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Warren Grant (Dad)Tuesday, 5/29/01, 6:42 PM
You have made great strides since I last visited your website and I love the drawings. You do indeed have a talent for drawing and the artistry is superb! My congratulations to you. Love, Dad & Mom PS. See you soon.
TaniaWednesday, 5/16/01, 8:19 AM
Hi Karen, Popped back to see your site today :-) Your ratties are so gorgeous!! You must be a proud mummy!! I thought I signed last night ..... My memory is like a sieve!! Take Care Tania, Buttons & Patch x x <:3_)~~~
Web Site: Ratkin's World
MegTuesday, 5/8/01, 4:37 AM
Hi, I loved your website and I came back for more! I enjoyed looking through your beautiful ratties and your artwork!
Web Site: Ratamania
JorunnMonday, 5/7/01, 10:47 AM
Hallo Karen! Hvordan har du det? Your website are looking great, Karen! Are you going to make some new cartoons soon? Mange klemmer fra Jorunn
Web Site: Ridges & Rats
Karen CoffeySaturday, 5/5/01, 6:04 PM
I lovely site, great graphics and gorgeous rats. I really enjoyed my visit.
Web Site: My Pet Rats
EmmaSaturday, 5/5/01, 2:38 PM
Cool site! Rats Rock!
Web Site: Ratty Rats
Nolan G.Saturday, 5/5/01, 10:22 AM
I realy like this site and the pictures.See the town I built for my mice and rats at my site.
Web Site: http;//
ConnieThursday, 5/3/01, 2:15 PM
Hi, Karen! I WANT MINA AND CHLOE!!! They're gorgeous! Ooooh, I'm jealous, I am! Connie
SaraSunday, 4/22/01, 1:51 PM
I love your kuddles sight it is sooooo cute and if any of you rat lovers give me some advise on caring or and rat and i would like to kno what kind of rat food do you recomend for your rat and the good toys and some goood rat pet stores to buy rat stuff at,i neeed your answer quick because i am finallly getting my own pet well i alll ready have 2 but they aren't rats they are mixed breeds and their names are balto (5-6 years old,part malamutt,wolf,and husky and she is not mean at all just picky) and Boo-Boo(is turning 13 next month,she is part chow chow and collie,and she is the sweetiest doggy ever) so thats all. and dose anyone like a*teens?
Web Site: Dudeisloved
mistyFriday, 4/6/01, 7:58 PM
i would just like to say hi,and to say that there is a place for rats, i have 2 now 2 baby girls named snoz&snop sort for snozer&snooper and before i got them on the 4 of april i had another rat that died his name was sniffer he was 4 years old when he died in fed,9,2001.but when i found out that he was 180 years old in rat years i thought he lived long enough though i miss him dearly i miss him in so many ways i can not name them all so heres on that he would always ride on my shouler and i hope that i can train these 2 that i have now but they are scared and afraid because i just got them well thats about all well cya later thanx for reading...misty/sniffer...
Nicola McCallionMonday, 4/2/01, 1:34 PM
Love the site! You have done a really good job here. Hopefully my own site will be up to standards such as this soon!
Web Site: Our Rattue Page
Marty CervantesFriday, 3/30/01, 3:39 PM
Hi Karen! I found you! All by myself! This was a major undertaking. I luv the updates and your cartoon is great! Keep up the good work. What do i know from URL's there's my address. How was your vacation? marty
MegThursday, 3/8/01, 2:57 AM
I loved your site and your ratties. I have two rats called Miyuki & Fuyume and they are such a wonderful rats too. I have some lovely photos at Ratamania.
Alanna CookWednesday, 3/7/01, 5:56 PM
hi kuddles! your website is really impressive. i especially liked you artwork and cute lil' piccies of rats!! they are darlings, arent' they! i have one rat myself. she is browny - cinnamon and her name is simba. i love her with all my heart! anyway, keep up the good website! lov lan. <:3 )~~ oh, by the way. that is a rat i learned from emma morgan (australia)
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Andy & Gwen MurrayWednesday, 2/21/01, 2:48 AM
Loved the site!! I've got a very slow connection speed ATM, so I'll call back again later. I got here via Sara Gibson's site BTW. See you soon, Andy, Gwen and the 66.
SaraMonday, 2/12/01, 3:18 PM
howdy there! Love your site! -Rue Anne, Maxwell Currie, River Jordan, and a little help from Sara Elise.
Web Site: Rue's Place
Izabel, Curlz, Jazmine, Nikita & ChantalSunday, 2/11/01, 5:50 AM
Hiiiii "Auntie Karen". We ratties wanna congratulate you with your new girls and we sure look forward to see your new pics of them.....We here rumors that they are veeery cute...Hmmm.....More cute than us??....Hmm...Hmmm....Can't be....LOL...Mom says hi! Byeeeee....Lots of ratty hugs from us:o)))
Web Site: Ridges & Rats
Steve ReadThursday, 2/8/01, 2:23 PM
Hello there! We just purchased a couple 6 week old "boys" about a week and a half ago and can't get over how friendly they are already! We call their names and talk to them and they come out of their little house and come over to see us and even stand up now. In fact, they are starting to walk onto our hands and seem to like getting rubbed behind their ears etc. We thought it would take a lot longer for them to get used to us, our son is getting quite a kick out of the little guys. One loves to ride around on our shoulder and the other likes to snuggle in the crook of our arm and get petted. They love Cheerios and corn Chex for a little treat. We're trying to figure out how to train them to go to the bathroom in their cage and not on us, one is doing pretty well and the other hasn't quite figured it out yet. They really do seem to like being out with us and being held and petted, so far so good! Well, take care of yourselves and keep up the good work! Thanks for the tips and info. Sincerely, Steve
KimberlySunday, 1/28/01, 7:14 PM
Very cute site :o)
Web Site: Kim's Rattery
YagarobieSaturday, 1/27/01, 4:02 PM
SarahSunday, 1/21/01, 10:38 PM
Hello! Thanks you so much for visiting my boys' page, we're very glad you liked it! Your site is very nice indeed, your ratties are adorable, and you have some very nice pictures of them. I also liked your sketches, and hope you add more. Goodbye from Sarah, Edgar, and Huxley ~( )8>
Web Site: The Literary Rats
DazzleFriday, 1/19/01, 6:12 AM
Hi ya Karen, Thought I would slide on over and see your pages, and was amazed to find out some great information and wonderful pages! I never knew rats to make pets, but i guess one always learns more from day to day. Best wishes, and keep up the excellent work. And foremost a huge thanks for all your wonderful comments and signing of my guestbook. Smiles across the miles!! =) Deb *aka Dazzle* <BR> <center><a href=""> <img src=" nerpg/midicent.jpg"></center></a>
Web Site: Dazzle's Country Home & Midi's
Erin E. BlankleyTuesday, 1/2/01, 4:50 PM
I love ratties, and I am happy to finally find a community that loves them as much as I do! Hugs from all the gang, Emily, Templeton, Verdell, and Rella
 Sunday, 12/24/00, 5:53 PM
JorunnSunday, 12/24/00, 3:10 PM
Hello Karen. Just wanna wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Hope you will have a nice holiday. Hugs from Jorunn
Web Site: Ridges & Rats
Mike DerstroffSaturday, 12/23/00, 8:47 PM
Hope your computer's working good! Any problems call us at 1-800-OKCOMPAQ 1-800-652-6672 Take Care
Web Site: Mike's Web Server
BellaWednesday, 12/20/00, 7:27 PM
Hiya Karen, Just wanted to stop in and see how your site is coming along. And I must tell you that it is reallly looking GREAT. xoxox, Bella
Web Site: Bellaratta's Nest
Wilbur WratWednesday, 12/13/00, 4:02 PM
mi daD is not lookin so im isin hiz puter. fanx for sayin nise fings abut me. i like yur webby fing. luv, wilbs
Web Site: Dave's Web Site (its mi daDs reely)
Robert VollmannWednesday, 12/6/00, 10:30 PM
Hello from Austria. This is a very nice rat Homepage with nice pictures and cool informations about rats:-) best wishes to your rats and your family bye Robert Vollmann
Web Site: Rattenpage/Rattenfreunde
SaraMonday, 12/4/00, 11:31 AM
Great site, Thanks for visiting mine and signing my guestbook!
Web Site: Sara's Rattie Site
Cathy O'ReillyTuesday, 11/21/00, 8:41 PM
I love your web page, it is so beautiful and the 'poem' was just wonderful and brought tears to my eyes. Your rats are very lucky, just as mine are. Thank you Cathy
Web Site: Ferret Info
Michael WernickeTuesday, 11/21/00, 2:00 PM
HI! I've seen a lot of rats. But I don't what's your important music. I have a little page with own produced MP3's. Iv you want, you can hear this over my little homepage. Best greetings from Germany MICHAEL!!
Web Site: Micha's MP3 Page
Gerodean EllebyMonday, 11/20/00, 7:21 PM
Lovely site. The photographs are soo great! Rattie and mousie hugs from Sweden!
Web Site: Arinellas Rats and Morakullans Mice
Emily WheelerSunday, 11/5/00, 2:22 AM
I love your site. It is cool. I love ratties too! I have some of the same dancing rats on my website only they are dancing to the muppet music! Please come and visit my site when you have time. Ratty kisses, Emily xxxx
Web Site: Emily's Rats
JorunnMonday, 10/2/00, 6:11 PM
Hi Karen! I'm just here on a short visit. I can see you been busy working on your website, it look's great. Hope you and your rats are well. Hugs from Jorunn
Web Site: Ridges & Rats
MorganSunday, 10/1/00, 10:22 PM
this is the second best website i have ever been on!!! I love the photos and the rat dance was sooo cute P.S i have 2 rats their names are Flea and Spring they are very cute by
Jeff BoganSunday, 9/24/00, 7:32 PM
nice site,I currently have 7 rats,2hairless & 5 hairies.Hairless are my favorite. keep up the good work!
JorunnSaturday, 9/2/00, 10:59 AM
Hi Karen! You got a nice website and your rat sketch's looks great. Keep on the good work with your site and sketch's. I'm sending you a little something with the e-mail, since I liked your sketch's so much!! Best regards from Jorunn & Rattys
Web Site: Ridges & Rats
MikeSaturday, 8/19/00, 9:25 PM
Really enjoyed this site. It looks like you have a good hand on designing it. Loved the photos. Mike
Web Site: Rattley's Rat Page
M.Monday, 8/7/00, 8:23 PM
Thank you, the page is beautiful. The thoughts expressed mean alot. It touched a special place in me. You come along way my dear. Don't stop now keep on growing and I'll be watching. Love, M.
kathyWednesday, 7/19/00, 1:21 PM
karen, you did a really good job onn your web page I enjoyed your rats. Now I'll be able to picture their little faces when you talk about them....Kathy
Blue RatSunday, 7/16/00, 11:06 PM
Just wanted to say I think your page is real cute =) Wonder where you got that angel rat background...hehe! Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see more! =)
Web Site: Blue Rat's Page O' Fun!!
leannessugarglidersSunday, 7/9/00, 4:47 PM
hi i saw your cute little guys!!. love the little dance!!! ille be back when you get your new pages you spoke about in my guestbook.leanne
Web Site: leannessugargliders
Warren P. GrantSunday, 7/9/00, 4:26 PM
Dear Karen, The website is looking good and now that I am listed in your address book, you can send me messages on your own website? I am waiting to see what you are going to Add next and to see where you are going with it in the future. Love, Dad
Dad & MomSunday, 7/9/00, 2:34 PM
Looks great. Keep up the good work.
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