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Danielle O'DonoghueTuesday, 7/21/15, 10:44 AM
I have just watched your daughters story on TV and wanted to just write to say I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Sending love from Ireland xxx
From:Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ireland
rebeccaWednesday, 7/27/05, 8:57 PM
I just wanted to say that my heart is saddened by the loss of this young woman, Tina Marie.I can only imagine the pain that her family and friends have had to endure as a result of her being taken from them. May justice prevail in this terrible crime. And may her family and friends find some comfort in knowing that she is with God In heaven and that they will see her again one fine day. God Bless, Rebecca By the way, I came across this website by accident, as I was looking up info on the singer from the 80's, Tina Marie
From:new york city
DougSaturday, 2/12/05, 10:02 PM
My heart aches for you and your family, You will be in my prayers, Take care of your little one.
Web Site: Lighthouse Apostolic Ministries
jenniferFriday, 8/13/04, 7:14 PM
I am in tears right now. I had followed your story in the news while it was happening. Just recently we lost my sister, 36 unexpectancly...her name was also Tina Marie. The poems were so beutiful and powerful and I hope to one day share them with my mother one day when her pain has lessened, if that is o.k with you.
From:jacksonville, marietta area
JacksonvilleSaturday, 8/7/04, 1:19 PM
Dear Elmer & Linda, I can finally bring myself to sign the guest book her at Tina's website. I can only tell you that God is just and there will be justice for Tina. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.... Lillian
stephen millwardThursday, 4/8/04, 10:26 AM
this is an interesting site. i have a facination with american indians and would like to contact american indians as home address is 8 elmfield road,chesterton,cambridge,england,cb4 1sf.
From:cambridge england
Szakali ZsoltSaturday, 2/21/04, 6:53 PM
ReenySunday, 2/15/04, 11:48 AM
Hi Linda ..Loove this site it is beautiful ..Thank you for sharing it..Reeny Angel Dustin's Mom <center><a href=""><img src=" .jpg"border="0"></a><center>
Web Site: Reeny'sPlace
Tina Marie Carson HartleySaturday, 1/31/04, 10:30 PM
Tina Marie Carson Hartley This is no joke, my name is really Tina Marie. While playing around on my friends PC. I came across this website. After reading about Tina's story, my heart broke for her family and friends. I am a mother of two precious daughters myself. They are 14 & 16. I could not bare the thought of loosing one of them. I can not imagen the pain her parents and family are going through. But I send my love and prayers to Tina, and her family and friends. Just a note about myself: I am 37 years old now. from the age of 15 years till I was 32 years old. I tried killing myself. Friends and family were convinced I would never make it see the age of thirty. Now I can never amagen not being alive. The pain and heatache I must have put my family and through. Now especialy after reading Tina's story and reading the peoms and notes from parents, family and friends, I think about how selfish and selfcentered I have been. Tina didn't have a choise, someone took that choice from her. I thank God every day that I did not seceed in taking my own life. Lina, our precious Lord is watching over your precious daughter TINA MARIE. I'm sending my love to you and your family' Sincerly Your Sister In Christ Tina Marie Carson Hartley.
From:Jackson MS.
willWednesday, 1/14/04, 3:56 PM
the pictures are great i loved them.
From:taos pueblo, New Mexico
Jeannie BrownWednesday, 1/14/04, 2:06 PM
I LOVED IT!!!!!!
From:Malvern, Arkansas
shlomitMonday, 1/12/04, 3:24 PM
Very true, very poetic,for me this is my past life. I love you and I'm connected to you in my soul.
Juan SolisSunday, 1/11/04, 1:47 PM
Un sitio web muy interesante y bonico, con unas imagenes muy hermosas. Felicidades por este sitio
From:El Paso TX
 Wednesday, 12/10/03, 9:26 AM
GinaMonday, 12/8/03, 9:31 PM
Really nice site.
From:Dallas Tx.
AleshaSaturday, 11/15/03, 4:35 PM
Hy My Name is Alesha im IN Texas.. I wanted to thank all of our soilders for fighting for us trying to keep us safe.. Also I want to Thank All the firefighters, policemen.. And Love Go to everybody the victims, the firefighters, cops, etc... who all died and was part of it and even everybody else who is part of the united states thanks..
JaymeMonday, 10/20/03, 1:00 PM
I love that song and I really wish I could write a peice just as beautiful as that one is one day.
Suzanne WestfallFriday, 10/10/03, 4:30 AM
Wow! Beautiful. Is this an LDS website with the Gary Olsen pics? My email is midnightbloom so named after my son Jacob surprised us all with a song he wrote all by himself, music too, about the Leoonoid showers we all watched after moving away from Tennessee, but how his friends and family were able to watch at the same time as us. He said they were like flowers in the night. Maybe he'll be the next Billy Gilham.
Veronica LittledeerThursday, 10/9/03, 2:34 PM
We will never forget this day!! GOD bless everyone!!
From:Stilwell, OK
patricia silvesterTuesday, 10/7/03, 3:22 PM
I was amazed and trancefixed at the presentation of the site .The music is soothing and intoxicating as it plays. I have never been so relaxed and felt so full of purpose as i did when browsing through the pictures of the Native Americans.It was delightfull.Thank-You.
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Shannon RyderTuesday, 9/30/03, 10:02 AM
Beautiful pictures and literacy
From:Carry the Kettle First Nation
ShaniceFriday, 9/12/03, 11:00 PM
I loved your site and would love to have you visit my site where I also have a page dedicated to the September 11th tragedy. I wrote a poem about the towers. And after seeing your site I think you would enjoy my tribute as well. God Bless America Shanice
Web Site: Shanice Thibedeau's Writtings
Chris AdelmanThursday, 9/11/03, 6:30 AM
Still a very sad day in our history and I will never forget and I will tell my grandchildren about this day so they will never forget. Lovely tribute to such a sad tragedy.
From:Seattle, Washington
1bell of 4Monday, 8/11/03, 2:53 AM
One of the top , keep up the graphics ,good quality info & pics.
From:north coast n.s.w. Australia.
Rev. Charlie BarnettSunday, 8/10/03, 7:51 PM
I love your web-sight I come here often to see what's new. Keep up the good work the world needs to be blessed by you. And God bless you while you are doing it. Love you, Charlie.
From:Bon Secour, AL
Web Site: Poems By Charlie
MONIQUEFriday, 7/25/03, 1:07 PM
I enjoyed the web site I also enjoyed the pomes they are so beutiful. Thank the Lord for all that beutiful work.
Irene aka KelaWednesday, 7/2/03, 2:33 PM
oh the poem touched my heart! I saved this place to come again Beautiful Work This site is Awesome! Bless you
From:Dundee Scotland
Miguel HerreraMonday, 6/30/03, 12:40 PM
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From:Mexico city
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Charlene ArellanoSaturday, 6/21/03, 7:29 PM
From:Pueblo, Colorado
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SUSANThursday, 6/19/03, 7:22 PM
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DebFriday, 6/13/03, 3:58 PM
Hello! Couldn't leave your beautiful website and not sign your guestbook. I'm throughly enjoying reading the lovely poetry, and still there's plenty more for me to look at! It's been areal pleasure visiting your delightful website, and i've bookedmarked it so i can return again to read more! I shall pass along your site. Thanks for sharing! God bless you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From:Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
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cheri m schmitzTuesday, 5/27/03, 11:50 AM
I really enjoyed reading the poems and felt good and made my day even better, my your day is good for you, have a good evening. cheri
From:illinois living in Tn
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Email: moms 2003
cheri m schmitzTuesday, 5/27/03, 11:47 AM
I really enjoyed reading the poems and felt good and made my day even better, my your day is good for you, have a good evening. cheri
Web Site: yahoo
Email: moms 2003
Karen HardyMonday, 5/5/03, 5:10 PM
Boo AmericaMonday, 5/5/03, 1:25 PM
Linda PottsFriday, 4/11/03, 2:11 AM
Found this site by accident. It is really impressive and I will visit again. Thank-you.
From:Burnhope, England
kathrynFriday, 4/4/03, 8:18 AM
It is good to learn about the red indians. many thanks kathryn
Caitlyn Marie McQuaigMonday, 3/17/03, 4:48 PM
Dear Aunt Tina Dear Aunt Tina I will always rember the fun and exciting things we did together. Dear Aunt Tina I will miss you. Dear Aunt Tina You were always a second mom to me. I loved you alot (I will always love you no matter what) Dear Aunt Tina You taught me what was bad and what was good. Dear Aunt Tina I will always miss you coming over to the house around 10:00 at night and eating fruit loops ( that was always your favorite). Dear Aunt Tina I will miss you making me stay up with you and mom because mom was never as fun as i was ( just kinding mom). Dear Aunt Tina I will also miss going to the movies, going on trips with you and mom,& always making me laugh. Dear Aunt Tina I will miss your jokes,(even though they where not funny), I will always miss the way that you laughed at my jokes even though they where pretty stupid. Dear Aunt Tina I will miss fighting with you who was prettier, out of you and I. Dear Aunt Tina I will miss everything Dear Aunt Tina The world isn't really the same without you. Dear Aunt Tina I won't forget how much you loved me. Dear Aunt Tina I know that you are always waching over me and everyone else. I will also remeber that you are always with me no matter where I am. Dear Aunt Tina I can't wait till I can see you again. We will go back on everything we use to do. Love always your favorite niece Caitlyn Marie McQuaig P.S. love you alot
Email: Cheerleader03_14
Deb FortunatoTuesday, 3/11/03, 5:54 AM
Dear Linda and Elmer, Al, Melissa and I are so sorry. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you from the start and will continue through this terrible tragedy. If there is anything that I can do for either of you please let me know. You can get my telephone number from Jim or Norm. God bless you both, your cousin Deb
BarbaraMonday, 3/10/03, 1:56 PM
Sorry for your loss. I know Tina is in a greater place and we can only hope to be there too, one day. You have a very beautiful site, a lot of time and love went into it, it's obvious! I did not know Tina personally, however have a young child, the age of Tyler and can only hope he always knows the love he once had in his mother.
Ahelia TurnbullSunday, 3/9/03, 12:29 PM
I had a great time at your web site it really help me feel better Good work
From:British Virgin Islands
Chris SosebeeSunday, 2/23/03, 7:51 AM
This is one of the most beautiful sites I've ever been on. I've sent it to several people. Thank you for creating it. Chris
From:Florida, now live in Georgia
Kathy HowardMonday, 2/17/03, 8:34 PM
This is a beautiful website for the Naive American. A lot of dedicated time has been put into the building of this website
From:St. Cloud, Fl.
KitFriday, 2/14/03, 12:08 PM
I really like this site! I'm not overly religious, but even I couldn't pass up a chance to congratulate the creator of a site thiss cool. Keep up the good work, and I think I have found some inspiration on the Internet? Who would've thunk it?
From:Ontario, Canada
Web Site: Slayer's Secret
TaylorFriday, 2/7/03, 10:53 AM
i really like this song.............i don't know how to explain how i feel but it feels good:}
From:New England
Amanda BoothThursday, 2/6/03, 4:34 PM
I hope you find ypur beloved tina
From:thomaston GA,
Email: 7865YUTONB.
TaylorSunday, 2/2/03, 5:06 PM
I really like this song it tell you that some one is watching over you all the time. When i rear it make me cry.Anyone who does not like it can kiss my butt.
From:New England
Email: WildFire0302@aol .com
gordon(crazy horse)Friday, 1/24/03, 3:22 PM
I'am enjoying your prints, my wife is Apache, I'am part sioux, both of are great ancers arewell know cheifs.
From:eden, North Carolina
Susan HuddlestonThursday, 1/23/03, 1:20 PM
I am so sorry that your daughter is missing. That must be so horrible. You and your daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless Your Family Always.
From:Kansas City, Kansas
Web Site: Our Precious Daughter
Jim WalkerFriday, 1/3/03, 12:38 PM
Thank you. Your web site gave me a good cry. I too have a missing daughter, Christina Rose Walker, missing since July 15, 2001. She however ran away from home. I am praying for you and the safe return of your daughter, wife and mother! Jim Walker
From:Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
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