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michelleThursday, 10/17/13, 8:56 PM
Hi Steve, Just stopping by to check out your website. You are totally awesome! Love, Michelle in Louisiana
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Mark HelfgottMonday, 7/8/13, 10:09 PM
From:New York City
Paul SandersonTuesday, 2/21/12, 7:36 AM
It is such an honor to know you and such a blessing to have you in my life, still, after all these decades. I love you, Mr. Bluestein.
From:The Valley
MaryMonday, 2/7/11, 3:32 PM
Just getting to know the artist. Don P. in California got me hooked.
From:North Idaho
mike dipasqualeThursday, 3/4/10, 1:39 AM
I became a fan I sighned the book now I need a Chelsea favor DiPa
Bonnie BradleyTuesday, 3/2/10, 2:48 PM
I'll do it because you asked nicely (sorta). But I feel like cattle just following you - moo!
From:Paradise, CA
vickiTuesday, 3/2/10, 7:07 AM
Steve...the funniest person on the planet.
From:rhode island
MarkTuesday, 3/2/10, 6:21 AM
I do as I'm told. That's a little frightening.
From:Los Angeles
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Arnie EdnerMonday, 3/1/10, 9:53 PM
Am I signing now? looks like printing...not even my favorite font...maybe I should just sign, as if you were deaf...OK, did you see that? I sent you a sign...
From:San Diego
Web Site: Arnie81
rhonda vooMonday, 3/1/10, 9:35 PM
hiya steve i love reading what you write on facebook, daily. you're so funny. thanks!!!
From:los angeles
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FluffMonday, 3/1/10, 8:55 PM
There I did it. You happy now? oxoxoxoxox
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RandiMonday, 3/1/10, 8:41 PM
Hopefully, this will not throw you off balance in any way. Everyday you make my day, you make me laugh and I look forward to that aside from the fact that I think you are so cute, I know, that's all I will say.
JulieMonday, 3/1/10, 7:36 PM
i don't understand this! hi steve!
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carolyn b. bakerMonday, 3/1/10, 7:35 PM
You are funny....
From:cambridge, mass
MaxFriday, 11/27/09, 8:47 AM
Spectacular list of credits, reads like a book index. Is a book in the works?
From:Santa Monica/Framingham
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davidFriday, 5/22/09, 5:31 PM
old man, you give that dog another piece of my food- i gonna kick ya till your dead!
Margaret Morris PalombiThursday, 3/26/09, 2:23 PM
Is this to check to see if I'm really reading the blog?
From:Hesperia, CA
ken aubrey widdallSaturday, 1/3/09, 4:53 AM
Steve- We worked together out there on the road, though I forget exactly where. Maybe '90-91. I was Ken Aubrey. Anyway...great to see that you're still doing standup successfully...and good luck on future artistic ventures. I always thought you were classy and intelligent and among the best of our generation of comics. kw
suzhasbighairSaturday, 8/16/08, 8:45 AM
hey stranger~ so glad our paths crossed again! thanks for the laughs... good stuff! come see the leopard carpet. ~suz/paige
From:where old people go to die.
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jalil golestaniSunday, 8/3/08, 7:47 AM
i love you
ritatucker@cox.netThursday, 5/1/08, 1:00 AM
? are you the same steve bluestein who used to work in Bloomindales?
Linda MoodySaturday, 4/19/08, 11:49 AM
I have ran into you totally by mistake and it is the best mistake I have ever made!! My thoughts are with you!! Linda
From:Oklahoma City
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Bonnie BluesteinWednesday, 9/12/07, 8:56 PM
Steve, Just checking websites of other Bluestein (well, I'm Kapenstein now). Looks like you've had a wonderful career!!! I'm a community theatre actor, so I'm not in your league. I am in SAG and have done extra, stand-in and some principal work in commercials, but theatre's my main love. Bonnie
Email: livestoact@aol. com
Judi you know whoWednesday, 8/8/07, 7:08 PM
My darling Stephen, John and I are so very proud of you. We know your time has come. We can't wait to come to your Broadway premier. Still trying to get Zach to get it together by reading the script. Don't worry, we'll nag him until he caves. If you think I'm typing this, you've got to know that I have very, very close friends, more so than family, here in Rhode Island. I love you. If you want to respond then here's the tease: I'll only be here for 10 more minutes. Otherwise, leave it anyway , but if you respond now, my friend can type a response for me. Love you, Judi P.S. My e-mail: My friends e-mail: P.P.S. John is editing at home here in Rhode Island, while I escaped for a night of wine at a girlfriends house.
From:you know where
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kenny kramerSunday, 7/8/07, 7:07 PM
Great job with your play. Looks to be a hit Congrats!!! Keep in touch. Cheers! Kenny
mary lou botchie yurkoSunday, 6/3/07, 9:37 AM
i remember you from chelsea high and bellingham sq. i graduated in 1965 and i think you were a year ahead of me. hope to hear from you, i'm sure you don't remember me but i remember you as always being funny.
Doris RyanMonday, 5/21/07, 9:12 AM
Was a friend of Ronnies from Highland Prep. I was so sorry to hear of her loss. I missed her at our 40th reunion. I am so glad that she had such a wonderful family and fabulous friends. she certainly deserved all. Doris
Vicki Norris-KartenThursday, 5/17/07, 6:02 PM
I am on old friend from Emerson and LOVED reading about your time in Boston. Please let me know when the blog is updated.
From:Barrington, RI
Lisa EliasMonday, 3/5/07, 10:28 AM
My daughter, Kichelle Rowe, turned me on to your blogs. I love em'! I've been reading all morning,when I should have been unpacking from visiting Chelle for 2 months. Lucky girl!!
Jim SimpsonSunday, 2/11/07, 5:16 PM
Hi Steve, I love your blog..I just wish I had more time to read it all. I just got to the post about your Mother and the trip to Hell. I have a few memories about my Mom that just might rival some of your's. Fore example, when I lived it the mid-west she felt I was in the hicks and never missed an opportunity to let me know it. One night I was talking to her on the phone and mentioned something I had hear on the Johnny Carson show. Her reply was classic: "You mean that you get that our there?"
From:Chelsea, MA
JON STEIRWALTSaturday, 2/10/07, 9:46 AM
Steve, First of all, I want you to know that this past year of blogs has made me feel like you lived nearby and we were in constant touch, as we were only 41short years ago. Can you believe that..41 years ago? Because I think I know something of the ¿real¿ Steve Bluestein (fairly well), when I see the ¿light bulb¿ go on in your head when you¿ve come to some new realization about your past, present and/ or future, it gives me such a great feeling. Many of the things you¿ve expressed in your blog have occasionally turned on a ¿light bulb¿ about my self. So, I am sure there are tons of blog fans that have experienced the same. So, Steve, in your own way, you are making people think, and by having all these ¿light bulbs¿ go off, you are lighting up other people¿s lives as well. What a nice thing to do. Thank you. Being someone who is not in the ¿biz¿ but has always (perhaps a bit obnoxiously) lived my life as if I were ¿on stage¿, I kvell at the entire concept of your Blog. Being able to tell every story you can think of¿and have people listen (read) to whatever comes into your mind is just un-imaginable in my eyes. What a concept!!! Sure there are times, and I believe I can speak for many of your fans, that we get bored with, or rather, disappointed in you (and even scream at you, out loud mind you), for continually wanting to dip your bucket in both the ¿I hate my Mother¿ and the ¿depressed childhood¿ wells. But, Steve, it is that pain that you still suffer, yet share with us that makes you just like the rest of us. Yes, Steven, we all have had disappointments, sad memories or, as we Parochial school educated children would say, ¿bad thoughts¿ of people who hurt us while we were trying to grow up and on the way to make something of ourselves. Now, here¿s the difference, I¿m a salesman in the swimwear industry, and I always disliked my old boss Irving T, who yelled at me for giving a return authorization number to a store, without asking the store to send the suit in for inspection first. You have been in the entertainment industry and the people you like and dislike are celebrities that we all know!!! What a great way to keep our interest, and at the same time, your writing ability is ¿uncannyingly brilliant¿ (that phrase has never ever been written by anyone else in the world). For, you, Steven Bluestein, make everyone of your blog fans feel like you are on the phone with each and every one of us, individually. I have always had my friend, Steve, my old college roommate who happens to be in show biz. I tell college stories, and because of your intriguing career, tend to brag about you. It¿s normal for ¿regular¿ folks. You, with your blog, have made your fans feel like they have a friend in show biz. You make them all feel a little more special. Even though you may not consider a show biz friend to be something unique, boy, do they. You have succeeded again by making your fans feel better about themselves, in so many ways. Yes, Steve, you continue to succeed. It¿s time to believe that you have and continue to be a success. You always have been in my eyes, and surely your fans know that of you. Again, congratulations!!! And continued success!!! Oh, by the way, help me here¿didn¿t you, me and Bob Fisher go visit Rita Merano at a radio station at 1 am? If we didn¿t, I¿ve had this recurring dream that we did. Luvya, Jon
Jody DittoheadWednesday, 1/31/07, 1:39 PM
Hey Steve, I have not commented for a while and just wanted to let you know I am still here. I LOVE you pictures! I am glad you are back from your cruise and keep on blogging!! Still waiting for the book.......Take care of yourself.
Carol (Mrs. John) HughesMonday, 1/1/07, 2:08 PM
Loved your blog and love you (always have) . I think I am ready for the advice you gave me 15 years ago. This double chin has to go. You still look 18, I'd like to go for anything in the early 50's. Are you still connected? I'm working more than ever but the work is crap. Love Carol (Mrs. Hughes)
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Jeromie CharpentierTuesday, 10/31/06, 1:07 PM
Hi Steve, I was reading the Comedy Bible today, after I did some stand-up last night for the first time. It suggested I go onto Judy's site and leave a how-it-went report. I found myself clicking on your blog instead. I could totally identify, with being in the middle of divorced parents. Thank you for sharing. Jeromie
From:Cohoes NY
Irene Hatless 64Saturday, 10/21/06, 4:35 AM
Super news!!1 If the Three Steve's make it to Boston. I'll drive 5 hours from Outer Slobbovia to see your show. Back to you soon with favorite blogs. Irene
From:Hancock ME but originally Chelsea
linda weitzlerMonday, 10/16/06, 4:27 PM
Loved this update. Keep up the good work.
MicheleFriday, 10/6/06, 11:01 AM
ToniWednesday, 10/4/06, 8:14 AM
Steve, How have you been? I have changed jobs so I dont have that email address anymore. I will email you from my home one. I have been very busy so I havent really had a chance to talk to you. Anyways as I can see things are ok with you. Keep up the good work. I will check in from time to time. Your bud Toni from California.
Ann GibsonWednesday, 9/27/06, 1:16 PM
You are amazing. How can you be old enough to have gone to high school in the 60's. I did, but it was a little later. I was checking stuff and library with my grandkids and was embarassing them with snorts of laughter then I couldn't let them read it. It was the rummage sale stuff with the people bargaining with you. Anyway it made my week. Thank you. My daughter and her kids had just spent the week with me becuase their house flooded and I'm used to being alone. Your blogs helped me retain my sanity. They stayed another week and I'm hanging in.
From:Evansville, IN
Chris RolandWednesday, 9/27/06, 10:40 AM
Hi Steve, I enjoy reading your blog when I get a chance. I had one very bad hair day back in 2001 that changed my life forever. Things are hard and you give me the great medicine of laughter. Thank You.
From:Pewamo, Mi
Jody DittoheadWednesday, 9/20/06, 9:49 AM
Hey Steve! What's up? I liked your Tina Turner story, would have loved it if things turned out a little different, but then, if they did, you probably would not be doing this blog! Keep up the great work on the blog and I cannot wait for the book!! Can I get mine autographed when it comes out?? Take care Steve!! From just one of your many "Dittoheads" - Jody
AmyMonday, 9/18/06, 7:13 PM
I really enjoy your funny/sad anecdotes. I got teary whey I read about Maggie's death.
JoanieThursday, 9/14/06, 5:19 PM
I have a new montra which I think would work well for you too. Lift up a glass of good wine, and repeat after me: "IT SHOULD NEVER BE WORSE"
Joanie GreenbergTuesday, 9/12/06, 1:18 PM
Call Mel Gibson. He's close to the LAPD, and with one phone call he can call them off. Just don't mention that you're Jewish.
Web Site: jldesberg
Scott GibbFriday, 9/8/06, 4:06 PM
I love it when you get on your soapbox. We can't wait until the next presidential election. Vote democratic this fall. They'll take over the House and impeach Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Throw all three of the bastards in jail and Condi too for good measure.
From:Westlake Village, CA
mark pennThursday, 9/7/06, 6:21 PM
Finally getting back to checking out your blog on my own computer here at home. MARK
From:hilary's party
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DaniTuesday, 9/5/06, 4:08 PM
Steve, ever heard the phrase "Killing them with kindness."? Maybe that's why the whole fam damily is still around whilst your friends seem to not hold on quite as long. Or maybe... the love that your friends seem to have eminating from them and the love they are given by you fills them enough that they complete this life and are ready to go on to the next before their loved ones are ready for them to. By the by... I know of this one asshole I'd really like you to be friends with... JUST KIDDING!!! There's at least two or three!!! ooxxoo Dani
From:Cottonwood, CA
Rick SmithTuesday, 9/5/06, 12:15 PM
My friend who is in a wheelchair and spends too much time on the web sent me your blog.yOU ARE VERY FUNNY AND A GOOD WRITER.Even though you think life sucks.As a Rn on critical care I look at life as a gift but some people thow it away .Does not sound like you do,I really get a laugh out of your blog,makes the pain you see daily a little less. Thank for writing it.Rick Smith
Email: Rick
CarolineSunday, 9/3/06, 1:11 PM
Hi Steve, I have written you and am waiting for your response. Hope you are busy doing good stuff. your writing and views are very much in line with what I think, especially about the present Commander in Chief of our country which already HAS turned into a third world country. I also love the small entry you had about Barry Manilow. That guy is an enigma. A man with a tremendous talent and can be a very kind man, he is very giving in the Coachella Valley where I live, and I have heard stories similar to what you shared that he can be a real diva. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Your mother didn't raise a fool. Keep on writing. You have a new fan! Caroline
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Susan HaymerThursday, 8/31/06, 5:06 PM
Very poignant. I love Donna Summer too. Where's the Clint Eastwood mentions?
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