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SelenaSunday, 2/18/18, 1:25 PM
Wonderful site, needed some information on some famous piccolo players for a paper of my favorite instrument!
What instrument do you play?  Flute, Piccolo
1Click DissertationThursday, 11/23/17, 2:56 AM
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bridget mctiernanWednesday, 9/27/17, 8:24 PM
From:somerville nj
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KeithSaturday, 7/29/17, 6:50 AM
Since retiring 2 years ago, I have learned to play various sizes of Ukulele, then Chromatic (& Diatonic) Harmonica, now trying to learn Flute, (Gemeinhardt), & shortly will have a Piccolo, (Yamaha).
What instrument do you play?  Ukuleles, Harmonicas, learning Flute, & shortly Piccolo
Gyorgy Sandor FazakasMonday, 7/10/17, 4:46 AM
I play on a wooden Trevor James Piccolo. Would love to get a better one however with the current South African Rand exchange of 13 to the USA $ and 15 to the Euro and 17 to the UK£ it is impossible! Would love a Bulgheroni 501;Hammig 650/4;Burkhart Professional split E or Elite model or Yamaha YPC91E. Even the Gemeinhardt 4Wssk or KGltd and Roy Seaman's Limited model look interesting? I suppose I can dream? Greetings all. George
From:School of Music; North West University
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Email: george/
What instrument do you play?  Flute; Piccolo; Piano / keyboard
Carri BurgessMonday, 6/5/17, 6:50 AM
Hello from SC!
From:Greenville, SC, USA
What instrument do you play?  piccolo, flute, whistle, pit woodwinds
PETER D FIELD SRSaturday, 5/20/17, 12:37 PM
I had the honor of being a personal friend of Mr Heim's. To his friends he was known as Fred. He was a great friend and enjoyed and was quite successful as a competitor in pistol marksmanship. I was a member of his shooting team. He was quite a wonderful friend, having a great sense of humor. On the serious side, he was always ready to give his opinion and help when needed or sought after. We lost touch in the early 1980's, after his retirement from the NY PHILHARMONIC. I have dearly missed him
From:New York
What instrument do you play?  Guitar, percussion
LenaTuesday, 2/7/17, 10:01 AM
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Email: Lena_gudkova_47
What instrument do you play?  Flute piccolo
AuroraThursday, 1/19/17, 11:04 AM
I love this website. (first comment of 2017, woo hoo)
What instrument do you play?  piccolo, flute, classical voice
Mitchell AtencioSaturday, 12/17/16, 8:58 PM
Thank you for this resource!
From:Salt Lake City, Utah
What instrument do you play?  Piccolo & Flute
Jennifer MooreheadMonday, 11/28/16, 11:33 AM
I just found this website. Thank you so much for this awesome resource!
From:Florida USA
What instrument do you play?  Piccolo, flute, & euphonium
Haley OcampoTuesday, 9/6/16, 8:46 PM
I LOVE THIS SITE!!! So helpful! Thanks!!
What instrument do you play?  Flute, Piccolo.
Theresa DeWitSaturday, 4/30/16, 12:36 AM
Thank you!
What instrument do you play?  Piccolo/ Flute
Jennifer HankinThursday, 4/23/15, 11:30 PM
This website has pretty much saved my thesis. I'm working on developing piccolo as a solo instrument, and had the worst time trying to find literature in the recommended way. Thankyou!
Web Site: The Emerald Ruby
What instrument do you play?  Piccolo, Flute, classical voice
AnthonySaturday, 12/20/14, 8:42 AM
I enjoy exploring folk and world music, playing instruments closely associated with that style. Eg, bop alto sax, swing clarinet and mandolin, old-time banjo, Irish flute, Cuban charranga flute...I play traditional 6 key piccol for a weekly dance session and have been working charranga style on an orchestral piccolos.
From:Nyc, ca and points in between...currently Lou, ky
What instrument do you play?  Reeds, mandolin, banjo, steel and folk guitar
 Friday, 12/12/14, 5:27 AM
David SymingtonSunday, 11/2/14, 2:32 PM
Substituting the traditional cork with stoppers mde of various metals produces marked changes in the playing characteristcs of the piccolo which have found favour with professional players.
From:London GB
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What instrument do you play?  piccolo & flute
Lisa Renee RagsdaleFriday, 8/15/14, 12:28 PM
1) Jan Gippo is no longer with the St. Louis Symphony. He has relocated to the Kansas City area. The current piccoloist is Ann Choomack. 2) Before Jan Gippo was John F. Kiburz who was with the St. Louis Symphony until his death in 1972. 3)Since 2001, Alicia McQuerrey has been the piccoloist with the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. She is originally from Charleston, WV.
From:Minneapolis, MN
Web Site: N/A
What instrument do you play?  piano/flute/piccolo
Michelle de la CoeurThursday, 8/7/14, 4:38 AM
Just picked up my first piccolo today and have been loving playing it and experimenting. Very excited. I learnt flute at school for 3 years and have played in a few orchestras over the years. Just a bit of fun. The piccolo is a present for my daughter but until it's her birthday I'm going to play! shhhh
From:Red Hill, VIC, Australia
What instrument do you play?  Flute usually
Ioana BalasaSaturday, 7/19/14, 6:17 AM
I am interested in the development of piccolo playing.
What instrument do you play?  flute and piccolo
Geoffrey WestbrookSunday, 6/29/14, 4:59 AM
What instrument do you play?  Horn, Flute, Voice, Piano, Percussion
Zavier SpiresFriday, 6/7/13, 7:45 PM
From:Indiana, USa
Web Site: Dr. Flute Loops
What instrument do you play?  Flute/Piccolo
Maximiliano CicuttiniMonday, 1/28/13, 12:10 PM
the site is great! Thanks a lot for the contribution to the developement of the piccolo as a solo instrument!
What instrument do you play?  flute/piccolo
Gillian SheppardThursday, 12/6/12, 7:16 PM
Hello, I love this website, but I wanted to correct two small things - my teacher's name and photo on the "Piccolo Players" page are incorrect! Stewart's last name is spelled " MacIlwham", and the picture that is posted is of Peter Maxwell-Davies, not Stewart! I am the first piccolo major (I am an Artist Diploma student) at the Royal College of Music in London, and Stewart is my principal teacher. Cheers! Gillian
From:Newfoundland Canada
What instrument do you play?  Piccolo
Marián RecuerdaWednesday, 8/8/12, 7:10 AM
I'm so happy finding this page. I love play piccolo and i'm interested in everething related to the piccolo. Thanks so much for this web
What instrument do you play?  piccolo/flute
Marina WiedmerThursday, 3/1/12, 1:14 AM
Fabulous site, thanks for all the information which I will pass on to my students at the Musikhochschule, Basel.
Web Site: Sinfonieorchesterbasel
What instrument do you play?  Flute/piccolo
Gayle GettsWednesday, 1/18/12, 5:12 AM
I am interested in joining your organization.
From:Mentor on the Lake, Ohio
What instrument do you play?  piccolo/flute
周子宜Wednesday, 10/26/11, 1:13 AM
Robert CartMonday, 7/11/11, 7:10 PM
Love your sight!
From:New Jersey
Web Site: jonrobertcart
What instrument do you play?  Piccolo - Yamaha and Di Zhao
Mary Jane RodriguezSunday, 6/19/11, 2:22 PM
From:Athens, Alabama
What instrument do you play?  Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Piccolo
Paul MorrisFriday, 11/12/10, 10:01 AM
Just to say I have collected records for many years, love the piccolo (Eli & Winnie Hudson, Barton, Walker Rose plus the more prolific American artistes) and have written for piccolo: "A good day" and "The Archaeopterix" kind regards, Paul M
What instrument do you play?  piano, organ
Seab TURNERThursday, 11/11/10, 10:15 AM
I found your site by accident-looking for more piccoloflute information & contacts. Thank you, your site is very generous without centered around making money your target, like Mazzani's web-site; Both being very informative and a piccolo player trying to become a better Piccolo person, it is my passion quite by accident: there were too many flutes in the orchestra and the conductor ask me to play the piccolo - I jumped at the idea and challenge. The choice has been very fortuitous for me; I serious take this as a solo playing position trying to blend and take a solo attitude. A mirror image of living in the world of life! Best Wishes, Seab Turner, a trans-planted American in French soil.....I'm loving it!
From:Alabama/I live in Paris, France
What instrument do you play?  Piccolo in 2 "Harmonie" Orchestras here in Paris
alexis jolyThursday, 10/28/10, 5:51 AM
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From:paris, france
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What instrument do you play?  Flute & piano
Robert CartSaturday, 6/5/10, 6:13 PM
From:New Jersey
What instrument do you play?  Piccolo/Flute
john krugerWednesday, 6/2/10, 3:25 AM
It would be most interesting & help in making choices if the make etc of the piccolos was mentioned in the various player write-ups. As we don't have much choice here it is necessary to visit Europe to get a good cross-sectional choice of quality & price.
From:south africa
What instrument do you play?  flute (murumatsu) & picc
Tito LugoTuesday, 4/20/10, 1:06 PM
What instrument do you play?  C flute, G Flute, Bassflute, Piccolo
NinaThursday, 12/3/09, 10:49 AM
Hi Christie! I was visiting your site to get resources for my students. Thanks for your great site and if you have an email list, add me to it!
Web Site: REAL FLUTE project
What instrument do you play?  flute and picc
VincentWednesday, 5/20/09, 11:20 PM
good job guys :)
From:Melbourne, Victoria
What instrument do you play?  flute, piccolo, piano
emily falconeSunday, 5/17/09, 7:26 AM
rf piccolos hard??????? i love my oboe & i reaily whant 2 play both a piccolo & oboe. if u no email me.
From:none of our biz
What instrument do you play?  oboe, e gataure i whant 2 play a piccolo sooooo bad
emily falconeSunday, 5/17/09, 7:22 AM
What instrument do you play?  oboe
carissaThursday, 3/26/09, 2:38 AM
im so glad i found this website i really am in love with picoolo it ruls...haha
What instrument do you play?  flute,picoolo,violin and piano
Richard van OstaMonday, 1/12/09, 4:35 AM
A great site. I was always looking for more information about the piccolo which was pretty hard to obtain. This really fills the gap. Keep on going like this.
What instrument do you play?  Louis Lot flute, Haynes piccolo
HeatherTuesday, 12/30/08, 8:11 AM
Glad to see theres a site solely dedicated to the piccolo. Alot of people who decide to play it in school are given no additional insruction. You just buy one and wing it, as I did when I was in Jr High lol. I'm now in my late 20s and still like to read all this information provided here, and wished it was available when I was younger. Also, LOVE the Wren Polka! I play w/ a community band now and next year I'll be the solo piccoloist, so I can't wait. Keep up the good work!
From:New Jersey
What instrument do you play?  Flute & Piccolo
Diane GrubbeThursday, 12/25/08, 1:39 PM
Thanks for your great site and all the terrific info! Diane Grubbe San Francisco
From:San Francisco
Web Site: Noe Valley Flute
What instrument do you play?  flute/pic/alto/bass
alvin tinioTuesday, 12/23/08, 11:50 PM
its nice to now that there is an existing organization for piccolo player, because i want to be a piccolo player also. wish i could
What instrument do you play?  saxophone
JessicaWednesday, 10/8/08, 7:40 PM
Wow a whole site just dedicated to piccolo players. What joy. I love my piccolo I recieved it on my 15th birthday.. What pride did I have in it.
Web Site: Shattered Memories
What instrument do you play?  Flute & Piccolo & Piano
AmandaSunday, 10/5/08, 11:42 PM
Hi there! Do you have any suggestions of graduate programs that might have a great piccolo enthusiast as the professor? :D I'm researching graduate performance programs at the moment and I wouldn't mind studying with someone who loves piccolo just as much as I do. Any help from anyone reading this would be greatly appreciated! ~Amanda~
From:Tampa, FL
Web Site: Myspace
What instrument do you play?  Flute/Piccolo
Mário MedeirosSunday, 9/28/08, 6:45 AM
I amamazed with the site information. Recently read The complete Piccolo, from J. Gippo and got interested in searching the piccolo. I am a current piccolo specialist with experience of more than 15 years in Symphonic Band and Orchestra and will be much grateful for receiving news from piccolo players around the world. I live in Tatuí where we hold one of the biggest conservatories in the country with about 3.000 students and 150 in the flute section. Conservatorio Dramático e Musical Dr. Carlos de Campos de Tatuí - São Paulo Brasil
What instrument do you play?  piccolo philip hammig
anthony minsteinWednesday, 8/6/08, 7:22 PM
I love all kinds of music, have played the piccolo for over 35 years...traded in the baritone sax for piccolo in marching band and the loved the novelty of dropping 25 pounds. I played lead alto in show bands for a lot of years...had to play a lot of piccolo. I've always played wood piccs...have two now: A Yamaha 81, handmade and a vintage Zentner...I like to sit in with jazz groups as I travel and find the piccolo a perfect instrument: Doesn't need micing and fits in my back pocket.
From:Louisville, KY
What instrument do you play?  Woodwinds, guitar & mandolin
nickySunday, 5/11/08, 9:47 PM
wonderful website
What instrument do you play?  yamaha 361 flute and yamaha 61 piccolo
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