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Margret Hancock PearceThursday, 5/13/04, 9:29 AM
I am desended from John Wallis (1) Lewis Ellis Wallis (2) Minnie Dora Wallis (3) Olga Buchanan (4), [my mother].
From:Dallas, Texas
andy jaySunday, 5/9/04, 2:43 PM
From:rockmart ,ga
Bud JayFriday, 4/23/04, 5:39 PM
I, with my father, were former members. As soon as my wife and I get resettled(following our move back to Annapolis from Arizona) I plan on getting serious about researching my Jay line, which unfortunately I only know back to my great- grandfather Joseph J. Jay, husband of Mary A. Wainwright. I have an old copy of the JFI but will order a new one as well as a CD after renewing my membership. Of course, I plan on taking advantage of my proximity to the Maryland Archives as well as what I can find in D.C. Will be looking for some help and guidance when I get started.
Fred R.JohnsonSaturday, 2/28/04, 12:34 PM
Looking for information on Rufus Jay that married Elizabeth Johnson date unkown.She was a daughter of my Grandparents,John Wesley Johnson and Margaret (Mary) A.F. Leigh/Lee.NC-TN-GA. Thanks for any info. Fred
Donald E. SimmonsTuesday, 2/17/04, 1:32 PM
Correcting typing errors: I haven't checked the Jay Family Website since before attending the Waco Workshop. Thank you, DonS.
From:Brookshire. TX 77423-8752
Winston JayMonday, 2/16/04, 9:02 AM
I am descended from John H. Jay--James Jay-William Marion Jay-William David Jay-AronH. Jay. I am looking for info on James A. Jay, and anything beyond John H. Thanks Winston Jay
From:Pace., Fl.
Kim ConroyFriday, 1/23/04, 9:38 AM
I am descended from Martin Welsie Jay (b. abt 1785, NJ)and Elizabeth Edwards (b 22 May 1796) His granddaughter, Amanda JAY is my grgrgrandmother.
From:Columbus, OH
Web Site: Tangwystl
Ann JaySaturday, 1/17/04, 6:35 PM
From:Gorman, Texas
Joy J. BartholomewThursday, 1/8/04, 10:20 AM
My first marriage was to a Jay and my children are descended from the Jay line. I am putting a Jay book together for them.
Ronald E. ToopsWednesday, 12/17/03, 9:45 AM
My connection is through Charity Wright, who married William Marshall. I have an old letter, dated November 5h, 1841, from Brother Right Wright to sisters, Mary Brooks or Charrity Marshall. Right Wright names ... uncle John Jay and aunt Lucy ... uncle James and Jemima Jay ... mills and matilda Jay ... also: brother William Wright, Nathan Wright, Nathan Coppock, Henry (Wright) ... This letter along with other records indicate to me that some of these Jays are the siblings of "Sarah Jay" who is a daughter of William Jay. I can send a copy of who you feel is the major contributor to your association if you think it provides the value that I see. What is the price of the Jay Family Index ...membership?
Lorena BobbMonday, 12/8/03, 8:41 AM
I am Granddaughter of Anna Susan Jay who parents was James Henry Jay and Susan Ann Berry. Granddaughter of William Berry and Sarah Coulter. Joseph Jay and Sarah A. Warthen My sister and I are searching so any relation.
Eric HowardSunday, 11/23/03, 8:08 PM
Son of JoAnn Jay Howard Grandson of Ted R. Jay Great-Grandson of Jessie C. Jay
From:b. Texas/currently: AZ
Pat BagwellSunday, 11/23/03, 8:50 AM
I also want to invite you all to join us on the JAY- L surname mail list. You can subscribe by going to: to surname mail lists, to JAY. Or you can send email to: JAY-D- and put in 1st line of body: subscribe Looking forward to seeing you all on the list, and hopefully, someone on the list may know of your Jay ancestors! Pat, JAY-L List Manager, JFA Historian
Pat BagwellSunday, 11/23/03, 8:46 AM
We're planning on having a Jay gathering in the Fall of 2004 (Sept or Oct.) in Central Texas, Round Rock, TX, which is located just a few miles of Austin, TX. All folks who are related to any Jay's are invited to come. Bring photo albums, Family tree charts, and anything else related to our Jay ancestors. We would love to see all of you. We are also planning to have a Jay Family Association Meeting. Pat Bagwell,
Ann Campbell JayMonday, 11/17/03, 8:07 PM
From:Gorman, Texas
Robyn Madara JaySunday, 10/19/03, 1:53 PM
Looking for information on the Jay family in the New York and Indiana areas. The lineage is as follows: James William Jay b. 1885 Cragin IL Wright Jay b. 1841 Otsego Co., NY William Jay b. 1810 Delaware Co., NY Margaret Jay b. 1783 Delaware Co., NY near Delhi, NY Are any of our cousins out there???
From:Bloomsburg, PA
Guy PerryThursday, 9/25/03, 6:16 PM
From:Georgetown, TX
Joyce WilsonTuesday, 9/23/03, 10:49 PM
Just checking this out. Vince told me this summer that my great great great grandmother Mary Charles was a Jay before marriage. Sooo- looking to see what this family is all about. Looks like a great place to learn about them. Joyce
From:Washington State
Aimee JaySunday, 9/21/03, 5:13 PM
I am looking for any info on Jay's From Edgefield SC anything would be great.
From:Aiken SC
Janet L. Whatley-OrendorffTuesday, 9/9/03, 7:51 PM
Hello! My name is Janet L. Whatley-Orendorff and my father Jimmie Lee Whatley's mother was Mary Alice (Jay)e. Mary Alice's parents were Thomas E. and Mary Elizabeth McDonald-(Jay)e from Baldwin County, Alabama. My (Jay)e line as researched to date is as follows: Thomas E.(Jay)e Grndfthr and Mary Elizabeth McDonald, John Stinson (Jay)e GGrndfthr and Elizabeth Smith, John H. (Jay)e GGGrndfthr and Edna Stinson, Joseph (Jay)e GGGGrndfthr and Mary Minnie Cothran, William (Jay)e GGGGGrndfthr and Mary Elizabeth Vestal, Joesph John (Jay)e GGGGGGrndfthr and Ann Oakford. Hope to learn more about the (Jay)e family through the (Jay)e Family Association.
From:Worthington, Ohio
Donald E. SimmonsSunday, 7/27/03, 5:32 PM
New member since June 27, 2003
From:Brookshire, Texas
Arthur charles JayTuesday, 7/15/03, 3:36 AM
I did not realise how big the Jay familly really is , untill I started to look on the net. Its great to see so many members over sea's Like to hear from some off and see were the conections are.
From:Whangarei, New Zealand
Donald Eddy SimmonsWednesday, 6/18/03, 2:07 PM
I am a descendant of William Jay (4435)born July 12, 1810 in Virginia; married Eliza Jane Caylor January 2, 1844 in Fayette County, Ohio (NOT Covington County County, Kentuckey. SOURCE: copy of their marriage license). William Jay is my Great grandfather. We have about 946 names in our Jay database. I am having trouble making a connection to contact the Secretary.
From:Brookshire, Texas 77423-8752
Email: des3110@earthlink,net
Ralph PooreSaturday, 5/31/03, 10:06 AM
Interesting site.
From:Mobile, Alabama, now residing in Boise, Idaho
Web Site: FamilyTreeMaker website for Ralph and Becky Poore
Joan Reeves ThompsonSaturday, 5/17/03, 10:54 AM
I am Joan Reeves Thompson of Ruidoso, NM. My Aunt Frankie (Rickels) Reeves, 87 years young, is a descendant of Sarah Jay b. 1852 Gilmer Co., GA. Her Father was James M. Jay b. 10/10/1830 Hall Co., GA., d. 6/2/1912 Stephens Co., TX. Sarah's Mother was Rachel ? b. ? d. ? James M. married 3 times that we know of. Sarah married Aaron Rickels b. 1853, Germany. Aaron's Mother was Johanna Kessel who married Johann Rickes in Germany. Johanna's second husband was James M. Jay, yes Sarah's Mother in law. I think James M.'s Father was William Jay and Mother Lydia ? This site is so nice. Wish one of you could get me back further on the Jay's for my Aunt. Joan Reeves Thompson Ruidoso, NM
From:Ruidoso, NM
M.G. "Jerry" SpencerSaturday, 4/26/03, 8:59 PM
I am a descendant of William and Anna Wallis who were born inthe 1777 time period. They migrated from Warren Co., TN to Hall Co., GA about 1827 and are buried in Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery in Forsyth Co., GA. Their daughter married David Jay Jr. in Forsyth Co. and they moved to Walker Co., Ga where they are buried.
From:Grapevine, TX
Charles W.JaySaturday, 3/22/03, 3:58 PM
A fine job on the web site! I enjoyed reading the bulletins. Keep up the good work! Cordially, Charles
From:Nashville, Tennessee
myra reidySunday, 3/16/03, 7:58 PM
Webb Jay, IVMonday, 3/3/03, 8:18 PM
I am decendent of Webb Jay, Sr AKA Wilbur Jay he was married to a Macie Harris in the 1920's in Fort Smith, Arkansas, they resided for some time in Oklahoma and in Texas, Webb (wilbur) Sr's father was William Jay married to Cora Payne Scott. Webb Sr, had a sister Pauline Jay and other siblings, I have lots of information on the Scott line am looking for more information on the Jay Line do have a Jay family bible with information on births and marriages feel free to contact me always fun and encouraging to here from cousins I didn't know I had.
From:Destrehan, La
Ann ChristmannMonday, 1/27/03, 1:22 PM
My Jay line moved to Lenawee MI in 1836. As is everyone, I am looking for information on them.
From:Houston, TX
Bud JayTuesday, 11/5/02, 10:49 AM
A former member returns. In 1970's my father corresponded with Mrs. Bradley and I have followed up on several leads but can't establish lineage of my great-grandfather,Joseph J. Jay,who married Mary Ann Wainwright in 1872 in AL. Although family history says he died in 1878, I found him in 1880 Census with indication he was born about 1847 in AL and his parents were from SC. An older brother was named Larkin Jay. Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks to all who have made this a great resource for Jay researchers. After researching my mother's family for the past year, it was great to return to my father's and find all this data so well organized.
From:b.Dallas;now AZ and Annapolis.
Frances Lois Hobbs StricklandFriday, 8/16/02, 10:19 PM
I descend from the Allen Jay & Charity Haines Jay -- Isaiah & Martha Denney Jay Pearl Jay Hobbs & Joe Berry Hobbs -- F. Lois Hobbs Strickland & J. Clyde Strickland -- son Richard D. Hilburn, Jr now Md to Gussie Muncy Hilburn -- sons Leslie Joseph and Andrew Ryan Hilburn
From:McAlester, Oklahoma
Web Site: none
Sandra P. JayMonday, 7/29/02, 6:51 PM
Linda Willuweit-JoySaturday, 6/15/02, 2:01 PM
Thanks for the links to other web sites with info on the JAY family! I'm researching Joseph JAY (m. Mary Jane HAINES) and Allen JAY (m. Charity HAINES), both sons of William JAY and Rachel MILLS. The HAINES girls married the JAYs in Henry Co IA and were daughters of Job HAINES and Mary BLACK. I'm looking for other people researching this same families.
Web Site: OH / IA Descendants of Richard HAINES
Sherryll BowmanSunday, 3/31/02, 8:18 PM
I am very interested in your family information as I am related to the Jays and don't know much about them. I would like to become a member.
From:White City, OR
james jayFriday, 2/22/02, 8:04 AM
geat job preparing he report
From:Tyler, TX
Vanessa SmithSunday, 1/20/02, 11:12 AM
On your guest book it at sign in it says "or" I think you meant to say "our"--and question I emailed to you about the crest link requiring a password. Great job!
From:Houston, TX
D. Scott JonesTuesday, 11/6/01, 12:55 AM
Ejoying the help this site gives. Leon Hatchat has been a big help in my genealoy efforts though I don't descend from Francis Jones III. I do descend from the following: Francis Sr(1663)>Henry>Isaac Sr>Isaac Jr>Evan Jones>William Howard Jones>Berry Derwood Jones>Irby Starling Jones>Joel Bruce Jonel>me. It's great to meet new cousins even if we are removed several times. Scott
From:Carrollton KY
Donna PearsonFriday, 10/12/01, 8:24 PM
I am the great granddaughter of William C, Jay. My grandmother is Ruth Jay Burns.
Pat BagwellTuesday, 10/9/01, 11:52 AM
James, you have a great web site! It's good to see that everybody is sharing their Jay line. My husband descends from his mother's side of the family, Kay Jay Bagwell, to Ted R. Jay, to Jesse Lee Jay, to Jesse C. Jay, to George Simeon Jay, b. ca 1806 SC?, (we believe) to Jesse Jay d. 1837 SC, to Mary Cothran & Joseph Jay, to Mary Vestal & William Jay. Would love to get in contact with descendants of this line.
From:Round Rock, TX
Margaret Beheler JayMonday, 10/8/01, 4:18 PM
Great, you are doing a great Job.
From:North Carolina
Gar SummySaturday, 9/8/01, 6:25 PM
Been out of touch with Jay's for awhile.
From:Bakersfield CA
Joyce & James JayThursday, 9/6/01, 3:39 PM
We're descendants of David Jay Sr. Have information available on internet but no documentation.
From:Jonesboro, GA
Debbie MerchantThursday, 9/6/01, 2:23 PM
I wish we could make the reunion, but unable to get off from work. My husband Robert Merchant is a gr. gr. grandson to Susan Jay Cooper, daughter of Susanna and George Simon Jay of Lamar/Red River counties of Texas.
From:Amarillo, TX
Mary Jay BoehmFriday, 7/27/01, 8:33 AM
Hi! Missed seeing your name on the Jay-List and enjoyed your "Story Teller". Reunion plans are set but no idea how many plan to attend. Several from the West coast are talking about a Jay reunion in 2002. Can't thank you enough for putting our messages on your web site. It's attractive and easy to read. Some day I hope to do the same for my branch. When I learn how! MJB
From:Copperopolis, CA.
Web Site: n/a
Jenna SnyderSunday, 5/27/01, 8:25 PM
Great page!
From:Bountiful UT
Barbara RimmerSaturday, 5/26/01, 12:11 PM
I am glad to have found this webpage and look forward to hearing any update on the family and activities. I plan to go to the reunion.
From:Rockwall, TX
Barbara RimmerSaturday, 5/26/01, 12:09 PM
From:Rockwall, TX
Mary Jay BoehmSaturday, 5/12/01, 3:27 PM
Leon, Thank you for adding the JAY reunion information. I wish you could be there to keep all those names connected. Thanks to you, Vanessa, Margaret Beheler, Charles, JoAnn, Susan, LaVera and Bonnie, I'v learned more about the JAYs in one year then in lebenty years of my life. Thank you very much!
From:Copperopolis, Ca.
Thomas AshworthWednesday, 4/4/01, 1:32 AM
A great website, keep up the good work, I only wish you had some "Ashworth" conections. If you do find any, please let the world know about my website which is a free service for United Kingdom.
From:Oxford England UK
Web Site: Ashworth Family Trees Worldwide
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