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Paid Search Vs Organic Search

« Go Back | Posted in: Website Traffic - on January 14, 2015

You’ve added content to your website, uploaded your product list and are now open for business. One question you keep asking is should I invest in paid search, and if so how much? Or should I invest my time and grow organically. Let’s dissect and analyze this way you will have an understanding and will be able to make a decision on how to start your time and money wisely.

Before we dissect organic and paid, lets pick a search engine where our search will appear whether it’s a paid listing or and an organic one. How often have you heard the phrase “Google it”? Upon close examination, you will see that Google is most powerful in search and a “clear leader” on successful search rates, with a 91 percent successful search rate. Bing’s percentage of successful searches equates to around 76 percent.

Organic search results appear based on an algorithm that’s used by the search engine;  paid search is just that – Ad links that come from advertising dollars appear on the top and the side of a search engine page.

Paid search is easily measurable. Conversions on your site have a direct correlation to the amount you bid for a keyword, the relevance of your Ad description and the quality score of your Ad. There are a lot of factors on how an ad appears when searched for a keyword and I will cover this in another topic on how to build effective Ads.

Organic results are search engine results that are returned by indexing pages based on relevant content and keywords. Getting your pages to appear high up in organic results is a combination of relevant page content, proper title tags, keywords and meta tags – all parts of proper SEO. Here are a list of SEO techniques that can help you build organic traffic and rank higher in SERP.

Growing originally takes time and requires patience. Google uses complex ranking algorithms to determine which websites will be listed nearest the top of the page. These algorithms consider more than 200 individual factors about a given web page automatically when determining whether or not to include it in the results that are displayed to the user. And while Google and the other engines never reveal the inner workings of their algorithms, savvy online marketers have uncovered many of these different factors through the process of experimentation – revealing a series of techniques that can be implemented both on and off a site to make it more attractive to the search engines’ indexing programs.










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