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 Friday, 3/4/11, 8:52 AM
Wow, looks like a real page turner. Thanks to Joan Magnotta for telling me Monkey Pudding.
Joan MagnottaMonday, 2/28/11, 1:35 PM
Looks great - can't wait to
From:Scranton, PA
GaryThursday, 2/10/11, 9:08 AM
Wow a real Dramatic Novel.... Thank you for visiting Bruce Travel in Sunny Hallandale Beach Fla 33009. Hope to see you on A Cruise Soon. Thanks Gary Cossin
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Bob ESunday, 9/26/10, 1:03 PM
Just checking in. I've added PayPal to my website
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slb2Thursday, 12/24/09, 10:42 PM
Hey Jerry, hope more folks from Gather stop by.
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Robert (Bob) ThompsonMonday, 11/23/09, 7:01 AM
Hi Jerry. Thanks for visiting my site. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. You have a very nice site and most interesting book. I couldn't help but think of a great title when reading your first chapter: "Lumpy Grits". (Second book?). I don't have a lumpy grit story in my book but have a rather hilarious story about a spaghetti feed we had in Vietnam, a comic cook and a "Giant cockroach". Just a little bit of "Everything Happened..." All the best with your book!
Web Site: Everything Happened In Vietnam: The Year of the Rat
Lee LevinsonWednesday, 9/16/09, 11:16 AM
Hi JB, Thanks for the birthday wishes. The happy event occurs on Sept. 18th. I've stopped whatever the number is won't even matter. Best, Lee
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J. W. ThompsonWednesday, 7/29/09, 2:30 PM
Great looking site---sounds like a good book too Jim
From:Daytona Beach
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Sandy BorokFriday, 6/19/09, 2:09 PM
Great book Jerry. I couldn't go to sleep when reading it. Can't wait for your next book and I hope some movieproducer picks it up as I see you adapted it to a movie script. A powerful action drama you have written.
From:Scranton PA
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BOB E SHERMANThursday, 1/22/09, 6:15 AM
Jerry I got here from a link on the FWA website.
EvaGaborThursday, 1/8/09, 7:14 PM
Happy New Year!
Gary BlincoSunday, 9/7/08, 7:04 PM
Just finished Monkey Pudding - great read. Have posted a review.
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KazelyolFriday, 6/6/08, 11:45 PM
Hi webmaster!
KazellgbFriday, 6/6/08, 11:45 PM
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Robet MykleSunday, 2/17/08, 8:34 AM
Jerry call me old boy. Robert Mykle 561-066-8488
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RogerFriday, 10/19/07, 8:28 AM
Jerry, it's always nice to see you and Sandy. Cristina said she showed you several fishing locations and that your gps will definitely come in handy. I'm guessing that you have a new web site which looks terrific. Best wishes to you both, Roger and Cristina
Thomas WestonSaturday, 6/23/07, 5:01 PM
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From:Largo, Florida
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Sheridan ClaudeWednesday, 2/7/07, 12:27 PM
Hey, Jerry! Nice website! My compliments! I know you're looking forward to the release of the revised edition of your novel, Monkey Pudding. Hope it goes well for you and is a great success. Sheridan
From:Florida, USA
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ZuraMonday, 1/29/07, 9:13 AM
Thanks for visiting my site! Best of luck with your writing!! :)
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lea shermanFriday, 12/29/06, 3:42 AM
Capt BobSunday, 11/19/06, 5:45 AM
Monkey Pudding would be a great name for your boat
Granny DragonSunday, 1/22/06, 11:24 AM
Nice website. Thanks for the invitation.*S* Do you have more books in the works?
From:Oregon USA
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Everett BealTuesday, 1/17/06, 3:28 PM
Hello partner in crime. Enjoyed toying around your site, good story. Lotta foolishness going around with Frey and Library of Congress. What hurts my feelings is Frey the con and addict snowed Oprah and Larry. I have dealth with addicts like him for a few years in a Detox Center and Personal Growth Center pharmacies. I am doing my damndest to get on Oprahs show etc. We don't know'til we ask. Keep writing, I like it. Everett
Justin BlountWednesday, 10/5/05, 12:32 PM
I have completed your site and the book is great
From:Leesburg, FL
Paul M. StricklerSaturday, 9/17/05, 3:31 PM
I have to admit, with a title like "Monkey Pudding," you right away have to be asking yourself--what's this? What does it mean? Talk about grabbing your reader--Jerry does it right off the cover!
From:Hudsonville, MI
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F. EhrenbergTuesday, 7/19/05, 5:53 AM
This book grabbed my attention from the start. Anyone who has served in the military will love this book, but frankly, anyone who enjoys a captivating read will want to buy this book, whether or not you were in the military. The book is just that good. You can't put it down. Why isn't this a movie yet?
From:Major, US Army Reserves, Judge Advocate General's Corp.
dr larry spilerThursday, 3/3/05, 6:55 AM
The beginning was vert caotivating
From:rochester new york
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Hank HudsonSunday, 9/26/04, 6:20 AM
Congrat's on your book. I know it's a long, lonely process. I started my mystery/thriller book "Believe The Fortune Cookie," but now turned it into a screenplay and found that type of writing more satisfying. Have already gotten a couple of agents wanting to read it. Would like to hear from anyone doing screenwriting.
From:Deerfield Beach, FL
Harry AngusSunday, 9/5/04, 12:30 PM
Hi, I am new at Ryze and I was trying to get in contact with you. My wife and I are involved in boating and I just wrote my first book on boating. I would like to know how to get involved in Ryze, such as adding people as freinds, sending messages etc. Maybe you can help. Thanks a lot Harry
From:Pembroke Pines, Fl
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John H BurnsWednesday, 4/7/04, 11:35 AM
Sounds Intriguing. Page turner.
From:Manassas, VA
Web Site: John Harrington Burns
Bev SchlosserThursday, 3/25/04, 2:23 PM
I enjoyed reading the synopsis about your book. If I ever get caught up on my reading from being gone on that cruise, I'll get it and read it. Knowing the author personally will mean alot.
From:So Dakota
Web Site: NA
Margaret BestWednesday, 2/11/04, 12:24 PM
I'll buy the book when you come to our SFWA meetings.
Rob MowbraySunday, 1/25/04, 9:41 PM
Hi Jerry!
From:Now - Australia. Then - England
Len MassaarMonday, 12/29/03, 5:28 PM
Jerry, congratulations & best wishes for the success of this book. Looks great! Regards, Len
Ruth WalshTuesday, 12/9/03, 6:02 AM
Web Site: no
Email: no
James A Graves, Jr.Friday, 11/28/03, 3:50 PM
Nice site. Easy to navigate. Congrats on getting Monkey Pudding in the big chain stores. Way to go! jag
From:Northwest Florida
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James CumesTuesday, 10/21/03, 9:15 PM
I like your site and what I've seen of your writing. The Korean War and Vietnam? You've seen a lot of action. Thanks for your message and all best wishes.
Web Site: Bookshelf of James Cumes
Joseph SoltisSaturday, 9/20/03, 5:00 PM
Enjoyed your book. Easy reading and fast moving. You have a lot of sexy broads in the story; too many for one Nam Vet to handle and keep his sanity. Good luck on future endeavors!
From:Celebrity Galaxy
Cindy CadeloMonday, 8/25/03, 8:17 PM
Sounds like Monkey Pudding is a very strong story and would translate into a great action action screenplay. I wish the author best of luck with it. Sincerely, Cindy Cadelo,author The Legacy Loyalties
From:Longwood, FL
Web Site:
Patrick McNameeMonday, 8/11/03, 12:22 AM
Sounds like a great read! I'll post back after I get a chance to read it.
From:Chicago, Il
Clay HeeryThursday, 7/31/03, 11:16 AM
Jerry -- best of luck (and stay away from the stairs!). --C
Kathie LamarcheTuesday, 7/22/03, 5:14 AM
Jerry, What an attractive website! And the book looks very intriguing. Thanks for steering me in your direction. Kathie
Web Site: same
JoanSunday, 7/20/03, 12:11 PM
Hi Jerry, Your book sounds very interesting. My brother was an assistant chaplain in Viet Nam 1968-69. Regards, Joan
Web Site: Joan Lewis Books
Dr. Eva Gabor BanSaturday, 6/21/03, 4:23 PM
Hi, Jerry, I am looking forward to read your book. I love it already.
DavidFriday, 6/13/03, 1:13 PM
Kristina O'DonnellyFriday, 5/30/03, 4:21 PM
Jerry Congratulations on the republishing of your very well written novel, Monkey Pudding. You are talented, energetic, and your stories are gripping. Full sail ahoy! Blessings to you and yours, Kristina
From:Inverness FL by way of The World
Herb LeManWednesday, 12/11/02, 9:28 AM
Hi Jerry: Your book seems very interesting, judging from the sample chapter. I take it you were in Vietnam? I Have four novels out now, and have just finished a fifth novel. Good luck to you. HERB
From:Sunny Isles, FLorida
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stuart a. sandowWednesday, 8/21/02, 3:43 PM
reviews is misspelled on home page. otherwise I love it. look forward to geting together with you at the convention or earlier.
From:palm beach
marvin d goldfarbFriday, 8/9/02, 4:31 AM
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From:nyc usa
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marvin d goldfarbFriday, 8/9/02, 4:30 AM
great site. please visit my site which features gods creatures. you will see them describe themselves via poems and photos. ps please sign my guestbook.
From:nyc usa
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