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william coolbaughFriday, 2/26/16, 2:43 PM
have a letter stating that mertie exley was my gmothers aunt.interested in family history
Please feel free to leave comments:  my grandmother( nellie beaver) coolbaugh
Gene LingleSaturday, 1/17/15, 12:44 PM
Our family purchased a hunting camp in 1958 in Hillsgrove. We spent a lot of time on the "sock" fishing, swimming, and freezing.
From:Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Marcia Potter HornFriday, 4/13/12, 1:15 PM
Hello, I am a descendant of the New Haven Ct Potters. Obviously part of the CT Potters who moved to New York. Anson L. Potter was my great, great grandfather. My great grandfather was Irwin John Potter (son of Anson L and Mary E Swan). My Grandfather was Francis William Potter only son of Irwin John Potter and Lena Teeter. My father is Carl Irwin Potter, only son of Francis William Potter and Doris Ploss. Carl Irwin Potter my father, married Syliva English and my parents had 4 Children. Me: (Marcia Lee Potter)only daughter Mark Steven Potter Jeffrey Carl Potter William Francis Potter It was so interesting and exciting to find this site as we seem to all be descendants of the same lineage!
From:Trumansburg NY
Michael JenningsSunday, 8/7/11, 5:18 PM
You have done an incredible job on your lineage. My GGGrandmother was Estella Potter, Grandmother Stella Weikel/Kuhnel, I am the son of Stella Kuhnel/Jennings. I have been working on our genealogy as well to present to my children. Regards, Michael
Dorothy Kennelley CoteThursday, 9/24/09, 11:09 PM
Since I do genealogy and love history I thought I'd read what you wrote on your family. I enjoyed the reading as it was written well, and I was able to picture your people and the places you mentioned. I too, have similar family histories. Dottie Cote
From:Erie, PA
Helen Hatton MoseleyWednesday, 8/20/08, 6:16 PM
From:Albuquerque, NM
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Peggy WoodheadSunday, 2/10/08, 6:34 PM
Great tribute to a special place.
From:Montoursville, PA
Craig ExleyFriday, 9/15/06, 5:27 PM
Great site!!! Thanks for all of the hard work and research that you must have done. Let Me know if I can Help!! Sincerely, Craig R. Exley
From:Auburn Alabama
bill BrenchleyFriday, 4/14/06, 4:50 PM
Rev. Charles R. ExleyThursday, 5/5/05, 12:43 PM
Our family is descended from the "Oechsle" Exleys. There is an August Exley in the records somewhere. I'll try to find him. Also, I'm fascinated by the connection to Trinity Lutheran Church as I have served as a Lutheran pastor for the past 34 years. CRE
From:Albuquerque, NM
Bonnie CzabanMonday, 4/4/05, 11:35 PM
Congratulations to you, your site is magnificent. You express the warmth of a light, kindled in the human heart, deep down, that has been lost throughout the ages. Thank you for your work of art. I have not been to PA, but was surprised by your mention of Old Hartwick, Fly Creek, are you indeed talking about Otsego County, Cooperstown area? I have fallen in love myself, with people like yours, from Fly Creek, NY, my ancesters. I can go no further back than Elizabeth Cushman, son of Lee Cushman lineage of the Mayflower. Elizabeth married a Conklin, they had a son (Francis) Benton Conklin, wife Elizabeth Sherman I believe, my Grandmother Lulu Ruth Conklin Ledwith Light from Cooperstown was their daughter. Might you have any knowledge of them? They are all burried in the Fly Creek Cemetery. Keep writing, designing and bringing us back to where the heart truly lies. Most Sinc
From:Orig. Schenectady Ny, now MA
Ruth Exley McCormickTuesday, 6/15/04, 1:48 AM
I am as inteested in geneology and history as Mr. Hatton. We Exley's may be related , but our Exley's came from Yorkshire England. The Oeschleys came from Austria and Bavaria. the ones I know of came in 1734 and was the second colony in Georgia just north of Savannah on the Savannah River. They came as they were perscuted for their Luthern religion and would not give it up, so they sacrificed all that they had and came to Georgia--- America. They are called Sazburgers as the first of them came from salzburg. My particular Exley's came from Yorkshire., having been there since before 1066 . John came from London and married a Mary Wooten, lived and prospered in Savannah. He died in 1800 and is buried in the Colonisal Cemetary in Savannah. His son John was very young when his father died He becamse the foster son of a well to do farmer in the next county from Chatham , Savannah, Effingham . There he lived , married Eliza Mallette. and down to me and my greatgrandson. I want to read more of what you have written Mr. Hatton . Thank you. Ruth Exley McCormick
From:born in Effingham county ga. live in Orangeburg, S. C.
Chris EvansThursday, 3/11/04, 8:35 AM
How do you purchase this book?
From:Schuylkill County, PA
ray truckleFriday, 1/2/04, 8:15 PM
What a multi talented man you are!! Its now 4.15 am and we have just finished looking through your website!!! WOW. You certainly know how to build a fantastic website, you capture the interest to make you continue staying on the site........although we are bleary eyed and we have sore throats singing along to the music!! Well worth the visit and we will be back and telling all who we know to take a look at this site, in particular our friends in Boston who visited Chepstow when they visited us and LOVED the place!! Marlyn and Ray
From:tytherington, England
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Joe RyanSaturday, 8/2/03, 3:45 AM
My Great grandfather lived in Cherry township. I found him there in 1850 and he died there in 1883. his son, Michael Redding died there on the farm in 1912. My grandfather Joseph was born on the farm in 1851. He left cherry twp. Sullivan Co. about 1869 to follow the lumber trade. In 1883 in Gaines Pa. In 1890 Westport, Pa Clinton Co. Then to Cross Fork, Potter, Co. where my mother grew up. She went to lock Haven Normal School and became a teacher in Butula McKeen Co. where her parents had gone following the lumber. When she married in 1921 My parents came to Philadelphia. I enjoyed your story. I'm from Philadelphia where we have many beaytiful churches. but in 1992 when I came to Dushore I found St. Basil's the most beautilful I ever saw. also that is where I first learned about the Loyalsock Creek
From:Media, Pa.
Connie (King)McMichaelThursday, 3/27/03, 9:17 PM
You have done a very nice job with your site,I have been researching my family for a few years and yours intermingle in a distance.I have read other things you have posted elsewhere Family History is so important to us all and it's nice to see that you have done so much for yours.
William BrenchleyThursday, 2/6/03, 2:53 PM
Just read your story It is a great one I love it. I lived with my Grandmother by the Sock in Hillsgrove. Love the place wish i could have made a living there I left in 1947 but go back every time i can.
From:Windsor NY
Carol BrotzmanSaturday, 1/18/03, 10:43 AM
This is just a marvelous piece of history recorded down for all the families of Sullivan county descendants to enjoy. Carol Brotzman (PS any one should enjoy it but those knowing the history of the area will more)
From:Tuscarora Twp Bradford County,PA
Web Site: Brotzman Farm
George BurgessTuesday, 12/31/02, 2:17 PM
A Great Undertaking!! It will be cherished by your family, and appreciated by me and many others. George Burgess
From:Little Loyalsock, above Millview
Kathy HeilmanThursday, 12/5/02, 2:53 PM
Thank you, Ernie, for sharing your story. Life has been rather hectic and I finally took the time to read it. I hope you expand upon it--it's a wonderful legacy for your grandchildren. I, too, have memories of Sullivan Co. in another less frantic era --walks along the country roads and grandparents who knew a harder, but very satisfying way of life.
From:Muncy, PA
 Monday, 11/4/02, 4:19 PM
Hi, Carol. Just out here looking around again. Found some more cemeteries I didn't know about where ancestors reside nowadays. Take care. Always, Mary
Carol BrotzmanMonday, 11/4/02, 12:32 PM
Beautiful cousin Ernie!
From:Tuscarora Twp Bradford County,PA
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