Unfortunately, the Macintosh operating system does not support SiteBuilder, our advanced editing tool. SiteBuilder is written in a programming language called Java, which comes in several variations (similar to dialects in spoken language). Even though Mac systems, UNIX systems, and the like have Java on their machines, their Java Virtual Machine and their Java libraries may not be the same or support the same functions.

We have been in periodic conversations with Apple to try to resolve this problem, however there are no current plans to create a Mac compatible version of the Homestead software. At this time, you will need access to a PC with a Windows operating system.

Macintosh users can use Homestead's easy-to-use, online editor, SiteBuilder Lite. SiteBuilder Lite offers many of the features available in SiteBuilder without the need to download or install any software.

It is important to note that pages built with any of the editors that Homestead offers can still be viewed on Macintosh systems.