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Founded in 1996, Homestead Technologies, Inc. is a leader in web site creation, marketing and hosting business. In addition to offering small business owners a top-notch experience to create their business presence on the web, Homestead partners with technology companies, such as Verizon and Google, to offer their customers similar products and services.

Homestead helps small businesses establish their presence on the Web, maintain and promote their site, and sell or market their products and services—all without mastering programming or design. We offer our customers hundreds of design templates to choose from, as well as integrated e-commerce capabilities, inclusion in online Business Directories, and WebListings. From our SiteBuilder software to our e-commerce solutions and world-class support, we help small businesses achieve success online.

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10 Corporate Drive
Burlington MA 01803
(602) 267-3600


"Do-it-yourself layout programs can take the fear out of creating a Web site without knowing a lick of HTML coding. But Homestead Technologies has made site construction even simpler with QuickSites, a service for people who want a nicely designed Web site as fast and easy as possible."
— The New York Times

"[Microsoft OfficeLive's] templates aren't nearly as varied or attractive as those available at Homestead.com, another site that offers quick Web page creation for small businesses."
— The Wall Street Journal


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