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Linda SchcherTuesday, 5/1/18, 2:20 PM
Dave, as I said in my email. My bag was patiently waiting for me in the lobby and when I opened it I was nearly speechless over its' beauty.Whatever happens to this bag in the future it won't fall apart. The braiding is strong and perfect and the leather smells so fresh. The bonus of the keychain just added to my thrill of getting this bag. Thank you so very much Linda
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Sandy OpsalMonday, 4/16/18, 8:39 PM
Dear Dave, Thank you for crafting my recently received leather handbag! The workmanship, design, leather used are above par! Your patience working with my "so hard to decide" self was appreciated. It was a tough decision as you have such a variety of styles to choose from! I am grateful to own another Dave Anderson purse! Almost forty years since my first purse and I never forgot it! So happy to know you are still doing leather work! Enjoyed emailing and talking to you! Sandy
From:Lake George, MN
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Karen SSunday, 4/8/18, 9:02 AM
My bag is 21 years old now, still is use.
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Ignacio RiescoSaturday, 4/7/18, 10:09 PM
I learned about Dave's work about a decade ago and always wanted to get one of his vests. Finally, I contacted Dave back in Sept. 2017. After months of planning, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my vest from him. Working with him was a pleasure and a great experience. He was accommodating and patient with all my indecision. After much research, I knew what I wanted, and I conveyed it to Dave. A few weeks later, my vest arrived. To be honest, I did not know what to expect. I am short and stocky, and most leather products are not made for my body shape. Hence, my expectations were colored by all my previous disappointments. However, Dave got it right. The vest is thick; it looks like it was made by a viking who hunted and handpicked the best, thickest hide he could find, except for it is much nicer. The craftsmanship is spectacular. Dave's braids catch your eyes from far away. I love this vest, and after owning dozens of leather vests, many of which costed me a pretty penny, I finally have my 'one' vest, which I hope to wear for decades to come.
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HaroldWednesday, 1/31/18, 1:23 PM
I wish I were as eloquent as Dave's craftsmanship. I wish I could find words other then the ones found on this page. Words like quality, outstanding, beautiful, just do not seem enough when I look at my vest. There is the distinct flavor of the artistry and pride that one can see in Dave's work, and I cannot wait for the next item I order. Dave takes the time to know what the customer wants and spends extra time to make sure. He especially did so with me. I like to support the things I like, and heck, I even have my sisters looking over his site and I will buy them what they want when they decide. One thing you see over and over on this comment page is that the person wants more of Dave's products. I sure do!!! If you are looking over this page, trying to decide if you'll 'take the chance,' I can tell you that there will be no disappoint. You'll be proud to have the works of functional art Dave produces. I cannot thank Dave enough for the time and effort he put into this. He's truely a master at his craft. Best Regards to All, Harold
From:Boondocks of Texas
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DonWednesday, 1/3/18, 5:06 PM
I have received my vest and it is more than I expected. It fits fine, the leather is very nice, and your workmanship is exceptional. Thanks much, Don
From:Houston, TX
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Karen PetersonMonday, 12/11/17, 10:17 PM
David, thank you so much for the beautiful purse I recently received. It's like Christmas came early. After seeing your work, so long ago, I finally have one myself. Regards, Karen
From:Rapid City, SD
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SueFriday, 10/13/17, 5:35 PM
Hello Dave - My purse arrived and it is just beautiful! Thank you so much! I will surely share your website with others who admire your work when they see my purse. Again, thank you!
From:Motley, MN
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JimThursday, 10/12/17, 5:29 PM
thanks Dave...I dont even bother with anybody else, the ones you made for my fatboy were 10 plus years old and looked great and held up great.
Where did you hear about this site?  Sturgis, years ago
AnnetteTuesday, 7/4/17, 3:08 PM
Hi Dave,† My name is Annette Frias. About a nonth ago I had not been feeling up to par, so my husband decided to surprise me with a lil treat. When I got home the other day I found a box with a bow on it, on top of the table. I thought "what the heck"? Who the heck put that there?? So I immediately called my husband, who happened to be at work, to tell him what was on the table. He told me " to just open it, see what's inside". So I hung up with my husband and did just that. And Boy! Was I surprised (and a bit confused) to see the contents of the box! I was going to call my husband to ask him if he knew where this had came from and who it belonged to. But he had beat me to the punch and called me back to see if I had opened the box. I told him I did and there was a "beautiful purse" inside the box. He responded with.. "for my beautiful wife"! Of course being the sentimental woman I am, I began to cry! I just couldn't thank him enough! He later told me, he had gotten a hold of you more or less about a month ago when I was going thru a a rough patch, to have this purse done for me. Wow! And I knew nothing was going on! But it really doesn't matter because it truly is a beautiful gift! I love and appreciate ANYTHING my husband gives me.. even if it's a pebble!! Now I must say.. your beautiful†workmanship Dave, is WOW! And the leather?? Superb!! I love the front pocket and the braiding too. Oh my goodness, and the infinity heart applique.. I love, love, love it! I am short and petite, so the length of the strap is simply perfect for me! I've only used it twice and already I have had so many compliments on the detail of your work. You are a true artist in creating such amazing leather goods! I will forever own it and wear it proudly!! Thank you so very much.. Annette Frias 😊
From:Riverside, Ca
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Karen VillaThursday, 6/29/17, 7:00 PM
I've received the large roll button purse that I ordered and it is beautiful, even nicer than it looked in the picture, and, it smells so nice. Thanks much!
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Patty CowanTuesday, 4/25/17, 1:05 PM
The first bag received from Dave is a medium size Sennet design. It had one outside pocket and a custom long braided strap. The workmanship is beautiful and the leather is superb. Very custom looking -- proud to own it. Dave also included a complimentary braided key chain. I am planning on ordering another handbag by the end of the year.
From:Wichita, KS
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Cynthia JohnsonSaturday, 4/1/17, 1:38 PM
I just received the third purse that I have purchased from David and, like my first two, I couldn't be happier with it. The first two are still in great condition and I use them all regularly. Thanks so much for the fine work that you do and the nice leather that you use. Sincerely, Cynthia
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daniel williamsMonday, 3/13/17, 5:43 PM
howdy dave! ThisSpaceForRent here.... very cool stuff....The corvette is INSANE!!
From:university city MO
Web Site: daniel williams
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Dian MSunday, 12/4/16, 11:24 AM
Hi Dave! Bag arrived yesterday. LOVE it. I think you did a great job. Love the feel and smell of it, love the front pocket and the braiding. Oh, and the length of the strap is perfect for this short lady. Best to you always, always,Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2017. Dian M from WNC
From:Mountains of Western NC
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helen jane blowersSaturday, 10/29/16, 5:22 AM
this is bag #6 and I couldn't be more happy. I chose the camera bag style with a long strap to wear across the body, in a rich brown. I have been carrying Dave's bags now for years, each one i use for a year or so then switch back and forth. They never wear and look just as good each time I use them. They will long outlast me! Thank you Dave for your fantastic craftsmanship. I'm sure you know I'll be back.
From:hot springs ar
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Sharon MooreTuesday, 8/2/16, 5:02 PM
I have received my lovely handmade braided leather bag. And the most wonderful thing is this humble artist does not even sign his creations. One would know an Anderson Bag ANYWHERE! Quite a thing of beauty.
From:Cambridge MD
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Doris Shelby Dan BorkWednesday, 5/11/16, 10:43 AM
The beat leather artist ever
From:Kissee Mills Mo
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Mary KayMonday, 5/2/16, 9:19 AM
Dave, This is long overdue but I just wanted to let you know that my custom purse is absolutely perfect - superior quality and detail, wonderful touch and smell. Thanks for working with me on the colors and the specific details (especially the outside back pocket) I wanted. My little girls love it (I can't keep their hands off of it) and it is the bag I carry the most. I have had so may compliments on the detail of your work. You were such a pleasure to work with and I appreciate your "just right" communication. Hope you're doing well. Thanks again, Mary Kay
From:Wayne, PA
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Jean SpanjersFriday, 4/22/16, 12:19 AM
Your purses look amazing! I've been looking at them online now for months and I can finally look for real😁
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Barbara BThursday, 2/4/16, 3:58 PM
I am the happy proud ecstatic owner of a custom made leather bag by David Anderson! I cannot express in words my pure joy when I opened the box today....WOW! I love everything about it and am completely in awe of the braiding work on this purse. Thank you David for being a true artist and creating such amazing leather goods!
From:Churchville NY
Web Site: Another Time
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CherylTuesday, 1/19/16, 5:41 PM
Hi Dave, I received the purse you made me yesterday. It is just like I wanted!! I LOVE IT!! I am sure I will get lots of compliments on it and I will give them your website. I always have your card in my wallet. Thanks again and I am sure I will be contacting you for something else that you can make me. You are the best when it comes to leather! Cheryl
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PatrickSunday, 12/13/15, 1:50 PM
Hi Dave, I was left speechless when I opened the box; the pictures on the website do not do your work justice; my vest is perfect in fit, style, and quality, I could not be happier. Thank you for all the effort that went into my work of art, I will enjoy it for many years to come. Patrick
From:BC Canada
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Trey RoperFriday, 12/4/15, 10:54 AM
Attention shoppers, Dave does a type of work you just don't see much anymore.I ordered on of his barrel bags with my specs and color choices and Dave worked closely with me all the way.When the bag arrived it met all my expectations and then some.I will be a repeat customer.Dave comes highly recommended from me. Trey
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DeedeeSunday, 10/25/15, 10:19 AM
helen jane blowersFriday, 8/21/15, 1:15 PM
I just received my 6th master piece, its just as gorgeous as the others. I will never be able to wear all these out in my lifetime. If you are looking for the best leather bags ever, then this is the place to buy! They are well worth the wait !
From:Hot Springs AR
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Tim MillerMonday, 8/10/15, 6:28 PM
I wanted to get a custom vest made for my brother. The design I had Iin mind, was completely different from anything I could find on the Internet. I stumbled on to Dave's site. I knew just looking at his work, that this was the closest I would get to what I wanted built. Little did I know what a great artist and craftsman he is. With just a grainy Polaroid picture, and some measurments, Dave was able to create a unique vest,that far surpassed my expectations. It is a wearable piece of art that is absolutely spectacular! Everything about it is unique. The pockets, the cut, the leather braiding, and the fit were beyond remarkable. It looked like my brother before he even put it on. He treasures it. It is such a personal piece, and truly one of a kind. Thank you Dave for making this. Tim
From:Julian, California
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Wes LuloffWednesday, 3/4/15, 6:43 PM
I started to inquire with Dave on a leather biker vest in the Fall. I originally wanted a moose hide vest but was unable to find any hides locally. Dave had the contacts and set me up with a supplier. I ordered it and had it shipped directly to Dave. In the meantime I had sketched him up a design. He was very prompt in returning any email and very helpful on suggesting but not telling me how to design. I knew from the emails that he was a perfectionist and he worried about detail, which is what I wanted. The moose hide arrived and Dave let me know it had and sent photo's of it. Although it was suitable , I could tell that it was not up to his standard. He said he would send samples of his leather and when I received them I knew why. His leather is nothing short of top quality, no blemishes, dyed right through and a little heavier. We picked out a colour and I am happy that he made the effort to send me swatches. The man does quality work and wants his leather work to stand out. Although he had my design and what I desired, he always kept me appraised of the progress. Even though we has settled on the design through a lot of emails, if he thought something could be improved or there was a better way of doing it he would contact me first. I am very happy that he did because his suggestions improved upon my design. I could not be happier. The workmanship is of the highest standard, quality of leather is excellent, his braiding is by far the neatest I have seen. If you let Dave make you any leather item you will not be disappointed, he is an artist. Thanks Dave for high standards and the odd email on our mutual interest on dog sled races during the Yukon Quest. Wes
From:Thunder Bay
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Diane ScanlonTuesday, 1/6/15, 8:19 PM
I LOVE my bag! I'm sure I will be the envy of all my friends this year. I'll pass on your info- Thank you for taking such pride in your work. That doesn't happen very often these days.
Web Site: Diane Scanlon
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Patti McNamaraWednesday, 12/31/14, 10:04 AM
Although waiting is never easy, the purse you created was so well worth it. I was lucky enough to pick it as my one present to open last night. From the initial feel of the leather to the exquisite braiding the quality of the purse is unbelievable. It was even more breathe taking than I could imagine. This is certainly going to go down as one of my all time favorite Christmas gift. I so will enjoy using it every day. Thanks so much for all your hard work.
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TraceySaturday, 12/20/14, 8:52 PM
I recently had a zippered biker vest and zippered vest extender made by Dave. Having never met Dave, trying to size the vest over the internet and my high standards made me nervous, but I gave Dave a chance. Communication with Dave was great and he walked me through the process of sizing and picking out hide colors. To say I am happy with my vest is an understatement! The sizing came out perfect and the quality of the leather is top shelf. I have alot of Brothers who wear leather vests that cost as much if not more than mine and the quality of work and materials does not come close to Dave's. I get compliments on my vest everytime I wear it! With the holidays I was concerned about putting on a few extra pounds so I had to give Dave the ultimate challenge and ask him to make a zippered leather vest extension. I was surprised when Dave took the challenge, since I don't believe anyone makes them. Most folks split the sides and have laces put in. The extender Dave made me matches and fits my vest perfectly and is completely removable for warm weather wear. I asked for a 3" extender and Dave suggested a 1 1/2" extender. I am very glad I listened to Dave, Thanks Dave! If you are looking to purchase a top quality handmade custom vest, I suggest you give Dave a chance. You truly do get what you pay for and in this day and age that's unheard of! Thanks Dave! Tracey
From:Katy TX
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Dennis ScarboroughSunday, 11/2/14, 4:56 PM
I like looks of your vest
From:Union City TN
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Jim RamseyThursday, 8/28/14, 6:57 AM
I like your work. The items are well designed, braiding is excellent, and the results are very attractive. I'm intrigued that you have been able to make a living with the craft. I've thought about doing that, and have a sole proprietorship of my own called Epona Leatherworks. It is difficult to produce products very quickly with a full time job, but I do stay busy. Word of mouth has been a good method of advertising for me. If I may ask, even though it is none of my business, how do you price the items so that you do not cheat yourself, and do not scare away customers at the same time? I appreciate the fact that you have made a fulfilling career of leather work. I don't have a website or facebook account at this time. If you would be interested in seeing any of my work, I could email you a few pictures. Speaking of pictures, your presentation and lighting of the items on your website shows each item very well.
From:Plainfield, Indiana
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DeedeeMonday, 8/11/14, 8:04 PM
I received my Double Flapped handbag and itís just so stunning to look at- I canít stop looking at it, I keep admiring it 24/7. The rich lavish color of mahogany leather is simply beautiful (smooth and thick). This is the second handbag Dave has made for me, the Roll Button handbag was the first one he made me and I still love it after ten years. I wanted Dave to make the Double Flapped bag in a larger size, with a middle braid going from the back to the front with fringe on the end as well as fringe on the sides, which he did. His workmanship is unbelievable and if you think about it ďwhere else could one go to have someone make a custom handbag for you?Ē I donít think there is a place. This bag is well worth every penny spent and Daveís communication during the construction of the bag was superb. This bag is the most luxurious leather bag, the finest quality leather Iíve ever felt and on the inside its suede. Super nice bag!!! Itís my ďway cool bagĒ the style is one that will never go out of style. Iím so in love with it!!! Thank you Dave, you are master at your handbag craftsmanship and your designs. And most of all thank you for making me one the size I wanted and adding the detail to the bag. And of course thanks for the matching key chains!!!
From:Bowie, Maryland
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HosseinWednesday, 8/6/14, 7:46 AM
Hi Dear Dav, It was so pleased to see your Artifacts, I am interested in all kind of Artifacts and new experiencing, I am looking for some sort of step by step illustration of Pineapple knot making, But unfortunately only some complicated patterns I get , Due to our Banking system I can`t have Credit card to buy from Internet, please hep me with some manual to make Pineapple knot or Gaucho , Sincerely yours Hossein
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Lisa WrabekTuesday, 7/29/14, 10:00 PM
Dave made a social purse for me. It is the third one I have purchased from him. It is an all-around satchel that I can carry almost anything in, even scarves! It was specifically measured to handle my IPad, which I also tote about routinely. It is braided with mahogany and chestnut and has garnered rave reviews amongst my pals and cohorts. He also made me a vest once that I will never forget.. Stage- worthy and elegant. I intend to order a fancy one with lapels for my husband to honor his retirement this year!
From:Currently International Falls
Where did you hear about this site?  Dave Anderson
Mary AnnFriday, 6/27/14, 7:50 AM
Dave, I received my bag Wednesday and it is awesome! The workmanship is superior to anything I have ever owned and I know everyone who sees it will want one! Thank you so much! I will be ordering from you again soon!
From:North Carolina
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ValerieMonday, 6/23/14, 8:10 PM
My search is for a handmade, in the USA, a soft and unique leather bag. After a few hours of visiting a variety of websites I have just what I am looking for! Will be saving my milk money and look forward to ordering one soon!
From:Bremerton, Washington
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JanieMonday, 5/12/14, 10:51 AM
Dear Dave: My new Custom 01 bag is absolutely beautiful and the craftsmanship is superb. I offer my sincere thanks for everything, including the limitless patience you had in discussing the best way to construct the bag to match what I envisioned, your expertise and, most of all, to turn my wish into a reality. The style, design, leather color combination (black and mahogany), feel and functionality all came together to make a one-of-a-kind bag that I am thrilled to call mine. With appreciation and many thanks, Janie (NJ) PS This is my second order with you, and I want to share that my first bag (ordered in 2011) is just as beautiful as the day it arrived.
Where did you hear about this site?  returning customer
Helen BlowersFriday, 4/4/14, 11:25 AM
I just recieved my 5th bag, yes 5th!!! and its just as beautiful as the others! I have one is just about every style now! So Dave create another style! I have the roll button, the V, the large tote and a small tote, just got the Sienna! The craftmanship is outstanding! well worth the money and the wait!
From:Hot Springs AR
Where did you hear about this site?  online
Judy ShepherdFriday, 11/29/13, 1:28 PM
Hi Dave- I just had to write back- now that I have carried my gorgeous Sennit bag and tell you that I just love love love it!!! The details, the quality of the hardware, the excellence in the stitching and braiding, the design- all beyond compare!! I have many bags- machine made and man made and THIS bag is by FAR the most beautiful and the most finely made!! I am in awe of your craftsmanship and artistry!! Many, many thanks! Judy
From:St. Paul, MN
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Ray RicciSaturday, 11/16/13, 7:59 AM
My brother and our son have had vests made by Dave for over 15 years,,,,They still look great and every year they seem to get softer and more comfortable... Dave you are a true artist! Thanks My friend.
Where did you hear about this site?  From Dave
helen blowersFriday, 10/11/13, 2:13 AM
Yet again another wonderful bag, this is my forth and guess what Dave? I have my next year's style picked out already! I highly recommend these bags, they are worth the money and the wait!!
From:hot springs ar
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negarMonday, 10/7/13, 2:34 AM
SomayeSaturday, 9/28/13, 12:52 AM
Dear Dave your handmade purese are uniqe.I really like to make by myself but unfortunety,az Elham said there are not any good book in Iran. Would you mind advising me?
Where did you hear about this site?  Google
TeresaSaturday, 8/31/13, 8:11 PM
I had been longing for a "V" bag for some time, finally ordered it, and just recieved it. With in the first hour I had to show it off! The high quality and craftmanship is well worth the wait. Love this bag, and I plan to order another. I can't say enough about how happy I am with this purchase. Thanks Dave!
From:San Jose, CA
elhamThursday, 8/8/13, 4:43 PM
dear ... I'm so happy to meet your site. Your handicrafts are so beautiful I want to learn the pattern of them how can I make them how can learn in my country there isn't any good book to learn leatherwork bags and i cant bye some good books from abroad so i don't know how can i learn it it's my favorite things so would you mind if i ask you to learn me?
Where did you hear about this site?  by chance
LeslieThursday, 6/27/13, 2:20 AM
Dave, The barrel bag arrived today and itŅs stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it and itŅs exactly what I wanted. The quality of the leather and the craftsmanship far exceeded my expectations. Many thanks and thanks for the keychain as well. I know it will give me great pleasure to wear something made by a talented American artist.
From:New York
Web Site: LJV Designs
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Helen BlowersThursday, 6/13/13, 11:22 AM
I received my third bag from Dave today! a beautiful huge tote! i couldn't be happier, this beauty will outlive me, that's for sure! If you are looking for quality, craftsmanship and unique bags then Dave's your man! You know i,ll be back !!ps its worth the wait!!
From:Hot Springs AR
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Steve JonesFriday, 5/31/13, 6:17 AM
I ordered a vest from Dave this past winter. I was pretty sure when I ordered it I had come to the right place. Well, let me tell you, the vest far exceeded even my greatest expectations. It is truly a piece of art and I can truthfully say it will be the last vest I will ever buy.
From:Manchester, Iowa
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