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ИннаFriday, 12/19/14, 11:55 AM
Гениально! Берегите себя. Пожалуйста.
ИннаMonday, 10/13/14, 1:30 AM
Здравствуйте. Впервые слушали Вас в зале на концерте 10 октября. Каким образом подвластно исполнителю транслировать слушателям свои чувства, энергию, любовь к музыке и инструменту так, что волна необыкновенных эмоций захлестнула нас и не отпускает? Спасибо. Спасибо Николаю и Вадиму. В свое время "Вокализ" Рахманинова в Вашем с Николаем исполнении открыл для меня новую грань жизни... С большой благодарностью и восхищением. Браво!
JimTuesday, 10/23/12, 9:42 PM
I would love to know about M. Kniazev's instrument(or instruments). The tone is wonderfully suited to his expressiveness. I have been listening to the Mozart Sonata transcriptions and it seems to me he loves the character of his cello, and I am loving his playing. To me, one of the great pleasures of listening is knowing the provenance of the instrument and realizing that we are hearing what these masterpieces of craft have been inspiring their artists to communicate across centuries. Thank you JM
From:Winnipeg MB Canada
Yrjo TimonenWednesday, 11/23/11, 3:35 PM
Some day, come and play cello with Markku Luolajan-Mikkola. Viola da gamba. In Messilд. Z my guest and friend. Yrjц
Web Site: Yrjo Timonen
Nick SmitSaturday, 4/17/10, 1:35 PM
Just heard you in the Concert Building in Amsterdam. What an amazing interpretation of Haydn's Celloconcert. Did not know that Haydn could be that exciting. What a pleasure to see you enjoy the music as well! Great and keep it up! Nick
Yuliya GoshkoWednesday, 3/24/10, 12:43 PM
Is there any opportunity to get a recording of Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata(Knjazev-Lugansky) at internet? I'm very eager to listen to it!Thank you
Наталья рыжковаTuesday, 3/31/09, 9:25 AM
Здравствуйте, Александр! Сибирский Брасс Новосибирской Государственной филармонии предлагает к обсуждению совместный проект с Вами как с органистом. Насколько Вам это интересно? Мы единственный брасс составом 10 человек среди филармоний России. В составе концертмейстеры медной духовой группы симфонического оркестра филармонииУ нас есть несколько программ, где мы исполняем переложения орг.музыки Баха, Вивальди,Генделя и др. Давно хотели сделать программу с органистом. Варианты: органный фестиваль в Омске в ноябре, Рождественский фестиваль в Новосибирске в декабре 2009г.Буду признательна за любой ответ. Мой тел: 8 913 751 30 16.Директор коллектива Нат.Ник.Рыжкова
From:Новосибирская Филармония
Japanese salary(wo)manMonday, 5/5/08, 8:48 AM
Kniazev-san, thank you for bringing your wonderful music performance to Japan. I just saw you today in the Beethoven triple (and in the festival CD shop? maybe.) Anyway, I went to the concert because I like M. Maisky's CD of the Beethoven triple and also Brigitte's Chopin nocturns, but now I am also amazed by your sound and need to go get your Mozart CD! Good luck tomorrow on your sold out concerts.
P.H. BoolSaturday, 2/23/08, 12:14 PM
Shostakovitch 1. you performed in Rotterdam Febr. 16. was a revelation - it still sounds! Thank you so much. Jeroen Bool
From:Rhoon, the Netherlands
vholderSunday, 10/21/07, 6:52 AM
Wanted to express how on a sample at B&N I was excited to hear the cello played so beautifully. Your instrument breathes, your touch masterful and elegantly stated. The CD I bought as a result, finds you pushed behind the "showboat" Lugansky. Find more generous collaborators. Your talent and the cello will take you anywhere. Hopefully near SC soon!
Paul PescatoreTuesday, 3/6/07, 7:19 AM
Dear M. Kniazev, Warmest thanks for your deeply moving performance in Luxembourg and a big compliment to your colleagues M. Berezovski and M. Makhtin. Those moments make life joyful!
Web Site: Dr Paul Pescatore
Arnaud NEHLIGFriday, 2/2/07, 1:10 AM
Juste un petit bonjour et une pensйe pour ce sympathique moment passй а parler avec Alexander KNIAZEV assis sur les strapontin du TGV Paris Nantes le 1er fйvrier 2006. Bonne chance Arnaud
From:NANTES (France)
jacoboMonday, 1/15/07, 10:19 PM
Mr. Kniazev, I have heard you eight years ago playing Haydn Cello concert in C. It was the first time that I feel what I was listening was authentic MUSIC. Thank you for that unforgettable moment.
 Thursday, 11/23/06, 3:22 PM
Ci se possible-envoyez cette lettre a Kniazev. Merci. Alexandr Alexandrovich, zdorov'ya Vam prejde vsego hochu pojelat'. I tehnicheskoe pojelanie- tak, poverte budet luchshe- chut' bolshe prodol'nogo dvijeniya smichkom(v tom chisle na korotkih notah), inache kak ran'she ne zazvuchit, a zvuchalo ochen' zdorovo. Suiti tak horosho zvuchat, eto, pojaluy moya lubimaya zapis' suit:) Uspehov Vam. Nadeyus' uslishat' Vas v Moskve.
TanjaFriday, 4/28/06, 12:41 AM
Where the perfection meets the passion. I felt the joy, the pain, the love .... He brought tears to my eyes. It is nearly one year from the concert in Portorose and I still can't forget it. Thank you, Alexander Kniazev.
From:Ljubljana Slovenia
RatomirkaThursday, 3/23/06, 9:03 AM
Dear Milica, that was the worst concert i ever attended!
Email: smrdljivenozice@ptt.yu
MilicaMonday, 7/11/05, 1:44 AM
I listened professor Kniazev in Belgrade,and it was one of the very best concerts I've ever heard! Many greetings! Milica
Email: toskov@ptt.yu
SonyMonday, 11/8/04, 2:38 PM
Dear Mr. Kniazev, I have been deeply impressed by your piano trio concert with Mr. Berezovsky who is my beloved pianist in La Roque d'Anthron. Unfortunately it was not live, but on TV. How would it be wonderful, if I could get a chance to appreciate the piano trio of Tchaikovsky here in Germany.
From:Heidelberg, Germany
EvelineFriday, 5/7/04, 6:47 PM
This sounds like a very interesting artist who has earned his merits... I missed him last time he played in Amsterdam, but will wait for him to come here again. I would like to thank the webmaster for creating this site! PS Nice discography too!
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