM
dude you guys ROCK!!!!! ecspeacially the drummer you guys keep rockin and stay holy for god
From:barbados and canada
Web Site: spike
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  say it loud
sarahSunday, 11/6/05, 1:07 PM
what up santus real?? i whent to your concert in buffelo new six flags!(it was the best concert i ever whent to.....ya. i have 4 brothers.......if you think the guys in eachother are anoining (sp) guys each have 3........ 3 are older than me... Derek(D-ROCK) will turn 20 in february.MATT will turn 18 in febraury. Tim(timmytom)will turn 15 in october. i'll turn 12 this december.....2005..... Sam will be 10 in march....2005... luv ya!!***SANTUS REAL*** YOU ROCK!!! SARAH M. (my nickname is punkey)
From:New York/syracuse
Email: barnabas96
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  say it loud/everything about you
ashley KatulskiWednesday, 10/19/05, 7:28 AM
hey you guys should really look into playin at shoutfest next year its awsopme and youll meet alot of really cool people!
Carly KrumpThursday, 9/22/05, 8:33 AM
Sactus Real is awesome! I still think they should have another concert at appleton alliance church even though i live 3 hours away from there. but i have cousins that live in green bay, so i would go all the way up there and bring my cousins to the concert! ha ha!
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Everything on "Fight the Tide" and I like "Say it Loud" and a few other sogs on "Say it Loud", plus I like the song "Overflow"
PatThursday, 4/21/05, 2:35 PM
Cool site!!Sanctus Real is cool
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Things like you
tylerThursday, 3/24/05, 2:43 PM
Matthew FryFriday, 12/24/04, 12:32 PM
Sanctus Real is my friend and I like it when they sing.
From:The Wrist of Michigan
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  The Fight Song
TiffanyThursday, 12/9/04, 11:43 AM
I am a sanctoid...
Web Site: [acryingshame]
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  It's hard to pick one so i'll just say the one i'm listeing to now... "Things like you"
Gaby.Sunday, 12/5/04, 2:00 AM
i love your songs!!!
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Everything about you
Jeff HulteenSaturday, 11/20/04, 6:42 PM
Wow! Sanctus Real is by-far my favorite band besides Relient K! Matt Hammit is an awesome singer/ song writer! Sanctus Real rocks!
Web Site: huh?
Email: mmhmm
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  The secret track on Say It loud cd and Change me
CoriSaturday, 9/18/04, 4:23 PM
This site rocks! I love all your band sites. Rock out!
Email: gooberwog
Favorite Sanctus Real song:  Say It Loud
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