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Janina MWednesday, 1/21/09, 2:52 PM
RachelWednesday, 2/15/06, 1:52 PM
Loved your wedding pictures and would love it if you could join us at :) Congrats!
Web Site: Beautiful Brides & Beyond
Wedding Date:  6/25/05
ediSunday, 6/5/05, 4:37 PM
your pictures were beautiful <img src="">
From:albania kosovo
Web Site: <img src="">
Femi & YinkaThursday, 9/9/04, 4:13 AM
The pix are so beautiful. You look gorgeous and elegant. May the good Lord bless your wedding. The smile on your faces will continue to be radiant in Jesus name. God bless your union.
Web Site: wedding channel
Wedding Date:  29-02-05
Femi & YinkaThursday, 9/9/04, 4:13 AM
The pix are so beautiful. You look gorgeous and elegant. May the good Lord bless your wedding. The smile on your faces will contiue to be radiant in Jesus name. God bless your union.
Web Site: wedding channel
Wedding Date:  29-02-05
Stephanie G.Thursday, 4/8/04, 10:32 AM
I love your site & photos! Very beautiful! I hope you are still as happy as you looked on your wedding day! ~Stephanie
From:Nashville, TN
Wedding Date:  TBD
Tina LeddyWednesday, 3/31/04, 6:59 AM
your pictures were beautiful and I just love your website I can't wait to get one of my own. Thanks for sharing, the two of you looked gorgeous! ~Tina~
From:South Brunswick, N.J.
Wedding Date:  8/21/04
Stefanie RusekTuesday, 3/23/04, 7:30 AM
well, i was just on the internet at school and me and my best friend thought it would be funny to type our names into the search engine....well this is one of the sites that came up and what's funny is that my best friend's name is Luke....from then on we've made jokes about how you two are our stunt doubles......anyway....i actually got on here and started looking at your pictures, and i noticed that you two look very happy...and i think that you'll be together for a very long time. Love from Michigan Stefanie and luke
From:Dundee Michigan
Stefanie and elyssaSaturday, 2/28/04, 3:54 AM
Bonjour, comment tu t'appelles? Elyssa j'ai vingt stefanie j'ai dix-neuf Elyssa je n'ai pas de fr'ere. stefanie je n'ai pas de soeur. salut au revoir.
Wedding Date:  8/04/91
LeMonday, 10/13/03, 12:42 PM
Best Wishes and hope all your dreams come true. You guys look very cute together. I was serving and found your web site. It look very nice.
Web Site: Fancy Diamond
MandySunday, 10/5/03, 5:45 PM
Ran across your site from another website (escrappers) and wanted to say Happy Anniverary!!!
From:SC, USA
Wedding Date:  none
AmandaWednesday, 6/11/03, 7:50 PM
I love your site. It's beautiful, and your pictures are beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful day. Congratulations to you both.
From:North Carolina/ Ohio
Web Site: The McGuire's
Wedding Date:  12/29/2001
KristinMonday, 4/28/03, 12:15 PM
Congrats to both of you! I have to say, I am awed and inspired by this amazing website (I am a web designer also), and by your wedding in general. It looked truly amazing. I was wondering if you had any NYC vendors in particular that you would recommend, or any other bits of advice for someone trying to plan an October wedding in NYC?? Thanks!
Web Site: Our Knot Webpage
Wedding Date:  10-2-04
Lisa BakerThursday, 4/3/03, 9:30 AM
What a beautiful wedding website! Your attention to detail is amazing. I'm sure your wedding was everything you've ever dreamed of and it shows. You and your husband looking amazing and so does the entire day! Thanks for letting me take a look. You inspire me. It makes me want start working on projects right now. Thanks for sharing!! Lisa
Wedding Date:  10/11/2003
Dawn Mari (mahalunakita)Wednesday, 3/26/03, 3:27 PM
Stefanie! Your website is GORGEOUS ... I totally love it. I mean I have seen alot of the details on UW and some of what Kiani showed me or posted but WOW ... you are super creative. I hope you don't mind but I may want to use your candle place holders ... Take care ... truly awesome.
From:Anaheim, California
Web Site:
Wedding Date:  02-03-04
SharonFriday, 3/14/03, 11:29 AM
Congrat!! Most amazing website I ever seen... Love it!!
From:Kansas City
Wedding Date:  11/03/03
 Saturday, 3/8/03, 3:45 PM
Wedding Date:  8-14-03 =)
Tony BivitoTuesday, 2/25/03, 5:30 AM
Geat pictures and you both look Good!!!! All the Best and life full of Joy.
AmandaSunday, 2/16/03, 8:37 PM is our site.
Amanda FahrenbacherSunday, 2/16/03, 8:36 PM
OMG!!! Your wedding turned out absolutely beautiful!!! All of your ideas are magnificent!!! I have been following your wedding and have been waiting for the pictures and it looks like you had a wonderful time!!! I am a fellow weddingchannel bride and that is how I found out about your site. Check out ours...we pretty much copied yours because it was awesome!!! We LOVE how you did your pictures too!!! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!!! I wish you both a very happy life together!!!
From:Phoenix, AZ
Wedding Date:  3/22/03
RoseSunday, 2/9/03, 9:03 AM
Hello Stef and Luke Great web Site not to mention a great wedding. We had an execellant time. Thank You for letting us share this day with you. Love Rose & John & Raquel Martinez
From:Canarsie, N.Y.
Wedding Date:  Nov. 17, 1980
KairyWednesday, 2/5/03, 12:57 PM have no idea how much you've helped me. If you don't mind i'm going to steal some of your wedding program ideas. I am a fellow knottie and i believe you were the one who sent me a link to your programs page. THANKS!!!!!! guys look great...i can see how much fun you had in your pics.
From:Queens, NY
Wedding Date:  April 26, 2003
MonaSaturday, 2/1/03, 3:20 PM
Thanks for showing off your pictures. I'm going to Europe for my honeymoon as well and your pictures makes me want to go sooner.
From:Dallas, TX
Web Site: a modern bride and her traditional groom
Wedding Date:  May 10, 2003
TeriWednesday, 1/22/03, 4:12 PM
Stef - you've outdone yourself on this site! What a great way to show off your breaktaking pictures!!! Congrats to you and Luke!
Wedding Date:  10/05/02
 Friday, 1/3/03, 11:18 PM
YatiThursday, 12/26/02, 11:49 PM
hello i am yati i like your picture from yati hamindsa
Web Site: yati me
Email: so _i _am_yati
Wedding Date:  1999
DustiWednesday, 12/11/02, 1:27 PM
You guys did such an awesome job with this site. Everything looks wonderful!
From:Southwestern PA
Web Site: Dusti's Desktop
Wedding Date:  08/16/2003
AnnSunday, 12/1/02, 3:22 PM
Stefanie - You are, without a doubt, one of the most BEAUTIFUL brides I've seen! I feel so totally proud to have made your veil for you. All your photos are wonderful and I've enjoyed spending time looking at them. Thank you for sharing all the special moments of your journey down the aisle. All the best to you and your hubby. Ann
From:Santa Barbara, CA
Web Site: GlamGal Designs Bridal
RachaelWednesday, 11/6/02, 8:25 PM
Stefanie & Luke - I found your web site and I had to sign the guestbook you have given me SO many great ideas. I wanted to say Congrats and I know had a beautiful wedding. Have a wonderful life together. Thanks for all the information!! Rachael
From:San Diego
Wedding Date:  06/07/03
John DarboTuesday, 11/5/02, 1:06 PM
The secret to a successful marriage is to treat all disasters as incidents and all incidents as incidents. (My grandmother said that) God Bless your marriage forever! John
From:Fort Worth, TX
sombitaMonday, 10/28/02, 7:19 PM
love can be many thing...use love with understand...other thing go smooth take care your love
Web Site: the greatest experience of mine
TerryMonday, 10/28/02, 8:43 AM
Pamela and I really love your programs. We're going to be doing the same. Could you give me a few details about the paper stock you used...such as lengths and the Vellum? Im looking on ebay and they have different styles. Congrats on your recent wedding.
Wedding Date:  May 10, 2003
mertSaturday, 10/26/02, 12:39 PM
Good web page.Thanks...
Web Site: Easterncorner
SLSunday, 10/20/02, 9:17 PM
I was looking @ all of this months websites in ultiamte weddings. You have 1 of the most classy & beautiful sites. It's very well designed. I've gotten numorous ideas for mine. If you have any advice from your wedding, please share w/ me. Thanks so much for the ideas so far. Best wishes for a happy life together.
From:The Palmetto State
Wedding Date:  December 1st
Jeremiah RanieriFriday, 10/11/02, 8:48 AM
Good Luck & Love to both of you DAD <3 <3 <3
From:New york
Web Site: n/a
Email: n/a
Wedding Date:  Oct. 5, 2002
Kathleen Peet (Stanislawski)Monday, 10/7/02, 8:20 AM
I wanted to say that I have admired everything that you have done for your wedding. I have been watching on the boards a little bit at The Wedding Channel. How did everything go? I had the same dress as you, so I wanted to show you some pictures. I can not post pictures, but I do know how to email them if you want me to. Please send me some pictures of your wedding also. I was so happy with my dress that I want to know how yours turned out. I did get tons of compliments on it. Congrats again, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did ours!!!
Web Site: None
Wedding Date:  9/28/02
Lorraine M. DarcyWednesday, 9/18/02, 11:45 AM
Congratulations Luke and Stefanie! Noticed one of your postings on the wedding channel and noted that we have the same wedding day. I am sure you are as crazy as I am now. Good luck with everything!! Maybe we will see you in Italy- we are going to Venice, Florence, Nice and Paris. Take care and remember to enjoy every minute. Lorraine and Greg
From:boston, ma
Wedding Date:  same as yours
 Monday, 9/16/02, 6:34 PM
we r getting married 8-14-03 joe and i r getting married...
Wedding Date:  8-14-03
TrishThursday, 8/29/02, 4:54 PM
Love your site. I work in Computer Graphics and I really admire your eye for design - the site is great and the rich crimson color makes everything pop. I got married last October and was lucky enough to have great weather, and a great day overall - a piece of unsolicited advice... just roll with it... whatever happens, happens - enjoy yourself - and lastly take the time to look/listen/admire all of your hard work. I wish both of you alot of luck, Enjoy! -
From:New Jersey
Wedding Date:  10/21/01
 Tuesday, 8/20/02, 2:13 PM
aprilbrideTuesday, 8/20/02, 2:04 PM
angelFriday, 8/2/02, 5:19 AM
Guys your website is really nice!! I wish you the best and a lifetime of happiness! Your honeymoon choice is great! Italy's one of my best destinations...really wonderful!! Have the time of your life!!!
stephanie wrightMonday, 7/15/02, 1:56 PM
Your website is beautiful. I am a wedding coordinator and a planner and i have never seen a website this colorful and professional!!! It is very detailed and organized. I wish you the very best life has to offer.
From:dallas texas
Wedding Date:  not decided
JenniferWednesday, 7/10/02, 6:03 PM
Stef, Thanks for all the help and advice on LIWeddings! You are a very caring and sweet person and I would like to wish you and your future husband all the best of love, health and happiness, now and always. GREAT site, I must say you are talented as well! All the best! Jennifer
Wedding Date:  May 17, 2003
LiweddingsWednesday, 7/10/02, 7:39 AM
What a great site you have! We are so thrilled that you are a loyal visitor to the LIweddings website. We wish you a wonderful weddings and a beautiful marriage. :)
DannySunday, 7/7/02, 9:02 AM
Excellent're a great looking couple. I wish you lots of love and happiness.
From:Long Island
JacquieTuesday, 6/11/02, 8:07 PM
Just wanted to say that your wedsite is GREAT!!!! I love the idea of the "plate signing." Looks like you a pretty organized, unlike myself. Good luck and all the best. Hope you have a beautiful wedding!!!
From:Toronto, Canada
Wedding Date:  Oct.6/02
 Thursday, 6/6/02, 9:10 PM
What a fantastic website. It looks like you have invested a lot of time planning your day. I am sure that it will be amazing!! Best wishes to you both! I look forward to seeing the pictures. Congratulations!
From:Raleigh NC
MarianFriday, 5/31/02, 12:45 PM
Stef, just wanted to say hello and how much I love your site! You really are very talented. Your wedding is going to be SO beautiful. I can't wait to see pictures when the time rolls around. Congrats again!
Wedding Date:  3-2-02
BarbieSunday, 5/19/02, 6:55 PM
This is not my first time stopping in, this is my first time posting. Your website is absolutely awesome!!! Your ideas are so beautiful You need to remove UW from your resources page LOL!!
From:Wedding Channel
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