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List of Features and Services

SiteBuilder Tools

Use our award-winning SiteBuilder software to build your website. No programming or HTML skills are needed, just download the software and simply drag and drop content onto your pages. Among the useful features are password protection, web polls, feedback forms and multimedia support.

You can also make changes to your website with our easy-to-use SiteBuilder Lite tool that requires no download. Manage your content, change images and do basic site maintenance with the SiteBuilder Lite.


Number of Web Pages

A website consists of individual pages; for example, an index page, a photos page, an "About Us" page.


Number of Websites

A website consists of individual web pages. Most Homestead packages include an unlimited number of Homestead websites such as You can build as many different sites as you need.


Domain Name

A personalized domain name is a unique address on the Internet for your website such as Visitors type your domain name into their web browsers to find you online. Homestead will manage your domain name registration and renewal.


Matching Subdomains

Subdomains allow you to create easy-to-remember URLs for specific areas of your site. Homestead uses subdomains for specialized areas of our site, such as


Hmail Boxes

Homestead Mail (Hmail) is a robust email and calendaring tool designed for small business. With Hmail you can access your email and personal calendar from any computer. Hmail also includes built-in anti-spam and anti-virus protection.


Hmail Suite Accounts

Hmail Suite is a powerful email and calendaring tool which provides collaborative scheduling for your work group, advanced mail organization features, the ability to access email on a mobile device, and much more. Most small businesses use Hmail Suite accounts for their core employees.


Search Engine Advertising Credit

Some website packages include a monthly credit towards any Homestead SearchLight package. Homestead SearchLight makes it easy to advertise your website on the world's most popular search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Our expert consultants take care of everything from keyword generation to bid management…leaving you time to focus on your business. See the Promoting Your Site section for more details.


Disk Space

A website consists of text, graphics, sound and image files. Disk space is a measure of how much space these files take up on a web server.


Data Transfer (Bandwidth)

Every time someone visits your site, data (text, images) flows from our web servers to your visitor's computer. Your bandwidth is the total of all data requested by all your visitors. The larger the files on your website and the more visitors you have, the more bandwidth you need. Bandwidth is the key to ensuring that your website is visible to all your visitors.


Email Support

All packages include unlimited, free email support. You can count on detailed, accurate and quick email responses, regardless of your inquiry.


Toll-free Phone Support

High-quality, toll-free phone is available to help you. We'll answer your questions and even provide hands-on help with your site. Just call us at 1-800-710-1998.


Online Training

Interactive online training courses are available free to all customers. These sessions are led by a Homestead expert who will teach you how to take advantage of all the Homestead website building and hosting features.



A complete, easy-to-use ecommerce solution is available with Homestead Storefront. You get all you need to build and maintain a successful online store. Set up a customer-focused store complete with shopping cart, product catalog and search, PayPal and credit card payment processing, eBay auctions, and promotions. Advanced management tools are available such as QuickBooks integration, advanced reporting, and inventory and order management. Homestead Storefront can grow with your business as you gain customers, offer more products and have more specialized needs.


SiteBuilder Lite

Make changes to your website with this easy-to-use tool that requires no download. Manage your content, change images and do basic site maintenance with SiteBuilder Lite.


SiteBuilder Software

Use our award-winning SiteBuilder software to build and edit your website. No programming or HTML skills are needed. Simply drag and drop content onto your pages to make them look and function exactly the way you want. Download SiteBuilder onto your computer and edit your website as often as you like. Best of all, you get free and automatic updates of the SiteBuilder software as improvements are made.


1-Click Publishing

With the SiteBuilder software's 1-Click Publishing feature, you can be on the Internet with a click of a button. Just build your website then click the "Publish" button. It's that quick and easy.


Interactive Tools

Add interactive features to make your website dynamic. Include a Web poll to find out your visitors' opinions, create forms to survey your customers, or create an email link or set up a Guest Book to give visitors a way to contact you. These powerful interactive tools enhance your website and make two-way communication between you and your visitors more efficient.


Ad-free Hosting

Your website will be available to your visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our powerful hosting capabilities. There are no distracting ads to take the focus away from your website.


Site Statistics

Included with all Homestead packages are informative and useful site statistics. There's real-time data, user-defined date ranges, referring site information, and exportable reports. You can learn which pages are most popular, where your visitors are coming from, and much more. Create a successful website with this information by refining your site design and fine-tuning your promotional efforts.


Design Services

If you need a little help building your website use a professional web designer. They're knowledgeable with the SiteBuilder software and our services and can help you get started or build your site from scratch.